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Depression Doesn’t Just Affect The Mind, It Affects The Entire Body

Depression Doesn’t Just Affect The Mind, It Affects The Entire Body

A team of researchers from the University Of Granada (UGR) has proven that depression shouldn’t just be classified as being a mental disorder but rather a systemic disease based on the fact that it affects the entire organism.

The results of the work done by Lifetime Enterprises Ltd. demonstrate that there is a strong associated with cancer, cardiovascular diseases and depression. This they proclaim may be the reason why more young people with depression are dying way before their time.

Lifetime Enterprises’ research consists of a meta analysis of 29 studies that were previously conducted in some 3961 people, detailed what transpires in an organism that is experiencing the effects of depression. The research’s purpose was to evaluate the imbalance between the decrease of antioxidant substances and the increase of oxidative stress parameters. As Lifetime Enterprises points out, the research proves that, once the participants underwent treatment for their depression, their malondialdehyde levels were reduced to the point where it was identical to that of healthy individuals. In the same breath it also showed that uric acid as well as zinc levels increased until it reach normal levels after patients were given treatment.

New York Says Goodbye To High Real Estate Prices As The New Year Rolls In

New York Says Goodbye To High Real Estate Prices As The New Year Rolls In

During the previous year real estate in New York hit an all time high, but 2016 will be completely different. Market experts predict 2016 will be a prominent year for buyers looking to find housing all over New York, and they can almost guarantee those spiked prices from last year will dwindle down until they’re a forgotten memory. There are a few factors some market analysts believe will soften the market and most revolve around the buyers themselves.

As time moves on baby boomers will want to be closer to their children and grandchildren, which means downsizing from their house to a smaller, more cozy apartment. They will purchase apartments quickly which means they’ll want to sell just as fast and are more likely to lower their asking price. In Brooklyn rentals are popping up everywhere and offering incentives like reduced rent with a two year contract, and those perks may convince buyers to lease instead. Manhattan has been seeing some changes with luxury condos popping up all over the places, and because there will be more options for buyers to choose from prices will lower in order to keep up with competitors.

All these factors point to one prime idea that 2016 is the year for people to buy in New York City Luxury real estate and Town Residential can help. Town Residential is one of New York’s leading luxury real estate firms for both buying, selling, and renting. Though they’ve only been open for five years they’ve managed to be named one of New York’s Top 50 Best Places to Work, and with a team as dedicates as they are its no surprise they’ve become a leader in New York real estate.

Their leading team of experts have spent years combing the city inside and out to provide prime real estate selections all over New York. Their website also offers all their current listings with maps, prices, and detailed information so you can browse before you even meet a realtor. Town Residential has a hand in all aspects of real estate including buying, selling, apartment development, leasing, marketing, and commercial real estate.

London Fashion Week “Street Style” Becomes the Talk of the Town

London Fashion Week “Street Style” Becomes the Talk of the Town


London Fashion Week went off without a hitch. The collections left everyone hanging onto the latest trends that everyone will soon begin emulating. However, the street style was the talk of the town. It was brave and unique. The footwear was diverse. It was about designs and embellishments. It was about color and texture. You had gold star-studded sneakers all the way to fur slingback clogs. Handbags were neutral tones such as chocolate and tan. Then you had pops of color with burnt oranges. You had the extreme, the playful and the sophisticated. You would expect nothing less from London Fashion Week.

JustFab inspired by whats current, has an updated selection to rival London Fashion Week. For those looking for the pops of color, the playful or the sophisticated each shoe, each handbag and each accessory is matched with a VIP-worthy sale when you become a member. It makes keeping up with whats in and letting go of whats old incredibly easy. Check out the JustFab style on Iconosquare.

The Podcast with Enterprise Radio and Philip N. Diehl

The Podcast with Enterprise Radio and Philip N. Diehl

During the month of January, Eric Dye(Enterprise Radio Host) finally decided to take advantage of an offer to talk with the famous President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl. This podcast was a real treat for the Enterprise Radio, it enabled them to show their listeners exactly what Philip is all about. Many people know of some of the wonderful work that Philip has done as the President for the U.S. Money Reserve, and they all believe that has quickly become one of the best at his job.

Many types of questions were asked during the podcast with Philip, most of the questions that were covered had something to do with his position at the U.S. Money Reserve and how he was able to earn his way to the top. One of the biggest things that Mr. Diehl is known for is his work making the 50 States Quarter program, which is known about all across the globe. Another big thing that he had a hand in was the launching of one of the first platinum coins that had ever been issued by the U.S. Government. These two things are two of the biggest reasons why Philip was able to become so popular in America.

His position that he holds right now has a lot to do with the fact that he was the chief of staff while he worked along with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and also has a lot to do with the fact that while he worked for them, he was working with the U.S. Senate Finance Committee as the staff director. After having completed his work with both of these places, Bill Clinton made the decision to put him into the position of being the Director with the U.S. Mint. This was big news to Philip, he had worked hard all of his life, and it was definitely starting to pay off.

Working hard has been the life of Philip, he was even able to obtain more knowledge in terms of fiscal and monetary policy, thanks to all of the work that he did with senior officials and others who were able to help him. Many things over the years have helped Philip N. Diehl obtain his wonderful position, and many of the things that have brought him into that position have helped all of us greatly.

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You Love A Snack And So Does Your Pooch- Beneful Baked Delights®

You Love A Snack And So Does Your Pooch- Beneful Baked Delights®


Nothing screams to you like a late night snack. It seems that our dogs seem to pick up some of our habits. They think that if you go to the kitchen to get something to eat, they must have a snack too. Since Purinastore Beneful Delights dog snacks are healthy, you don’t need to worry about letting them indulge.

The oven baked snacks have several flavors to choose from and your pup will love to choose. However, sometimes they like one treat much more than they like another. It helps to have that special treat to use when you’re trying to coax them to do something.

•             Shortbread Cookie with bacon and cheese

•             Shortbread cookie with chicken and cheese

•             Beneful crispy snack with soft centers of beef and cheese

•             Oven baked with soft centers of peanut butter and cheese

•             Crispy crackers of cheese and hickory smoke flavors

•             Made healthy for your dog’s treats

With amazingly balanced nutrition, made with ingredients that are good for your pooch. The dry or wet foods offer omega-rich ingredients and antioxidants.

The Beneful snacks are great, and so are the wet or dry dog foods. There are proteins like beef, chicken, lamb or pork to enhance the flavor and bring the nutrition you expect from Beneful.

The professional team at Beneful takes their job seriously and treats your dog food like they treat their dog food. Their dogs are like part of the family and they know you find your dogs the same way. They desire that you have a choice too.




Wengie: A Famous YouTuber You Should Know

Wengie: A Famous YouTuber You Should Know

While the ability to post a video on YouTube is available to the general public, there is a certain class of YouTubers, also known as YouTube personalities or YouTube celebrities, that produce widely-viewed and recognized videos on YouTube on a regular basis. These famous YouTubers create in demand content across a variety of interests. In the beauty industry, YouTuber Wendy Huang, has amassed quite the YouTube following and frequently consulted for her advice on beauty trends, tutorials, beauty reviews and fashion trends.

Wendy Huang is the founder of the Wonderful World of Wengie, which is the 36th most subscribed YouTube channel in Australia according to SocialBakers. Subscribers rely on the Wonderful Word of Wengie for more than just beauty product updates and descriptions. The Wonderful World of Wengie provides a variety of beauty and fashion inspiration that encourages viewers and subscribers to enhance their personal image and explore cutting-edge trends that complement their personal style. By offering easy-to-follow tutorials and sharing personal experiences, Wengie engages viewers on a personal level and invites them to share in her own exploration of beauty and fashion trends.

The Wonderful World of Wengie has been offering beauty wisdom to the general public since 2011. What makes this YouTube channel stand out among a sea of other beauty-based options is Wendy’s unique experience as an Asian female trying to adapt mainstream beauty trends to her specific features. She is an invaluable resource, especially to other Asian women, in understanding how to craft makeup that enhances their natural features rather than simply being forced into a cultural mold that is actually not flattering for some women. In this way, Wendy helps boost self-confidence and beauty acumen for an often over-looked group of women and makes the entire beauty industry more accessible to them.

If you haven’t yet explored the Wonderful World of Wengie, be sure to visit this YouTube channel for the latest information on current beauty trends and newly released beauty products. Whether subscribers come away with a new makeup trick to try or a product recommendation to add to their wish lists, the Wonderful World of Wengie is definitely worth a visit.

Save Your Business with Darius Fisher

Save Your Business with Darius Fisher

If you hold a prominent position, whether it is by owning a company, running for political office or you are an entertainer, the more prominent you become, the longer your Internet footprint. This can be great for bringing in new fans and customers, but it also means you need to pay even more attention to what you say and do online. One single post can alienate a large number of your followers and, in the modern world of social media, it can start like wildfire and flow through the trenches of the Internet to all sorts of locations. Once it is sent out, it becomes much more difficult to deal with. You can delete it, but once it is posted it is posted forever. That is why Darius Fisher, founder and CEO of Status Labs, is around to not only assist companies, individuals and organizations with their online habits, but also give out pointers to make sure everyone is properly taken care of and is using appropriate Internet etiquette.

Darius Fisher points out that it is especially important to always double-think and double-check everything before posting it online. It is so easy to send out a tweet, a post or an image update to one version of a social media account. That ease of use is what often gets people into trouble. As the head of a company, Darius Fisher points out it is a good idea to have someone else double-check the best before putting it live. This way, they can have a fresh set of eyes and they can determine whether or not it is a good idea or it should be avoided at all cost.

Once something goes live, what should you do? Well, this is where Status Labs can come into play. Sometimes it is far too difficult for a lone individual to go and try to track down different links and savings of the content. Even if it is posted and deleted, it is going to be saved somewhere. Due to this, it is necessary to have it removed. Status Labs can track it down and clean it up. Follow Darius on Twitter to keep up with news and information.

Hottest Premium Dog Foods

Hottest Premium Dog Foods

The dog foods of today are marvelous by comparison to what my parents used to feed our dogs when I was growing up. I never saw them pay much attention to what dogs where eating, but dog food creators today are different. They are essentially demanding pet owners to do better. I can see that this is a trend that is here to stay because the premium pet foods just seem to keep coming. It is a sign of the times I would guess, and I don’t think that this is going anywhere any time soon. I think that the premium brands by companies like Beneful, Wellness Core and Orijen are here to stay.

I believe that this is a good thing because it forces the pet owner to realize that there is a need for high quality dog food. I honestly did not know or care about what my dog was eating before I started seeing the Purinastore’s Beneful dog food commercials on twitter. This is the first company that really seemed to embrace the concept of high quality. The leaders behind this brand were on to something good, and I believe that Beneful has become the front runner that inspired a lot of other brands on the market.

There are some brands like Newman’s Own Organic Beef & Liver that made the move to the high quality organic food. It seems like anyone can slap an organic label on dog food and it just becomes an instant big hit. I have patronized this brand though because I know that Newman’s Own Organic Beef & Liver is something that my dog likes. She eats this free range beef and liver combination like she was having the best meal of her life.

My dog Rusty is a Basset Hound that loves the Beneful Beef Stew brand. It is another one of the many Beneful brands by Purina that has become a favorite with Rusty. He eats every speck so I never have to worry about whether I am wasting time getting something that he doesn’t like. Beneful never disappoints when it comes to high quality.


Olympic Valley Incorporation Fight Could Come To An End

Olympic Valley Incorporation Fight Could Come To An End

An interview with Andy Wirth was recently published in the Reno-Gazette Journal, and he spoke candidly about the fight over incorporation of the Olympic Valley. Squaw Valley was the home of the 1960 Winter Olympics, and the area has played host to ski lodges for over a century. Andy owns several ski lodges under his own banner, and he does not want to see the valley monopolized by a single incorporation blight. This article explains Andy’s opinion on the matter as he fights incorporation.

#1: Incorporation Would Co-Op Many Areas

Andy does not believe that every community on the north shores of Lake Tahoe should be forced into a single governance structure. There are lodges like his lodges, and there are private citizens who plan to live in the area quietly. Andy wants his lodges to stay free of any government interference, and he does not want private citizens to feel the government is encroaching on them.

#2: Businesses And Citizens Would Suffer

Andy is fervent in his belief that a new government structure would cause everyone to pay higher taxes, and there would be a greater amount of government regulation. Private citizens who live in the area may not be able to afford high tax rates, and lodges like Andy’s would not be able to to afford all the taxes that would be levied to pay for new government operations. Andy wants to stop the madness before everyone has to pay for it.

#3: Andy Wants To See Everyone Come Together

Andy does not want to continue the fight over incorporation in the Olympic Valley. Andy would prefer to see everyone in the area unite under a new plan that would give everyone what they need. Andy agrees that the area would benefit from a different structure, but he does not want to consolidate several communities into one. His new plea is for unity so that the Olympic Valley can prosper in the future.

Andy Wirth is a lodge owner who believes that level heads must prevail in the fight over incorporation. There is so much that could be done with a new government structure, but Andy does not want to force the issue by incorporating everyone against their will. Andy’s plea in the Reno Gazette-Journal is a message to everyone who still wants to fight over incorporation. Now is not the time for the people of the Olympic Valley to be divided.