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Avi Weisfogel’s Dental Business Ventures

Avi Weisfogel’s Dental Business Ventures

Avi Weisfogel is a talented general dentist who has long provided services on cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, dental sufferers and dental traumas for sixteen years. Based on his career background and work experience, Avi Weisfogel has developed interests in dentist related business. His principal aim is to increase the access of dental appliances that are crucial for the management of dental problems.

His passion in business can be related to his active diplomatic efforts at the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. The organization specializes in finding medical solutions in the management of sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep related disorders.

Based on his passion for the search for solutions to various dental health problems, Dr. Avi Weisfogel started Dental Sleep Masters Company that offers customer based solutions in oral care. Avi started his business to address the unmet need in sleep disorders.

Dental Sleep Masters
Dental Sleep Masters (DSM) was founded in 2014 by Dr. Avi Weisfogel. The company is based in South Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Avi Weisfogel started the company to assist oral healthcare professionals with oral appliances and information that is necessary to improve the care of patients with sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that occurs due to relaxation of throat muscles while one is asleep.

To address the problem, Dental Sleep Masters introduced a custom fit appliance for the management of sleep apnea. The device helps to keep the upper airway open. To ensure efficient use, DSM started an education program that uses reliable standards of education and clinical support using an innovative business model to make changes in Dental health and sleep disturbed breathing.

The program was started to empower dental professionals who are concerned in the management of sleep disturbed breathing that is commonly associated with injuries, stroke, diabetes, anxiety, and metabolic syndrome. Despite the suffering it brings to people, the disorder was for long medically neglected.

Dental Sleep Masters program has created a model that will be used by secondary care physicians and patients to manage the dental conditions. Many doctors have joined the program, which has increased the management of oral health and sleep disorders.

Nutrimost Promotional Video Stolen

Nutrimost Promotional Video Stolen

When it comes to diet products, the Nutrimost system is one that works for people who have struggled with not being able to lose weight in the past. There are many components to the weight loss system and people who were not able to lose weight before are actually able to do so when they begin the Nutrimost program. It is important to note that the Nutrimost is different than other diet programs because it does not involve extreme measures or risky hormones that could potentially harm the users in the long run. The program was developed with their users in mind and it makes sure to always uphold the highest standards of reputation in the weight loss industry.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

Until recently, Nutrimost was able to do that with the products that they offered. They worked hard to ensure that their videos as well as other content that they had on their site was completely protected, but another company was able to steal a video and used it on their own site. They used the testimonials from real Nutrimost clients as well as PA-based chiropractors that are fully supportive of the Nutrimost system. Taking the video was a true theft when it comes to their artistic rights and they are fighting back.

As a company that has been featured on major television networks and extensive programming, Nutrimost has begun working endlessly to ensure that their videos do not get stolen again and that the company is made to pay for the damage that they did, not only to the company’s artistic rights, but to the reputation of the company as well. The only place that users can find the real results that are provided by the Nutrimost system is from the Nutrimost company: not from others who steal their videos.

Ideal You

Customize Your Preferences With Tarallucci E Vino Event Planning and Catering Service

Customize Your Preferences With Tarallucci E Vino Event Planning and Catering Service

Private events are meant to bring out an adorable experience and are a great way to connect people with their friends and family. However, the kind of planning and customization that goes into an event matters a lot and determines the experience one will enjoy. Many people prefer choosing restaurants for some events, but they lack the information to allow them to choose the perfect location that would match with their event. Below are suggestions that can fit many types of events.

Four Seasons Restaurant
The Four Seasons Restaurant, which is located in the Seagram Building, is an icon in the restaurant business. It still gives honor to its 1959 design that was done by Philip Johnson. Everything speaks about Johnson’s creativity and is reminiscent of the adorable past the hotel had and how well it is structured to cater for different needs of guests. At the middle of the dining room is an exquisite Japanese-style pool, a concept passed from the original design of the hotel. It is indeed one of the best restaurants in the city due to the variety it offers to clients. There are special areas for hosting large gatherings and parties alike.

Wythe Hotel
The Williamsburg hotel has been a major location among individuals for a long time and is still one of the best in the region. The hotel, which is owned and managed by Marlow and Sons, offers a rooftop bar and a plethora of spaces meant for parties and events. There are also private rooms for those with special occasions that they would like to host away from the disturbance and noise of the city. Most importantly, there is a band room for those travelling in a band. The room is made complete with bunk beds and additional amenities for the guests.

Tarallucci E Vino
The Tarallucci E Vino is in a class of its own when it comes to hosting events and helping clients to plan their occasions. It is among the best companies in NYC offering event space and planning. Clients can choose from among four locations where they would like their events to be hosted. Booking is done online and one can inquire about the features included in a location.

Special events and private parties
Clients who are looking to host private parties and events are allowed to enjoy the unique catering services offered by Tarallucci E Vino. These are occasions that allow the Tarallucci E Vino to share their dedication in exotic ways. All the planning and execution is handled by trained professionals who ensure their clients receive the best experience when handling an event like a wedding or a birthday. All this is available for the five locations offered by Tarallucci E Vinos.

Offsite catering
One can also request for offsite catering, which is a service that allows the client to receive catering services even for an event that is held on a location away from the premises of Tarallucci E Vino. There are custom menus for all types of events.

Make Reservations For The Top Ten Resort Squaw Valley Or Alpine Meadows California

Make Reservations For The Top Ten Resort Squaw Valley Or Alpine Meadows California

Winter brings cold weather, shorter days, and winter sports such as skiing. Places such as the Lake Tahoe Resort offer winter enthusiasts the perfect split of good times and beautiful scenic rest all rolled up in one. Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountain areas of Nevada and California both offer many different resorts where a person can relax as well. During the winter, the Squaw Valley and Alpine Valley resorts are booming with tourist looking for the first sign of daylight so they can board the ski-lifts. People wait all year to be able to ascend down those powder covered hills with speed and no inhibitions.

Squaw Valley is one of the top ten ski resorts in the California mountains and in North America. The backdrop of the Sierra Mountains and the beautiful reflections of the Lake Tahoe waters make this the most beautiful scenery and one of the favorites for many skiers. Families enjoy the choices of the slopes from beginner to advanced. A family can come to the resort and learn to ski on slopes with trees and scenery. Each slope gives the person a different experience and another challenge to overcome. Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe were once the venues for the 1960 Winter Olympics. This alone brought many new people to the area and a new interest in skiing. The majestic views continue to bring people back.

Recently, there has been worry over this year’s ski reports and the draught. The most recent reports show that there will be snow covering the slopes this year. Out of the 6000 plus acres, at least 4000 is going to have the white powder. Who needs the other 2000 acres when you already have 4000 to ski? Every person that comes to the Lake Tahoe snow resorts will have the choice of ski slopes and ski lifts. After a fun-filled day on the slopes, you can find yourself enjoying dinner in one of the luxurious and delicious restaurants in the city. After dinner, it is complementary to enjoy a sit by a roaring fire or a dip in the hot tub on the porch. No matter what you are expecting to enjoy or see in the Tahoe area, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are ready to meet your resort needs and provide you with hours and hours of fun and excitement.

Making reservations is easy if you go online and check out the Tahoe resorts. Check out all of the resorts and make your trip this year because California and Nevada do have the best in resort skiing.

The Marvelous Uses of Shea Butter

The Marvelous Uses of Shea Butter

It is exciting to discover natural, effective remedies to skin problems. Many people today have dry, malnourished skin. Others have scars or lack skin elasticity. The top product to use for skin enhancement is shea butter.

Shea butter is a very versatile product. There are a vast amount of uses for Shea Butter. One thing shea butter is very good for is moisturizing. shea butter also improves elasticity of the skin, which can decrease wrinkles. It is also effective for reduction of scars. It is quite effective in the moisturizing of lips and can even be used on the hair when it is dull or dry.

One of the best places to obtain shea butter is EuGenia Shea. EuGenia Shea is a family tradition. It is run by a mother and daughter team. Their shea butter is of the highest quality, being produced in Northern Ghana by sustainable, fair-wage employees. In order to help women in Ghana, fifteen percent of the profit is given back as a scholarship fund.

The shea butter secret recipe was developed by the family matriarch, Grandma Sunshine. She found the healthy shea butter to be priceless in her medical practice as a Midwife. It was gentle and nourishing and helped in so many ways for the mother and the infant’s skin. Grandma Sunshine passed down her knowledge of shea butter to the other women in the family. They have always known the value of raw, pure shea butter. The source of the shea butter is Naasakle Shea Butter, which is of the premier quality.

Anyone who has irritated skin can likely benefit from a trial of shea butter. It can also be a marvelous beauty product, greatly enhancing the look and feel of the skin, hair and cuticles. EuGenia Shea is a responsible company specializing in fine shea butter. Join the EuGenia Shea subscription service now to ensure a quality supply. Simply go to the Product Page and page down to the “Get Subscription” button, pick your ideal product and select “join now.” This will enable you to have a constant supply of healthy shea butter to suit your many needs.

Doe Deere Brings Out Lime Crime In Style

Doe Deere Brings Out Lime Crime In Style

Lime Crime is an online make up company founded by an artistic and ambitious young woman, Doe Deere. She was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self Made magazine. Make up provided a perfect medium for the young entrepreneur to unleash her artistic side and her desire to experiment with vibrant colors. Her bold, fearless, and unapologetic style that she developed and perfected over the years certainly carries over into the products she offers. Referring to her users as “unicorns” Lime Crime encourages women and men to not take their look too seriously but rather to have fun with the process of experimentation and embrace a variety eye-catching colors in order to illuminate one’s own unique style.

Her line offers lipsticks, eyeliners, and eyeshadow. Products can be purchased singularly or in carefully crafted bundles for optimal styling. For lipstick you can opt for the “velveteen” style, which offers a low-sheen finish of high durability that lasts all day, or a “perlee” style, which has a perfect shine to give your lips that added oomph factor.

Long wear and easy to apply liquid eyeliner come in several bold colors to complement your lipstick choice. Six duos of twelve bold shades make up the eyeshadow collection. You can choose to embolden your look with bright colors or keep it natural with more neutral tones. Each duo is thoughtfully paired in order to enhance your beauty and ignite your creativity.

Lime Crime goes far beyond offering bold colors to complement your unique style. All Lime Crime products are vegan and cruelty free and certified by PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program. This means do not contain a single trace of animal product and are not tested on animals.

Lime Crime is revolutionizing the makeup industry by offering quality products that don’t hold back your creative side, but rather allow you to electrify it. The massive array of color schemes gives you the option to continuously experiment and never be bored with the same look.

ClassDojo Connects and Empowers Teachers, Parents, and Students

ClassDojo Connects and Empowers Teachers, Parents, and Students


Some new and exciting changes are in store for America’s teachers and its kindergarten through eighth-grade students. The education gurus at ClassDojo are adding to their already successful platform in an effort to assist everyone involved with the education process. ClassDojo is working in schools all across the globe creating a positive culture in individual classrooms and schools. Since August 2012, ClassDojo has given a new communication platform to over three and a half million students and teachers using the app in over sixty countries.

ClassDojo is an application created to help teachers, parents, and students manage and track behavior as well as student’s progress, effectively creating growing and thriving educational communities. The premise of ClassDojo is two-fold. The first is the concept that consistent positive feedback can build positive behavior. The app focuses on specific behaviors and qualities, which contribute to a child’s capacity to learn. The most common behaviors and qualities that the app focuses on are skills like persistence, adaptability, and curiosity.

The second pillar of ClassDojo is connectivity. The app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices as well as computers. This makes individual contact between teachers and students faster and easier. Teachers and parents are also able to connect outside of the traditional parent-teacher conferences. This allows everyone involved to offer support and feedback while taking the time to develop individuals before adding additional academic subject matter. This assures that students who may be struggling or just barely getting by in particular areas do not fall through the cracks but instead get necessary assistance. Because teacher resources are on the website, it is easy for teachers to interact with their students. Additionally, teachers can customize what behaviors they wish to track. The app automatically creates progress reports that teachers are able to share with students and parents.

ClassDojo’s newest additions include more ways for students to share what is happening in their classes. School Story and Class Story are two ways parents get information about what is happening in their child’s classroom and school. A third new way puts the responsibility in the child’s hands with Student Story. Parents do not see so many day-to-day happenings, projects, and creations. Student Story will change that and give parents a clearer view of what goals, successes, and struggles that their child encounters daily. By uploading photos and videos to personal portfolios, children can expand their parent’s window in the classroom. It also helps to open the lines of communication between the parent and the child by allowing the child to share things, which they are proud of or find difficult.

The service Class Dojo provides to teachers, students, and parents is a valuable way to stay connected in this fast-paced world.
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Dr. Jennifer Walden Loves Her Work

Dr. Jennifer Walden Loves Her Work

In order to be really good at something, it is really necessary to love it. This is the motivation that Dr. Jennifer Walden brings to the table. She is one of the country’s best plastic surgeons. Her philosophy stems from very much the ideal that she knows that she is really good at what she does and can make a difference in life. She loves being able to work with her patients and offer them access to the most amazing of new technologies. In doing so, she has been able to make a life for herself and for her two adored twin sons at the same time.

A Role Model

As she tells readers at Austin MD Magazine, her ideal in life is to be service to her patients and act as a role model for her darling boys. She wants to show them that it is possible to succeed in what has traditionally been seen as very much a man’s field. Plastics is a field in which women are a distinct minority. Only about ten percent of all plastic surgeons are female nationwide. It was knowing this that Dr. Jennifer Walden realized that she could bring a unique viewpoint to the world of plastics. As a woman, she understands her patient’s concerns well. She knows that they want to look their best and they count on people like her to offer this possibility.

Making Austin Her Own

It is with great happiness that the good doctor has returned to a place where she loves. A native of this region, she left to complete her education the field. Returning home has been a joy for her as she truly loves her Texas roots. She has taken a leading role in the local Austin medical community, helping others in the region to realize their own potential in the field. Her own practice here is all about being at the forefront of medical technology and helping patients in every possible way. She is considered one of the area’s most admired medical professionals, with a large following of happy and satisfied surgery clients.


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Sanjay Shah: Raising Autism Awareness

Sanjay Shah: Raising Autism Awareness

According to an article on, April is Autism Awareness month. To commemorate it, the Autism Rocks Foundation sponsored the Autism Rocks Festival on April 1 of this year. For only Dh50 a person, attendees could watch American rappers perform live, such as Tyga and Flo Rida. The purpose of the festival is raise awareness of autism and to bring in donations for research, says the article.

Autism Rocks was launched by Sanjay Shah Denmark and Usha Shah. They have an autistic child named Nikhil, and they wanted to make a difference for him and others with autism. As of this spring, Autism Rocks has raised over £600,000 from its concerts. Some of the popular singers who have been on the Autism Rocks stage include Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, and the late Prince.

They chose rappers this year because they could get the message across to the young generation. BFG and Fever were the official DJs for this year’s celebration. Other things featured in the festival were crazy golf, laser tag, bouncy houses, zip line, face painting, rodeo, petting zoo, and a barbecue. It was something fun for the whole family, says the article.

Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners, which controls Solo Group Holdings. Solo Capital Markets is a financial service company in London, England. Shah also owns several other companies around the world. He now considers himself retired and has a net worth of $280 million dollars as of January 2016.

Shah did not start out wanting to be in the financial industry. He was studying medicine and decided that it was not for him. Instead, he become an accountant and worked for several top-notch investment firms such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Merrill Lynch. During the financial crisis of 2009, he started his own brokerage company: Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah and his family spent $100,000 in June of last year to set up a website for Autism Rocks. Shah is a trustee of Autism Research Trust. This trust provides donations to the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge University. He has been director of the trust for the past three years. Shah and his family are also major contributors to the trust.


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Stephen Murray: A Man of Many Talents

Stephen Murray: A Man of Many Talents

When I look back on the career and life of Stephen Murray, there is a lot to read and a lot to go through, and I mean that in the best possible way. He lived life the right way, each and every single day. He is exactly who you thought he was and there was nothing phony or fake about him.

He was as organic and authentic as they come. He had many job titles during his life, such as: president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, private equity investor, and philanthropist. He was most proud of his work as a philanthropist. This is something that was truly near and dear to his heart, without a shadow of a doubt.

He believed that if you have great power, you have to give back and it is the right thing to do. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital knew that if other people were in his position, he would want them to do the same. He believed in the good of people and truly enjoyed giving back.

The amazing thing is he kept all of this private and didn’t broadcast it or advertise it. He wasn’t interested in getting the fame or attention. At the end of the day, that isn’t why he did it. He did it, because, in his heart of hearts, he knew it was the right thing to do. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He helped out such organizations as: the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Boston College, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford Museum,and Columbia Business School. If there was ever a chance to give back or he saw an opening, he pounced on it.

It gave him great joy to be able to help others and to be there for them. He loved seeing the smiles on the faces of young children as they were able to get a wish and see it come true.

Stephen Murray wanted to give them a fighting spirit to never give up, always fight, and always believe that there is help out there and things can change for you and change for the better, if you just believe and have a positive attitude.