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Helane Morrison Unconcerned About DOJ Corporate Scrutiny

Helane Morrison Unconcerned About DOJ Corporate Scrutiny

I read with interest of the new scrutiny the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) has been giving corporations to make sure they are operating above-board and ethically. The DOJ has just appointed Hui Chen as their compliance counsel, a position that never existed before, to my knowledge. They also published an important document, called the Yates Memo, that reveals plans to start criminal prosecutions of those executives responsible for corporate crimes. Most prominent in the DOJ’s cross hair are the corporate Compliance Officers. It is more important than ever that these key people do there jobs ethically and completely to reduce corporate risks and blind spots that could end their corporations in hot water with the Justice Department.

As I understand it, a company’s Compliance Officer can be personally held accountable and even imprisoned for company misdeeds, even if they were not personally involved. To me this seems like the DOJ swinging a big stick to force good Compliance Officers to do their jobs. This is no problem for known good Compliance Officers, such as Helane Morrison, whose track record in business ethics is impeccable. Many people in such positions or that have been considering such as career path are quitting or losing interest in the job, because of the pressure they feel personally under such scrutiny by Hui Chen and her new department’s powers to have them help responsible, no matter what the actual cause of corruption in a company may be.

Hui Chen should probably thank Helane Morrison for her new position, in my opinion, because Helane is the SEC officer who was instrumental in bringing the rogue Wall Street robbers to justice when the unprecedented corruption there was discovered in 2007. She became a model for enforcing proper corporate ethics that Chen can learn from. After that horrendous mess that put our country’s economy in jeopardy, Helane Morrison left the SEC to become the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners.

Morrison began her law career as a clerk for Supreme Court Associate Justice Harry Blackmun. She had clerked for Richard A. Posner before that, who was a Judge at the U.S. Court of Appeals. She spent 10 years practicing law with the firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Find out more on Helane Morrison.

George Soros Predicts Disaster for China

George Soros Predicts Disaster for China

George Soros was recently featured in an article by Bloomberg about his prediction that China’s current debt status is similar to that of the global economic crisis from 2007 through 2008. In the feature, Soros bases his analysis on the credit-growth figures for China from March of this year. Last month, the Chinese government poured $362 billion into the economy, which far exceeded the forecast. He explains that from the figures, it is evident that the Chinese government is currently prioritizing economic growth over keeping an eye on the country’s debt, which has been steadily on the rise. Because China is the second largest economy in the world on, Soros said he is keeping a close watch over the Chinese government’s decision to keep pumping money into losing enterprises to keep them afloat, while the number of loans made by the Chinese government continues to mount without the requisite amount of deposits to offset them. George Soros warns that this is a recipe for ultimate disaster, especially in light of the fact that international investors are growing weary of the unsustainable financial policy of the Chinese government.
Read more about this: George Soros Predicts Disaster for China

Soros is widely consulted for his perspective on international markets and investment trends. His current fortune on stands at an estimated $24 billion, which he built up through taking risks on various international markets in part. Soros founded and serves as the current chair of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations are a major part of Soros’ philanthropic endeavors and currently operate in more than 100 countries around the world. In 2011, the Open Society Foundations reported annual expenditures that exceeded $835 million in efforts to promote open societies, human rights and transparency throughout the world.

George Soros‘ incredible personal life story provides some insight into his strong commitment to philanthropic causes all over the globe. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930 and survived the Nazi occupation of the country during World War II. Soros was forced to flee to England, where he studied at the London School of Economics beginning in 1947. After that, George Soros moved to the U.S., where he began his career in investing and would eventually go on to make a massive fortune based on his insight into the trends of international financial markets. Given his experience as an immigrant and sensitivity to the impact of authoritarian rule, Soros has been unwavering in utilizing his wealth and resources to prevent similar situations that he experienced growing up from taking hold around the world. Soros has published over a dozen books on a variety of subjects, including politics, social issues, economics and international investing. He is also very active in liberal and progressive political issues and campaigns.

Brian Bonar’s Bistro Bellamy’s is offering Exceptional Cuisine in Escondido

Brian Bonar’s Bistro Bellamy’s is offering Exceptional Cuisine in Escondido

Escondito, San Diego is an old-fashioned center of retail where there are many agricultural elites. It is also home to one of the best cooks in the country, Patrick Ponstay. Ponstay holds the title of Master Chef of France. He is one of two chefs to have ever earned the prestigious title in San Diego. Ponstay created a reputation while working at Rancho Bernardo Inn where he assisted Gavin Kaysen to become the star.

Ponstay’s present home is at the Bellamy’s, a bistro established by Brian Bonar. He acquired the best staff in the industry for the Bellamy’s after El Bizcocho located at Rancho Bernardo Inn announced an overhaul of the restaurant. Brian Bonar hired Trevor Da Costa and cook Mike Reidy (more can be read at Dalrada page). The team in addition to marquee chef, Ponstay, turned Bellamy’s into a remarkable restaurant. Bellamy’s interior has plush seats, Coppertone-brown partitions and a smooth jazz work of art that brings out a model home style.

The cuisines offered at Bellamy’s are prepared using the high standards in order to satisfy the utility of the consumers. Corn soup is blended with cream along with espelette peppers to give it a basque treatment. The soup is served cold over a scallop ceviche that has ginger, lime juice, cilantro, and olive oil. Additionally, the parsley-cream risotto is exceptional. It is offered with a shaved summer truffle, poached salmon and sea salt, which helps to make it crunchy.

Bellamy’s is among the few restaurants that serve a mille-feuille. The mille-fauille made by Ponstay and Reidy is prepared using bruleed apple portions on top of smoked eel as well as liver and cooked slowly in pork fat. A mouth-watering beet salad comes with red and golden bulbs over a dried porcini mushroom powder, cocoa nibs and pistachios. Often, beets go with sugar and a number of chefs use candid nuts.

However, Ponstay prefer a red beet ice cream that he differentiates with a warm goat cheese pie. The mushroom ravioli is also excellent. Bellamy’s has employed a committed and dedicated team. From chefs to the servers that describe each meal’s intricate details in the most effective way, Bellamy’s has become the favorite restaurant for many people.

About Brian Bonar

Bellamy’s founder, Brian Bonar, is a finance expert and top entrepreneur. According to White Pages, Brian Bonar has established a number of companies that include Bezier systems. He has also worked in several top companies. Among the firms that have enlisted his services include, IBM, QMS, Adaptec, and Dalrada Financial Corporation where he achieved great levels of success. Brian Bonar attended the University of Strathclyde. Here, he received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. Additionally, he has masters degree in business administration and a PhD in international business development from Stafford University, England.

QNET Positive Thoughts Project

QNET Positive Thoughts Project

How QNET is Using Positive Thinking in the Form of Comments to Drive the Positive Thoughts Campaign

Positive thinking is a psychology concept that brings on good health to oneself and the lives of others. When we experience challenges in life, one way to approach those challenges is to think positive. QNET and the RHYTHM Foundation are using the same concept in its drive to supply safe and pure water to children and families. Without positive thinkers in the world, communities would remain underdeveloped and unsafe. QNET is making a difference in the lives of others through its campaign, Positive Thoughts Project, which benefits the commenter and those in need of clean water.


To participate in the positive thinking campaign, commenters must post only edifying comments to address the needs of others and provide solutions to meet those needs, for an example. The comment can be to enlighten people about certain issues in a positive way and suggest ways for resolution. Whatever is posted to QBuzz Facebook it must be positive or the comment will be invalid and not counted. Negative comments aren’t allowed and don’t benefit the commenter nor the mission of RHYTHM Foundation. When we think positive, it becomes an attraction and influence others, whether to edify or for self fulfillment.


The success of QNET and its independent representatives didn’t happen without the development of positive thinking. The same concept QNET used to motivate independent representatives is being shared with the Positive Thoughts Project and commenters. QNET agreed to donate HomePure Red Filtration products to the Rashid Centre in UAE and Taarana Learning School. For the first 500 comment posts within the first two weeks of the original post, a water filtration product is sent to Taarana. If another 500 comment posts are posted the last two weeks, Rashid Centre receives a HomePure product.


QNET is one of the leading global direct selling enterprises to market products, including HomePure Water Filtration Systems, health & nutrition, watches, and person care. The RHYTHM Foundation and QNET are working together to help improve the lives of children in schools and the disabled in institutions. Commenters are encouraged to participate in the Positive Thoughts Project by starting threads of comments and encouraging others to follow those threads. Each thread that receives 1,000 comments will help supply clean and fresh water to Malaysia and UAE. We can all make a difference in world by providing positive comments on QBuzz Facebook.


Wengie The Great

Wengie The Great

She has more than a million subscribers to her YouTube Channel and left her six figure income in marketing to solely pursue a YouTube broadcasting career. Her name is Wendy Ayche or AKA “Wengie” and it seems the world is fascinated by her. This Australian-Chinese beauty mastermind made her millions by sharing a multicultural view on beauty advice. recently interviewed the YouTube sensation and she never ceases to amaze her followers. When asked about hitting the one millionth subscriber mark Ayche commented on how she felt beforehand that may have been “sublime and surreal” moment but, it felt much like any other day to her. Then she goes on to say, “I constantly tell my fans how much I love them and this opportunity is no exception. They are why I still make videos, and I do not take the responsibility lightly.” Ayche goes on to talk about how she feels her biggest turning point in her new found career as a YouTube sensation was when she resigned from her previous six-figure income career. She tells of how the decision was a difficult one but, one that she is completely pleased with. She goes on to tell of how her multicultural background influences her channel when the interviewer asks, “How has your multicultural background influenced your channel?” Ayche explains that she loves exploring and comparing beauty crazes from all over the world. Out of this came one of her most popular videos where she compared American and Korean makeup trends. When asked about what type approach she takes when considering promoting new products on her channel she says her top consideration is whether or not it’s something she herself would use. She also goes on to say that YouTube channel owners should be rewarded for all their hard work in promoting such products. In other words, just because their jobs seem easy Youtubers deserve appropriate income for all they do.

Wengie” has certainly sparked plenty of interest in the beauty world with her unique multicultural views on beauty tips. She continues to peak the interest of her followers with new videos periodically. Certainly this beauty guru has no plans of stopping soon. She is always looking for new beauty products or tips to share with her beloved followers.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes People Feel Comfortable With Their Bodies

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes People Feel Comfortable With Their Bodies

Dr. Jennifer Walden has the perfect thing for all people who want to be more comfortable with their bodies. Women who want to look their best need to have a surgery done that is going to make sense to them, and they need to get it done in areas that make them feel better again. Dr. Jennifer is going to be able to help everyone who comes into her office for appointments, and she does a lot of designer surgeries that are perfect for women who are looking for a new body.


The new body that most women get can be had in surgeries that everyone has heard of but there are special surgeries that are going to help women look great. There is a lot that people can do, and it all starts with one of the most simple ways of making sure that people look good. A vagina shaping surgery is going to help women be happy with their bodies, and it is going to prevent them from feeling like they are odd when they wear bikinis or yoga pants. Most women do not have this problem, but anyone who is trying to get that thigh gap knows that this can be a problem.


The vagina shaping surgery is just one of the surgeries that Dr. Jennifer can do, but it is one of the best for women who want to wear tight clothes, bikinis or yoga pants. A woman who has felt strange about that part of her body for a long time has a real solution now that is going to make her life a lot happier. She can get into the things that she wants to get into, and she does not have to worry about how she is going to be dressed. Every woman is different, but there are surgeries to make them feel good. Dr. Jennifer can shape any part of a woman’s body, and she can do it in her office. Patients are asked to come to a nice place to rest, and they are given a new body they can love.


Lace: Not Just for Lingerie

Lace: Not Just for Lingerie


Lace is having a moment this spring. The ladylike fabric was seen from Dior to Vera Wang to Balenciaga this season. Instead of saving this delicate fabric for wedding gowns or intimate apparel, designers are applying lace to all sorts of garments for maximum drama and romance.

The great thing about lace it that it can be at once girlie and retro, both classic and unexpected. Check out this slideshow from InStyle to see all the new ways to wear this time-honored fabric.

One exciting thing about this longtime favorite fabric is that this season, lace not limited to just dresses and skirts. Lace is appearing on accessories and swimwear, so you can rock as little or as much as you choose this season. This article from shows some amazing lace pieces from a to die for Christopher Kane bag to lustworthy Dolce and Gabbana espadrilles. Pair it with jeans or leather for an unexpected twist.

What if you are looking for a more budget-friendly way to get the latest styles delivered to your door? Check out JustFab, the subscription style service. Our stylists tailor their suggestions to your personal style, so you are sure to get pieces you love. They can even help your inject a bit of romance into your own style.

White Shark Media Reviews

White Shark Media Reviews


It’s not secret that there’s always going to be a complaint with someone. You are never going to make everyone happy. You can’t spend the rest of your life chasing after someone, trying to make them happy. Either, they person is happy or they are not.

This sort of logic can definitely be applied to those operating a business too. Today we will be speaking with the company White Shark Media. Some of you might be familiar with this company, while others might not know White Shark exists.

We wanted to know how a company like White Shark deals with customer complaints: After all, it can’t be easy maintaining a successful business, while trying to fight off the skepticism.

“It’s not easy, no. We just try to maintain a level head. We try to focus on the bigger picture. As long as we are keeping the majority of our customers happy, than a few criticisms are not going to hurt us. We do try to do something about it though. We do try to figure out a way to turn that negative into a positive. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort, but it does pay off in the end.”

–Rep from White Shark Media

We asked this rep how they do deal with the criticisms. Is there a “plan of action” in place to try to keep the skepticism at bay?

“Actually, yes there is a plan of action. We sit down and see what is working for us at the moment and what is not. Sometimes a customer is responding negatively to a product or plan of action we tried long time ago. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have the time to get rid of those things that aren’t working right away. This is where the problem is coming from.”

“So we have employed a special group to help us out with this. Their job is to look through everything, all our products and services. Their job is to get rid of the old and bring froward the new.”

What about the ads? Do they play a role in how the customer receives what you are offering? Do the ads cause more complaints, depending on the content of the ad?

“Actually, we do have someone looking at the ads right now. Some people do respond negatively to some of our ads. Sometimes the end up being too behind the times. Other times the ads tend to strike a negative chord within the person. What we are trying to do is create a balance. We want to spring forward and move with the times. This is where some of the negativity comes from. Some don’t like change. Our team is in charge of all these goals.”

Why not learn more about White Shark. Go to their official facebook page and check them out. Before passing some sort of judgement, based on what others have said or implied, learn to be your own judge. You can visit the link right here.



3 Reasons You Need To Invest In Gold Right Now

3 Reasons You Need To Invest In Gold Right Now

Throughout the course of history gold has been known as one of the best assets to own. This is because no matter what’s going on in the economy on, gold never loses its intrinsic value. As a matter of fact, the value of gold continues to rise according to US Money Rserve in the midst of economies all over the world struggling.

Here are just three of the many reasons you should invest in gold right now:

Reason #1 – The Demand For Gold Continues To Increase

Between 2004 and 2013 the demand for gold increased by 70%. This according to the GFMS Gold Survey 2014. To prove this point even further, according to CNBC, over 800 tons of gold was liquidated from EFT holdings in 2013.

As a result the price of gold went down and it created the perfect opportunity for people on all over the world to invest in it. Since you are reading this article, chances are you are smart enough to see what’s happening and understand why it is so important to invest in gold right now.

Reason #2 – Gold Is Becoming Harder and Harder To Find

When it comes to gold its all about scarcity. This is because no one really knows just how much gold there is in the earth. And due to the rising costs associated with mining deeper, there is a good chance it will remain a rare commodity.

According to SNL Metals Economics Group, the amount of gold discovered fell sharply over the last 10 years. That means gold is becoming harder and harder to find with each passing year based in US Money Reserve. That also means now is the time to get on board.

Reason #3 – Global Unrest

Sadly enough the price of gold is greatly affected by war, terrorism and nuclear threats. During times of turmoil people seek out precious metals such as gold as a way to protect their wealth. When this happens the price of gold increases due to the demand according to US Money Reserve.

In today’s world you never know when global unrest will strike. That’s why its best to be prepared in advance.

To learn more about U.S. Money Reserve and how they can help you invest in some of the highest grade precious metals in the world, visit their website at While there be sure to request your free gold information kit.

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