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How Did NutriMost Change Our Family Life?

How Did NutriMost Change Our Family Life?

There are a lot of diet plans that just do not work because of how they are put together, and I have been on some of those diet plans before because they did not teach me anything about food. All I learned on these plans is that they were going to tell me what to eat even if I did not like it. I needed a much better menu to eat from, and I also needed to find a way to learn how to eat when I was not at home. I got the best results on NutriMost, and I learned that they have an almost infinite website.

The website that they have set up has all the food on it for people like me who do not know what to eat, and then I also learned that it was easy for people like me to pick out food that would make the most sense for everyone in the family. I just started feeding everyone in the house all the food that I had found online, and then they were not any the wiser about what I was doing. My kids stayed strong, and my husband and I were both losing weight.

We were shedding pounds in a very easy way, and then we all got a lot more active just because that made the most sense for us. We were all in a good place because we were eating better food, and we were happy to have a plan that we way to stick to. We just wanted to be sure that we could do something about our weight loss that was going to work, and I was happy to jump right on the bandwagon for NutriMost. It is easy to follow, and the food tastes really good.


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No water, No Problem

No water, No Problem

Andy Wirth is the current CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Wirth has fought and climbed his way up the corporate ladder, by working the hotel and resort business for over 25 years. In 1986, Wirth began his career with Steamboat Springs Resort. After years of grinding away, Wirth was appointed the role of chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Intrawest.

Andy Wirth would continue to work for Intrawest until 2010, when he left the company to go be the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Wirth did a radio interview on KCRW for the show “Press Play with Madeleine Brand.” The main topic of discussion was the California drought and how it affected business in the ski resort industry. Wirth explained that while the drought was tough, it was not fatal. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

While business was down 20%, Wirth said that if needed, the company could survive many more winters like the previous. Wirth says that during the drought, not all 6,000 acres of the ski resort was open, but that there was still 4,000 acres available and “plenty of great skiing to be had.”

While it didn’t seem as if Wirth was afraid of future droughts, he did say that he wanted to put a lot of focus on summer events at the resort and stated that business is thriving in the summer.

Andy Wirth always talked about leaving a lasting legacy and wanted to help clean up the resorts. It is very important to Wirth to try and prevent global warming. Wirth plans on cutting out the use of coal at his resorts. While the drought may have not had the big, negative impact on Andrew Wirth’s ski business that many assumed it did, he still hopes to prevent global warming and clean up the environment.

Fabletics Introducing New Lines For Summer

Fabletics Introducing New Lines For Summer

If you are familiar with athleisure, then you’ve probably heard of @fabletics. This popular brand of athletic wear is a company with a wide variety of athleisure clothing. The brands model and co-creator, Kate Hudson recently sat down with Marie Claire magazine to discuss the brand and their fun plans to introduce new lines for the summer. Since athleisure became a lifestyle trend, many retailers have added collections to their lines to attract more customers. Thanks to the great comfort, and trendy styles of Fabletics that go with just about anything, athleisure has become a huge worldwide trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Fabletics is happy to announce a brand new line of athleisure dresses. These dresses are cute, comfy and sure to be a fashion statement no matter the event you wear them. The dresses are current, trendy and even are made out of a material that allows you to wear them spanx free. No need for extra hosiery because these will hug your curves in all the right places! The swimsuits are sporty, yet flirty in bold colors and styles. They are. A definite must have this summer! There is support where it’s needed and you won’t go wrong with a Fabletics bathing suit! See:

Fabletics is a company in which you can either purchase items at your leisure or subscribe to receive items monthly. They will deliver hand selected items to your door at a fixed cost, based on your preferences in style and size. What could be more exciting than receiving trendy athleisure outfits every single month? You’ll have the best wardrobe before you know it! For women who love athletic wear, whether it’s for exercise, or daily wear, Fabletics is the best option for getting low cost, quality, stylish clothing that won’t go out of style! Fabletics has so much to offer to its customers, so don’t waste any time- check it out!

Beneful – Quality Dog Food

Beneful – Quality Dog Food

Purina Beneful has been producing high quality dog food for many years. They strive to make sure that each product and morsel is packed wit quality ingredients and wholesome goodness with natural foods. The natural ingredients such as lean protein meats, vegetables and fruits is blended into the delectable premium dog food. They also offer many different types of dog food that are suitable to meet the needs of your animal, no matter what they may be experiencing.
Purina Beneful offers an original blend [see;] of dry dog food that is made with real beef. The beef is raised on a farm and is the number one ingredient in the dog food, making it full of the necessary protein our canines need to thrive each day. It gives them energy with added spinach, peas and carrots blended into each kibble. They also offer chicken and salmon in the original dog food. The salmon is packed with omega fatty acids that help your dog’s coat remain healthy and their skin nourished.

Purina Beneful healthy weight dry dog food is another essential product that is used for dogs that tend to experience overweight issues. It is made with real chicken which is a low calorie protein that is raised on a real farm. The healthy weight chicken blend will help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

Purina Beneful healthy puppy dry dog food is made with farm raise, real chicken that is rich in DHA. DHA helps support the brain function of growing puppies and also produces a healthy vision. Chicken is the number one ingredient in this special blend for puppies. All puppies need high quality, protein enriched dog food to help them grow into a healthy adult.

Purina Playful life dry dog food with another selection that is essential for very active dogs. It is packed with double the protein to help our extra active puppies stay energized throughout the day. It contains real beef and egg that are the number on ingredients in the blend, and includes spinach, peas and carrots that are carefully selected and baked into each kibble.All these products are available on Wal-Mart.

What’s New at JustFab?

What’s New at JustFab?

Though summer does not mark the beginning of a new year, people feel refreshed and cleansed during this time–ultimately making them ready for the rest of the year. As you feel good, you will surely want to look great as a response, so it is important to stock your closet with the newest fashions that exclaim “summer is here!” We get it, though; you would rather be on the beach than a stuffy store, so that is totally why you should leave the shopping to JustFab, an online retailer specializing in seasonal fashions for everybody’s preferred tastes. A team of specialized stylists will stock your online closet for you, so all you have to do is hit checkout! What is waiting for you, you ask? Everything wonderful, of course!

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JustFab Summer Shop

Top Sellers

Safari Tank Top

Alright, you might not be planning to head to Africa this summer, but you can look as if you are with this trendy tank. The deep, dusty olive color of this shirt will do anything but blend you into the crowd. Dual pockets frame a laced, criss-cross front. Extra fabric in the back adds a dynamic that is hard to resist.

Tie-Front A-Line Skirt

Reminiscent of the 50s, this skirt is flirty, flowy, and will turn even the edgiest female into a delicate flower for a little while. A sweet bow accents the front, and the cut of the skirt works well with anything from bold pumps to sneakers. The choice is yours!

Knit Maxi Skirts

There are only a few things that every woman should have in their closets for summer: Comfortable shorts, a few tank tops, sandals, and a solid collection of maxi skirts. You really never know when something dressy is going to come up in the summer time, and the last thing you want to do is give up your comfortable summer days for a tight cocktail dress. Maxi skirts hug your curves in the most flattering way, and allow you to maintain a snug feeling that still allows you to look awesome. Throw in an attractive slit on the side, some dressy shoes, and you are good to go.

Knit Culotte Jumpsuit

This fashionable piece from JustFab will work well for absolutely every summer occasion. It is both dressy and casual, and will turn even the tamest of kittens into a lioness. This halter top leaves room to show off your upper back and arms; the flowy style cascades around your legs. Punctuate this outfit with a few bracelets and JustFab’s Mariangel pumps in Kelly green, and you are ready to crash any fashion show in the city.

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Brad Reifler Talks About The Money Monster

Brad Reifler Talks About The Money Monster

The financial crisis of 2008 left deep scars on the country. Millions of people lost their jobs, and retirees lost a great deal of wealth. The biggest scar was on the financial industry. People lost a lot of trust in the industry and today many people refuse to invest in the market. This paranoia about finance is probably best reflected in the media that is released. Last year, the Big Short came out and was lauded by critics everywhere. The film exposed the problems of the financial crisis. Now, Money Monster has come to theaters and film goers everywhere are drawn to this store of financial corruption gone wrong. But is this story really true? Brad Reifler is offering some key insight into the film.

Money Monster is supposed to be a fictional movie, but Reifler explains that there is a great deal of truth mixed into the fiction. Small investors face enormous struggles in the Wall Street world, and Reifler wished to point these struggles out. Mr. Reifler recognized three main struggles that the small investor faces. There are major fees placed on investors that can lock out the small investor. Small investors also face limited access to the market. Small investors cannot participate in hedge funds, private funds, or private equity. Finally, small investors face a huge stock market risk because all of their investments are tied to the stock market.

Brad Reifler knows that being a small investor can be impossibly difficult, and he desperately wanted to solve this problem. He recently launched Forefront Capital to combat the problems that small investors face. Forefront provides small investors with the opportunities that they wealthy already have. They do not charge any management fees and their investments are not correlated to the stock market. Reifler said on Twitter he feels that this major change will give everyone the opportunity to have successful investments.

Investing is an extremely wise decision, but for too long the poor have been locked out of the best investment markets. Investors deserve equal opportunities, and Forefront Capital is intervening to give everyone the chance to succeed. Money Monster has awakened people to the disadvantages they face.  Read more about Brad on

The Amazing New Products From Fabletics

The Amazing New Products From Fabletics

In the fitness world, there has been a great need for high fashion activewear without the high price tag. However, in the past, this is something that has not been accessible. There are many luxury activewear companies that sadly just charge too much for their workout clothes. Fabletics saw this gap in the activewear market and decided to really step in with some affordable and fashionable activewear. The Clothes Maiden recently showcased some of the new 2016 summer collections for Fabletics. Black and white floral prints are very popular this summer within the Fabletics line of summer activewear. Eye-catching geo patterns are also very in this season and Fabletics took great advantage of that. This summer collection also features very bright colors as well.

The great thing about this new summer line is that it is pretty without being too fancy. These workout clothes are also not too revealing like other types of activewear. On Instagram, they have also shared some very competitive pricing that makes this summer line very appealing to many women who are looking to hit the gym hard this summer.

Fabletics was rolled out in October of 2013 by the masterminds behind Just Fab. They knew that they needed a celebrity endorsement to really get things kicked off. In their opinion, it was a much smarter business move to partner with a business minded celebrity in growing Fabletics rather than just offering a large endorsement deal. Now, Kate Hudson is the face of Fabletics. She has been able to help create many of the amazing lines that you now see today.

Fabletics isn’t just workout clothes either. Fabletics flattering swimwear will help you to show off the body that you have worked so hard for at the gym. These swimsuits are beautifully crafted and designed to accentuate all of the right areas on the body. The competitive price points on these swimsuits at also makes them a great buy.

The future of Fabletics is very bright. Fabletics is planning on expanding their online reach and retail store reach over the next few years. The passion of Fabletics is to keep individuals motivated to be fit and active. When you look good, you feel good. Fabletics has created an activewear brand that is about much more than just clothing. The deepest goal in Fabletics growth is to inspire people to live their passions. Fabletics is a great company that will continue to change lives for years to come. 

I’ve Learned That JustFab Is The Place To Shop For The Summer

I’ve Learned That JustFab Is The Place To Shop For The Summer

I didn’t think I needed any more clothes for the summer until I saw an ad about the JustFab website. I saw the cutest pair shoes in the ad, and I decided to visit the website to see what they had to offer. Visiting the JustFab website was like visiting a candy store if I was a child, and I was so impressed by the shoe collection they had. I have not seen a shoe selection that was so unique and so large in a long time, and I decided to start shopping for shoes. Shopping for shoes led me to look into purchasing clothing, especially since there were a lot of clothing that would match the shoes that I was picking.

I went from going to the website to purchase a simple pair of shoes to buying five outfits, five pairs of shoes, two handbags, and three pieces of jewelry at I had no qualms about purchasing such a large amount of items from the website, especially since I became a member and got the best price possible. When I became a member on the website, I observed that there is a $39.95 a month membership fee, but I like the fact that I can cancel at every time if I need to. The membership fee is In my account, so each month I can go into the account and spend the amount I paid for the membership fee.

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I’ve planned a summer getaway on, so I figured buying some more clothing and shoes would be a good idea. I even had thought to buy some boots from the website, especially since they have the lowest priced boots I’ve ever seen. I never bought boots in the past because I saw them selling for $200 or more, but the JustFab website has boots for incredibly low prices. I’ve gone onto the JustFab website every week since I discovered it, and I have more clothes for the summer than I need, but I’d rather be prepared than unprepared.

With the low prices that are exclusively mine because I’m a VIP member of the JustFab website, I will always save money on everything I purchase, and I can also get shipping that’s free whenever I make a minimum purchase on the website. I only wish I had chosen to go to the JustFab website years ago, especially since they’ve been around for a long time. All I know is that I can find clothing throughout the year, especially for the summer on the JustFab website. I’ve made it a point to continue paying my membership fee each month, even if I don’t shop so that I can save up money to buy more products when I need them.

The Best Nutrition for You: NutriMost

The Best Nutrition for You: NutriMost


Dr. Rob Vasquez, who is with Nutrimost in San Antonio, has quite the story to tell.

Vasquez says he had found things that worked for him, with his allergies, asthma, and weight loss, and now he brings those things to his clients.

Vasquez says that for his entire adult life, he struggled with his weight. He tried everything, from packets and powders to prepackaged meals.

Then, he found Nutrimost, and he said it all happened from there.

He lost 35 pounds quickly–in just 40 days. Eventually, he ended up losing over 60 pounds, and he’s been able to keep the weight off with his new Nutrimost plan.

With his office in San Antonio, he’s able to make weight loss (and taking care of health conditions related to weight) more accessible.

Dr. Vasquez gives five lifestyle tips:

1. Eat organic. Organic foods are free of chemicals that can make a big difference in your weight loss and look.
2. Eat more vegetables. If you have a chronic health condition, know that vegetables will help you in the long run.
3. Be sure you know what kind of sugar you’re getting. Processed sugars can ruin your life, so avoid them. And be sure your sugars are mostly natural.
4. Learn what foods can help you lose the pounds. You can have your body scanned in your quest to find out what’s best for you to lose weight and keep the pounds off.
5. Obtain body composition analysis for yourself. If you want to talk to Dr. Vasquez, you can get one for $27—a $72 savings. They usually cost $99.

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NutriMost Changes Couples Lives with Drastic Weight Loss

NutriMost Changes Couples Lives with Drastic Weight Loss

When Al & Linda Sparaco of Brookfield, Connecticut started on the NutriMost system, they both were in need of major physical change. Al had high blood pressure and was on his way to becoming diabetic. Linda was on various medications for high blood pressure, acid reflux, and high cholesterol. The couple realized that they needed a change in lifestyle and take control of their health.

Shortly after that Linda heard a radio broadcast that would change both their lives. The advertisement was for NutriMost. Intrigued, Linda decided to make appointments for both her and her husband. When the pair went to see Dr. Mitch, the doctor offering the NutriMost system, both Al and Linda was happy to see how committed Dr. Mitch was to helping patients on the NutriMost system. Overall Al lost a total of 59 pounds and Linda lost 83 pounds. They have both kept the weight off and Linda is off all of her previous medications.

The NutriMost system works off of a series of body scans that are performed on the patient. This procedure is quick, painless and provides the doctor with information about what nutrients the patient’s body is lacking. From there the doctor will list what foods a patient should be eating to obtain optimal health. There are no pills, special diet foods, or additional exercise with this system. The doctor will monitor the patient through the process and the service can be repeated for greater weight loss.

It is easy to see why the NutriMost system is helping a greater number of patients achieve weight loss, live a healthier lifestyle, and maintain the weight loss better than with traditional weight loss methods.

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