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Sergio Cortes As The Best Impersonator Of Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes As The Best Impersonator Of Michael Jackson

It is not a secret that many famous people have numerous impersonators who also manage to attract many fans. There have been even more attempts to imitate the celebrities who passed away in order to commemorate their memory and make people never forget them. For instance, Michael Jackson was known as the King of Pop , and today he has many impersonators who are able to imitate him through different stages. However, there are not many who are quite as convincing as Sergio Cortes.
Sergio Cortes was born in Barcelona in 1971. He is a client for a company that specializes in managing artistic development and represents many individuals in their artistic endeavors. Through his love and passion for his work, he has changed the lives of many and is known as being one of the best impersonators in the world. He has constructed a way of looking like Jackson through make-up, and not only are physical similarities obvious, but he also perfectly matches Michael’s unique voice. He started imitating Michael in his teens, which later resulted in many invitations to work. As a fan of Michael growing up with his two brothers, Sergio Cortes started to wear similar clothes as his favorite singer and let his hair down. He even made his smooth voice sound like Michael as time passed. He also led the same solitary life, with just few real friends .
His similarity with Michael Jackson is undeniable, and we can say that his impersonation is almost perfect. If it weren’t for the fact that the real Michael died, you could easily confuse them in person. His live creations of Michael Jackson videos are performed in many parts of the world. When you are looking at his shows, you can see that his performance is breathtaking, he moves in the same way as Michael did, and if Michael was alive, he would certainly be proud of Sergio. When fans watch his performances , their memories from the past are revived. Just take a look at his picture. You can see the same eyes, nose, skin color, and even the same haircut. His career began when he was asked to have a photo-shoot, and since then he became the most successful impersonator with over 16 000 followers on Facebook.
So, if you want to see the stunning performance that recreates the unique music and moves of the legendary pop icon, then you should see one of Sergio’s shows . Once you see his performance, you’ll become his fan too.

Doe Deere, Owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere, Owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia, is the creator of a famous cosmetic line called, Lime Crime. Through perseverance and determination, she was able to launch her makeup line in the year 2008, and it has thrived. Doe grew up in Russia, where Eastern European fantasies were a big part of her life. She stated that when asked by her preschool teacher what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said that she wanted to be a mermaid.

The Eastern European fairy tales Doe grew up surrounded by, has played a major part in her life as well as in the theme of her cosmetic line. Even as an adult, Doe continues to indulge in fantasy and fairy tales. She feels that it creates a world free of cruelty and so it came naturally to want to also produce makeup that was also free of animal cruelty.

Though she briefly attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Doe dropped out in pursuit of her dreams. When asked how she came up with the name of her cosmetic line, she stated that it basically just rolled off her tongue. Lime Crime makeup uses fantasy and imagination to appeal to the senses. The name, Lime Crime, came from a play on words which you find in fairy tales. Lime Crime makeup comes in a variety of lines which include: lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeliners, nail polish, all with whimsical names like ‘Airbourne Unicorn’. The vast array of colors and palettes are bold and vivid.

Some perceive Doe Deere as being proud, or even tough and unapproachable. But she is soft-spoken, with a Russian accent and open and willing to express her views and opinions including her love for her cosmetic line as well as her shared love for fashion, photography, as well as for music. She is also open to tell others about her views on makeup. She stated that makeup should be a “magic Wand”. She feels that makeup should be something that you can use to express yourself in whatever way that makes you happy otherwise it is pointless.

Doe Deere has also had her share of controversies. claims surfaced on the internet, that she had put out offensive comments online which seemed bizarre and completely out of character for someone who actually built her career online. Doe was not fazed by such claims, and said that it is just a few of the same people online who were linking together and putting out the same things but that she still retains her support by fans, and customers.

In conclusion, Doe Deer, owner of Lime Crime makeup line has a passion for turning fantasy into reality with her makeup line. With resilience, fierce determination and strength of character, she has done what many can only dream of. She continues to amaze people with her refreshing, colorful, bold, and mystical cosmetic line.

New York’s Revitalized Real Estate Scene

New York’s Revitalized Real Estate Scene

In the minds of many, Manhattan is and always has been the top city in the United States (if not the world). Yes, New York City has always been a mecca for artists, writers, actors and now, yes, real estate investors too. Somehow New York has weathered the ups and downs of the Great Recession and come out better than ever.


A recent story in The Real Deal reports that NYC apartments for rent is becoming ever more attractive to overseas residential investors, and is especially attractive to Chinese investors. What’s behind this uptick in interest? Apparently, it’s a combination of several factors.

One notable virtue of the New York residential real estate market is the way in which demand stays steady, regardless of the sometimes dramatic highs and lows of the economy and the economic situation in New York in particular. It’s this steady demand that has savvy investors looking to this city as a very good risk.

Another aspect of New York’s appeal is the way the city has been revitalized and cleaned up over the past two decades. The change in New York’s overall aesthetic (from gritty and grimy to bright and clean) and the increased safety here makes it a very attractive bet for real estate investors. This view is held not just of New York City, but also of the outer boroughs, like Brooklyn. The boroughs are now regarded as very revitalized and very attractive places to find upscale apartments with the kind of amenities professionals now expect in their living spaces.

What all of this market activity points to, however, is the need for investors to have guidance from real estate experts who really know this market and who can offer very personalized service to potential buyers. TOWN Residential is one real estate firm that is really making a mark for itself in the luxury apartment market in New York. Since its initial launch in 2010, TOWN Residential has distinguished itself as a firm that knows how to provide expert service to investors who are serious about finding the right kind of property at the right kind of price in New York.

People who are savvy about upscale urban residential real estate know that today New York offers great quality for investors who want a great property at a great price.

A Look At Business Executive Shaygan Kheradpir

A Look At Business Executive Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a business executive who is best known for his development of the FiOS system for Verizon. This is a bundled service from the company that includes Internet, phone and TV service. This service is produced through a fiber-optic network and it made Verizon one of the first telecommunications companies to bring FiOS technology to customers nationwide. Shaygan Kheradpir has also worked with Juniper Networks as a chief executive officer until last year. Kheradpir started out at GTE which then became Verizon in the early 2000s. Kheradpir was born in London and spent his childhood in Iran. He obtained a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree from Cornell University.

Shaygan Kheradpir and Juniper Networks

Shaygan Kheradpir spent a very short period of time at Juniper Networks and this was because a year after his appointment as CEO of this company, he was let go. Juniper Networks on requested his resignation after a battle surrounding the negotiation of a contract with a certain customer. However, other issues surfaced that led to Shaygan Kheradpir’s sudden resignation last year. Juniper’s board of directors were not too impressed with his leadership and that it didn’t match their standards. Kheradpir also made a decision to cut costs and this led to layoffs at the company, causing his resignation. In addition to this, there was talk about Kheradpir selling Juniper and it didn’t go well with the board of directors.

The Pingit Mobile Banking App

Shaygan Kheradpir was also instrumental in the mobile banking sector thanks to his assistance with the Pingit mobile banking app from Barclays, where Kheradpir also worked. Pingit is a mobile money transfer network based in the UK. The primary use of the system is for sending and receiving payments. Customers transfer funds using the phone number that is linked to their Barclays account. It is this kind of service that made Kheradpir a driving force in mobile banking.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Contribution to London’s Tech City

Shaygan Kheradpir’s years with Barclays also helped with the construction of London’s Tech City. This is a section of the city dedicated to tech companies that would create jobs and improve technology across the area. This shows Kheradpir’s dedication to the city’s growth and development.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Role in Enterprise Networking Technology

Shaygan Kheradpir is still instrumental in enterprise networking technology. He was partially responsible for developing TONICS, which stands for Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control Systems. It was a phone management system that served as an early example of VOIP. Kharadpir is also involved in the development and maintenance of cloud server systems, which free up databases.

In conclusion, Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive who has experienced highs and lows in his career yet continues to be a trailblazer in the telecommunications and mobile banking sectors. It is because of his work that our lives are more convenient, and we have access to the best devices for our needs. Finally, Kheradpir has transformed the way we organize our lives through his contributions to technology.

Skout Should Be The Dating Application Of Choice For Online Daters

Skout Should Be The Dating Application Of Choice For Online Daters

Applications have become the most popular things downloaded onto smartphones these days. Anyone with a smartphone will be downloading an application at one point or another, even though their phone may already have many applications that help it to function correctly. Applications are what makes cell phones function, and many people tend to call an application an app for short. No matter what a person calls an application, it’s very valuable to any smartphone, but there are other technologies that use applications as well.

Those who have a tablet will have access to applications as well, and they may download many applications to help make the tablet a lot better and more fun to use. Androids are extremely popular these days as well, and Android applications are easily downloadable for those who have access to an application store. Android phones and tablets have taken over, and many are claiming that Android is a better operating system than the iPhone, but that may be a matter of opinion. Either way, androids are very popular, and many tablets and cell phones have an Android operating system.

Even those who choose to buy a tablet or cell phone from another country will easily end up with an Android operating system, especially since the system is utilized all over the world. Many people complained about the iPhone operating systems in the past and claimed that they were too difficult to navigate, but the Android system has caught on quickly, and they are easy to use. Android applications can easily be utilized on any Android phone or tablet, and the type of application a person chooses to download is completely up to them. A person may be interested in downloading an application that allows them to record phone calls, or a person may want an application that tells them who is calling when the phone rings.

No matter what type of application a person chooses to download, it may still help them be able to utilize their Android system that much better. A good application download choice would be a dating application, especially since many people are on social media websites these days looking for dates. Those that want to find a date may consider downloading the Skout application, which can easily be found for download in any application store. The Skout application is one of the most downloaded applications out there today, and it’s because the Skout network on prnewswire‘s surveys is extremely popular.

The Skout network is not only a dating network, but many people use the network to socialize with others, and those that use the application on their cell phone have the advantage of knowing the location of other Skout users that may be close to them. Knowing where other Skout users are can help those who are looking for dates in their local area, especially if they don’t want to have to go to the local dating seems to look for a partner. The Skout network is very fun, and many people are flocking to the network on a daily basis.

Skout Organic: Skouting Out Proper Nutrition

Skout Organic: Skouting Out Proper Nutrition

The right kind of nutrition is very important. It is not something we take lightly
these days either. The ins and outs of our day to day lives can have us feeling
drained without the proper diet. More and more companies have this in mind today.
“Skout Organic” is one of those companies on prnewswire.

Originating in Portland Oregon (and proud of it they’ll tell you) this is a company
with an ideal for everybody who wants to eat better and gives them tasty options.
When was the last time you ate something that you know wasn’t a very healthy choice?
You are not the only one who has obviously and Skout Organic is looking to change
the typical trends of food culture.

All of the ingredients used there a 100% Certified Organic. Grown for the purpose
of great health and taste. The nutrients are Naturally Occurring meaning they just
are there. No added fillers. Proudly Non-GMO Project verified means nobody is
tampering with your nutrition. The list goes on here. These are people that care
about what they do and you can taste it.

With a wide variety of flavors like cherry vanilla, blueberry almond
and chocolate-peanut butter to name a few. Plus their flavors of delicious
raw pumpkin seeds to choose from like black pepper bbq, jalapeno salsa, and
pacific sea salt. This is what healthy food is supposed to taste like. That’s
why you get the option to purchase buy the case I’m sure!

Raw nutrition is scientifically proven to be more fully absorbed by the body.
This in turn gives you more energy to burn when you need it the most. It really
makes it an easy choice when it comes to snacking. What better way to make sure
that you’ll meet the challenges ahead than to have the best ingredients?
Living energy that you can feel all day.

Skout Organic is also a company with the people in mind. Giving back to their
community by promoting environmental stewardship. A piece of the proceeds is then
donated to different humanitarian and environmental charities.
This is a great business model for sustainability without compromising the
environment at large.

It is a nice thing to see these days when a company gives you a bit of confidence
in the future of things in the industry. We are likely to see more of this in the
future from this relatively new brand. They even have T-shirts and nicely made
water bottles to help promote this good health company.

Ultimately we all want to feel great. Skout Organic is definitely a company
with this in mind. Look forward to seeing them more in the future of organic,
raw nutrition and overall great health.

Keep it healthy!

Investing for High Returns

Investing for High Returns


Investing is one of the most complex subjects to learn about. There are a lot of people that would like to earn more investing their money but are not sure how to do so. Companies like Highland Capital co-founded by James Dondero on nexbank are designed to help people earn a higher rate of return on their investments. Highland Capital attempts to differentiate itself from other companies by taking care of the customer. There are many companies that are only concerned about earning commissions by selling products that do not benefit clients. However, Highland Capital is a different kind of company that puts the needs of the customer first.

Rate of Return

One of the most important metrics in the investing world is the rate of return. This will help to determine how quickly a person’s wealth will grow. There are many companies that work with customers in order to increase their rate of return. Customers that work with professional money managers expect the rate of return to beat the market averages. There are many companies that take a large percentage of the funds that people earn as commissions. However, Highland Capital simply charges a flat fee to manage the funds. This works best for the customer in many cases.

Customer Service

Many professional money managers do not do well in the area of customer service. It can be tempting for companies to not pay attention to smaller customers with a low net worth. However, Highland Capital does a great job of meeting the needs of the customer. Highland Capital is unique in that it prides itself on customer service. Many companies in the industry today are not interested with talking to clients on a daily basis. This is not the case at Highland Capital, and this culture of serving the customer resonates throughout the entire company.

James Dondero

James Dondero has built Highland Capital from a small company to one of the most influential in the field today. There are few people that have as much influence in the field of finance as James Dondero does. He has always noticed a need in the finance industry for companies that are more focused on the customer. With a high rate of return and great customer service, it is no wonder that Highland Capital has grown every year it has been in business.


Overall, investing is a complex subject that many people do not fully grasp. Working with finance professionals is a great way to increase the rate of return in a portfolio. Highland Capital is a different type of investment firm that puts the needs of the customer first. Instead of focusing on commissions, Highland Capital focuses on earning the customer a high rate of return.

Get An Apartment With Boraie Development

Get An Apartment With Boraie Development

Many people find New Jersey an exciting place to live. Living in New Jersey allows people the opportunity to live in a region with many attractions. New Jersey is a centrally located state on the eastern seaboard of the Untied States. This state is home to million of people who find that it allows them to be part of a thriving state that offers easy access to many wonderful American cities and outdoor activities at the same time. Someone can spend the week working in the heart of New York City and then a weekend enjoying the sun at the area’s many beaches.

Those who choose to relocate here from another part of the country will find that this area of the nation has many potential housing choices for their needs. Someone may even want to have an apartment in the heart of one of the area’s cities and then a home on the beach for weekends in the sun. New Jersey offers it all. One company that understands just how much New Jerseyans expect from their housing choices here is Boraie Development. This housing development is designed to provide renters with the chance to be in the center of one’s the country’s most vibrant regions.

The New Jersey rental market is one of tremendous variation. People can often find many choices that will be ideal for the kind of housing they want. Someone may look for an apartment with a view of the ocean and easy access to the many shopping centers that part of the New Jersey landscape. Others may need an apartment that offers them quick commuting to Philadelphia or New York City and then the chance to come home to a luxury retreat. The Boraie Development allows their renters the opportunity to do just that with an apartment that is relaxed and well appointed.

Renting an apartment with the Boraie Development is the ideal way to have an apartment that also invites others to come over and enjoy the apartment as well. Entertaining others is highly important for many people. They want to be able to invite their friends and relatives for dinner or a party. An apartment here often means the chance to do just that in a setting that is elegant and secure as well as comfortable and inviting at the same time. Renting here can be an excellent choice for the right renter.

Why Online Dating Apps are Looked to

Why Online Dating Apps are Looked to

There are many reasons that online dating apps are becoming very popular. One of the reasons is that people are very frustrated with the dating scene. They look to dating apps to provide the solution to the problem that they are faced when it comes to meeting people. Dating sites, services and apps have been created with the intention of solving this problem for people. The popularity of this invention grew thanks to the success stories of many who have tried these apps. At the same time, it is not to be looked at as some magic pill or miracle solution. It is still to be looked at as another option for meeting people.

Dating apps have greatly improved over the years since it has first started. There are apps that have plenty of other features that allow users to socialize and increase their social circle. There are also certain apps that are available for people who are into traveling. Travelers can have a hard time meeting people due to many people not wanting to leave their friends and family behind. Dating apps are good with connecting travelers together so that they could share their stories of going different places and meeting different people.

Among the dating apps with the most features is Skout on techcrunch. Skout is an app that has been created for travelers that are looking to date people. The members of the site can also look at other cities and their subcultures through the eyes of members that are signed up for that area. Even though the travel feature is used beyond its initial purpose, the feature has taken off and many people are using to make friends in different areas and cities. They are setting up and meeting pen pals for their area of interest.

Skout and other dating apps are proving themselves to be very helpful not just for dating, but for teaching people to develop a social life. After all, a social life is needed in order for one to have a huge chance at dating. It is possible to date with a non-existent social life, but with a vibrant social life, one can meet tons of people and possibly someone that he or she could connect with and form a relationship. Outside of the Internet, the more people one meets, the more likely he will be in a relationship. The same can be said about dating apps. It is important for one to be in a social mindset so that he can meet a lot of friends. This will help build his confidence for a date.

Susan McGalla and Her Career Journey to the Top

Susan McGalla and Her Career Journey to the Top

Advancing in the professional world is difficult for both men and women. However, it is more challenging for women who are expected to take on additional responsibilities in their lives. With numerous roles that women have to take on, the role of a career woman usually becomes rushed and interrupted. Susan McGalla, an expert consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, believes that gender should never factor in career goals. She has spoken about an authentic perspective with practical applications among various audiences which include the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. McGalla encourages more women to have the same career approach and attitude in order to be targeted as professionals, and not just as women.

Her confidence, which she considers an instrument to her success, is the result of her unique upbringing. Susan McGalla of grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio with two older brothers and a football coach father. Her family encouraged her to work hard and present her ideas with confidence in front of any audience. She was also taught by her parents to regad people as a person, not as a man or a woman. As a result, she became equally comfortable working with both men and women. Being trained at an early age made her successful in the business world as an executive consultant.

Susan McGalla started her career at Joseph Horne Company where she handled various marketing and managerial roles from 1986 until 1994. Later that year, she worked with American Eagle Outfitters. Her first role in the company was division merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She was able to climb the ladder until she became the president and chief merchandising officer (CMO) of the entire company. As the president of American Eagle company, McGalla oversaw the launch of the company’s famous aerie and 77kids brands. Her management decisions were also responsible for $3B worth of revenues for the company and the launching of an e-commerce site.

McGalla always felt that American Eagle was judging her based on the value of her ideas. In January 2009, McGalla felt the need to leave American Eagle to pursue a career as a private consultant for retail and financial investment industries. She also joined the Board of Directors of HFF Inc. during the same year. In January 2011, McGalla took the place of Ed Thomas as chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. She worked in Wet Seal for more than a year and left the company in July 2012.

Susan McGalla is currently serving as a consultant for top business people in the finance industry. She has proven to be a reliable source of insider’s perspective in the professional world of retail. Her expertise also includes branding, talent management, marketing, and operational efficiencies. By doing what she is passionate about, she made her way on top of her career. McGalla received a business and marketing degree from Mount Union College where she also serves on the Board of Advisors. She is married to Stephen McGalla who is a wealth manager.