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Wen Cleansers and Conditioners Pique Interests of Consumers

Wen Cleansers and Conditioners Pique Interests of Consumers

Wen is the product line that has just continued to thrive as one of top cleansers in the industry today. It has become important for people to realize what hair products are going to help them manage their hair better. Sometimes they can go to a hair stylist and get such a great look, but they find it hard to duplicate this outside of the salon. Thankfully, there are hair stylists like Emily McClure that decided to try a product like the Wen deep cleansing conditioner that people can use in their own homes.
For McClure to try the product and give her own testimonial on this was a really big deal. It showed that she was willing to let the world – along with her potential customers – know what she thought about Wen Cleansing Conditioners.

What people like about Wen the most is that there are natural ingredients here. The harsh ingredients that have been linked to some other shampoo and conditioning products are not an issue with Wen. This is why more people are abandoning their older products and taking interest in the things like the Cucumber Aloe and Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin Cleansers.  These products are sold on QVC.

The thing that people will notice about Wen – thanks to customers like Emily McClure – is that the product can be used on different types of hair.  That may be one reason that she wanted to try it out. As a hair stylist she wanted to be sure that the product was going to work the way it was advertised on YouTube. McClure helped others by helping herself in this product testimony.

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Dentistry Helps with Sleep Apnea

Dentistry Helps with Sleep Apnea

Over the last few years, medical professionals have started to look into the effects that sleep apnea has on people. New research has shown that there is a link between sleep apnea and other serious health conditions such as stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Doctor Avi Weisgofel who has a background in sleep disorders and treatment, is working to find to help sleep apnea.

About 90% of people who suffer from sleep apnea have gone undiagnosed. It is thought that people with this disorder, wake up around 30 times a night. Which has caused there to be a growing need to find a way to treat it. Avi and his team at Dental Sleep Masters have started to look into this condition. They have worked to set up a new model for physicians to use. This has resulted in sleep patients getting better care while furthering the medical world.

Physicians, sleep physicians, and dentists have joined together to people those that suffer from sleep apnea. The treatment of this sleep disorder is thought to experience a breakthrough in the next few years.

The mix of medical and dental professionals have created a whole model of care to treat patients better. It is believed that Avi’s model is the key to finding a way to treat sleep apnea that can help the general population.

Avi Weisfogel studied at Rutgers University and earned his BA in biology and psychology. He went to New York University College of Dentistry where he then opened his first dental practice in 1999. He stayed and managed this office for over 15 years. It was during this time that he earned the ‘Best Dentist’ award for several years.

It was in 2010 that he left his practice, and opened his first company that focused on sleep. Avi began to look into how sleep and dentistry affect each other. This research leads him to found the Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. He opened this business to help find a way to treat sleep apnea using oral appliances. Here he takes his knowledge of sleep apnea and dentistry to help patients.

Sweetgreen: Entrepreneurial Frontier in Providing Healthy Food

Sweetgreen: Entrepreneurial Frontier in Providing Healthy Food

In October 2015, one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen gave an inspirational and enlightening interview at concerning the astounding success of their booming business. The founders of this rapidly growing company are Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman. They were just Georgetown University graduates in 2007 with a great idea of providing healthy and organic foods in an easy and fun way. And eight years later, they have gained $95 million in venture capital funding.

Nicolas Jammet was the co-founder doing the interview. He stated how each one of the co-founders are children of entrepreneurs. And they started out their business in a small space they were renting. Their startup began with funding provided by some relatives and friends, and now they are a salad chain that has up to 31 locations. They are now expecting to expand to 40 locations.

Jammet mentioned great secrets to their success. He knew that they had opportunities that others might not have. He is aware that others have great ideas. However, he is also aware that more is needed for success than just having a great idea. A lender told them that he believes in them because not only did they have a good idea, but he believes that they would be successful. Secondly, he mentioned that possessing a large level of discipline and hard work are also vital for success. He even mentioned how they have the same pitch, but they just added to it. And furthermore, the thing that was missing in the market was the combination of healthy food and technology. This combination is very important for consumers because they can have their order prepared and ready for instant pickup without having to stand in lines.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is the founder and Co-CEO of Sweetgreen which is business that specialize in providing healthy and organic food, and it was found in 2007. The site for this company is

Ru received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Georgetown University in 2007. However, in a semester or so before his graduation, he and some of his friends put their genius, entrepreneurial minds together to bring the healthy farm foods to the table in an easy and fun way. And as a result, their company, Sweetgreen ( has earned several accolades rapidly in the short period they’ve been in business, thus creating astounding success.

What Reputation Management Fixers Can Do For You

What Reputation Management Fixers Can Do For You

From social media to news outlets, negative press spreads in an instant. Hiring an online reputation management company to bury negative search results and elevate good press is valuable. The job exists to eliminate negative press covering every inch of the web. By pressing down hurtful news to rarely seen search engine pages (four and beyond) and replacing it with positive, quality information, it appears as if negative press disappeared. In reality, it simply moved to a different page on the web. Companies have a brand to protect. Online reputation management companies like Reputation Management Fixers is the best defense against bad press. Since bad press tarnishes company reputation and jeopardizes brand image, reputation management services such as RFM target these five points to ensure companies survive the scandal.

Point one is search engine dominance; the first page of search results contain general, relevant, and accurate information about a business. When bad press dominates the first page, Reputation Management Fixers replaces it with positive and neutral information. This pushes bad press down to the next page. Point two is social media public relations, which means keeping social media activity positive, relevant, and human. User interaction is the key to suppress negative search results. Brand monitoring, point three, is watching, searching, and spotting bad press before anyone else. Point four is reviews/recommendations. Encourage users to write reviews and recommendations about the company to increase brand awareness and build online reputation. The fifth point is negative PR management; this is about a company’s reaction to negative press. Companies must show regret while remaining hopeful and positive about the situation in public. As for the actual situation, respond publicly and resolve it privately. The Reputation Management Fixers put companies back in the driver’s seat. After their thorough results, bad press will never get out of control again.

The Growing Popularity of Plastic Surgery Procedures

The Growing Popularity of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Everybody wants to look beautiful and have a glowing skin. That explains why people are opting for noninvasive procedures to avoid wrinkled faces. The growing number of plastic surgeons is evident that the demand for plastic surgery is increasing. Most cosmetic surgeons are performing peels, botox, skin-smoothing lasers, and other wrinkle erasers more these days than in the past.

However, if you want to achieve the results you have to go under the knife. If you want to rejuvenate your body and your face, go for a method that will have long-lasting effects and help you achieve your goal. At times getting a good cosmetic doctor in your state can be challenging. These procedures are quite sensitive; therefore, you cannot just get any doctor to operate on you. That is why the article provides a list of the best cosmetic doctors in different states. The list comprises of the best plastic surgeons as given by people who have used their services in the past.

Most individuals who opt for plastic surgery request for facelift and breast augmentation. Other top requests include nose reshaping, liposuction, and eyelid surgery. Residents of California can visit Aaron Rollins, Lisa B. Cassileth, Raj Kanodia, and Carolyn C. Chang. Cosmetic doctors in Florida include Constantino G. Mendieta, Julio F. Gallo, and Roger K. Khouri. Some plastic surgeons in New York are Adam R. Kolker, David A. Hidalgo, James C. Marotta, and Andrew Jacono.

The life of Jennifer Walden
According to Bazaar magazine, Jennifer is one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the US. The magazine describes Jennifer as a lady who has it all. Jennifer Walden underwent training in cosmetic surgery in New York City then went to her hometown to practice. The Bazaar magazine explains Dr. Walden as a beautiful, brilliant and successful woman who does not intimidate others because of her success. Dr. Walden was born in Austin, and her father was a dentist while her mother was a surgical nurse.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery acknowledges Jennifer as a board certified plastic surgeon. She is also an active member the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Recently Dr. Walden relocated to Austin from New York City. According to Jennifer, she decided to relocate to raise her twin boys near their family.

Discover Evolution Of Smooth For Less

Discover Evolution Of Smooth For Less

Be kind to your sensitive lips with Evolution of Smooth. Their comprehensive list of lip balm products provide a huge selection of flavors and brands to choose from. They won’t leave a heavy after taste that makes it difficult to eat and drink. You don’t have to worry about applying it multiple times a day. It is designed to give you the all day coverage from a lip balm that isn’t available with their competitors. Reverse the signs of aging or protect your lips againstvthe harsh elements. The sun can be very damaging on your lips, but Evolution of Smooth is an affordable solution.
Your lips deserve an all in one treatment that will go on smooth and won’t cake up on your lips. You’ll love the way your lips get the treatment that it needs from a product that is trusted among the stars. You’ll love how easy it is to order their products online. EOS Lip Balms offer an exclusive brand that is unique to their website. You can also save big by using the promotional codes listed on their website. Discover an exclusive product with all natural ingredients and no harsh additives.

Evolution of Smooth

Your lips don’t have to go through harsh Botox treatments or expensive surgery. Take control of your lip care by choosing one of their rich flavors or brands. You will get a product that goes on smooth and won’t cake up on your lips.

– Mint kisser
– Lime
– Shea Butter
and much more…

You’re invited to visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details. The more you shop the more you save. Your friends will think you went through expensive treatments that the celebrities use. However, Evolution of Smooth is a brand you know and trust.


George Soros Fund Management: Three Biotech Funds which Billionaire Soros Turned Out–Are they Worth Keeping?

George Soros Fund Management: Three Biotech Funds which Billionaire Soros Turned Out–Are they Worth Keeping?

When a billionaire such as George Soros dumps holdings, such an action gets noticed. George Soros recently did away with his fund’s entire holdings of the following three biotech entities: iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund, Novavax, and Gilead Sciences.

Soros is well known as a highly knowledgeable hedge fund manager. He is considered, by many, as one of the best hedge fund managers, of all time. There is a good reason, too, for Soros’s reputation: During Soros’s career at the Quantum Fund, he generated an average return in excess of thirty percent, annually. The return, basically, crushed the larger markets

The Soros Fund Management is one of the most watched hedge funds, the world over. It is a closely watched fund, despite the fact that Soros retired in 2015. The fund has over four and six/tenths of a billion dollars under management. The preceding statement means that the fund is significant within the market. It, as such, makes it imperative that investors, from around the globe, maintain a very close watch on the fund’s buys and sells, conducted on a quarterly basis.

Investors of Biotech, particularly, may be wise to look further into the quarterly transactions of the fund, currently. The Soros Fund sold its entire holdings in the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund (NASDAQ:IBB), Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX), and Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD). The sale occurred during the second quarter of 2016. The information of the transaction was discovered by way of current 13F filings to the SEC.

The sale brings up the question: Should investors take a hint from the Soros Fund?

The Soros Fund Management may have exited; however, that said, there are still some attractive features in way of purchasing all 3 of the Biotech equities mentioned within the preceding text–that is, for the average investor, attempting to build a more substantial financial portfolio.

It is true the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund has not performed so well due to the current year’s blowback with respect to pharmaceutical pricing. However, that said, the issue will eventually melt away. In other words, despite the fact, the iShares Nasdaq Biotech Index Fund has performed unfavorably, currently, the political ramifications of the fund’s poor performance should diminish once the election for United States’ President comes to a conclusion. The preceding is stated, even if Clinton wins and attempts to implement pricing controls as to drugs within the pharmaceutical industry. The lobbyists, it is correct to state, will make major reform within the pharmaceutical industry, close to impossible to achieve. In simpler terms, high prices with respect to pharmaceuticals, more than likely, will remain in effect. The effect of the pricing may allow the biotech fund to rebound, substantially, in 2017.

It is true that Gilead, did not do so well, after sales of the company’s Hepatitis C pharmaceutical, hit its peak, as to performance. That stated, the biotech organization still has plenty of punch going for it. It is well-positioned to go after a singular mass acquisition or several smaller deals. The preceding action or actions, could significantly reinvigorate the Biotech organization, financially. The company, too, is trading at a noticeable low P/E ratio of seven, at the current time. This P/E ratio is crazily low. The implication is that the market expects the biotech’s Hepatitis C medicinal franchise to crash–completely. The projection is not likely to occur. The reason is the company’s new Hepatitis C pharmaceutical, Epclusa, is exhibiting great promise. The biotech stock is too reasonable in price to just place it on the back shelf.

The third biotech, that being Novavax, is moving towards an important turning point with its F-Protein nanoparticle RSV Vaccine, specifically formulated for persons of advanced years. The pharmaceutical may generate billions of dollars with regard to annualized revenue. The data readout is very positive and naturally is not guaranteed, and of course, the Biotech organization’s shares would tumble if the the pharmaceutical turned out unfavorable. The organization, however, still provides the public with a line of other valuable vaccines; which can maintain the company’s financial health–should the worst case scenario occur with regard to the F-protein nanoparticle RSV Vaccine.

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The information, then, to glean from the preceding facts is this: It is more than likely not wise, for the average investor, to follow in the shadow of the Soros Fund with regard to the three biotech organizations. It appears, such an action, is not warranted. The move would be unwise for investors with a more patient nature. The patient investor looks for growth opportunities within an industry that is full of promise. It may never, too, become apparent why the Soros Fund Management sold its three biotech holdings. Hedge fund managers, on the whole, naturally, employ various strategies. The hedge fund manager is motivated on a different level, too, than a typical investor.

The 13F filings are good sources as to investment ideas. However, the preceding stated, the average, individual investor is best off to stay with a long-term strategy. He or she is better off to stick with a long term strategy than to foolishly mimic every move made by professional managers, who probably made their moves, based on other reasons, entirely.

Despite the average individual taking a different route, it is right to say with regard to following hedge fund managers, most persons keep close tabs on anything the famous Soros involves himself. His decisions are ideally wise with regard to his own financial intensity. Plus George Soros is now a billionaire, so ditching some biotech holdings not doing so well, makes sense, since he is no longer in the arena of becoming a billionaire; however, is merely maintaining status and administering growth, where he sees fit.

Many standard investors would very much like to achieve the outstanding wealth of George Soros who founded the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations.

Mr. Soros was born in 1930, inside of Budapest. He survived the occupation by the Nazis, during the Second Great War. He exited Hungary which was dominated by the Communists in 1947. He managed to make it to England. Once in England, the resourceful Mr. Soros graduated from the London School of Economics. He, thereafter, chose to reside within the United States. Mr. Soros accumulated his massive wealth, once residing within the U.S. His prosperity was created by way of the globalized investment fund which he established and managed.

The preceding stated, many persons are quite interested in the biography of George Soros.

George Soros has been a philanthropist since 1979. He provided funds in order to assist in the educational pursuits of students attending Cape Town University in South Africa. The Open Society Foundations are operational inside more than one-hundred nations. The Foundations’ annual expenditures reached $835 million in 2011. The Open Society Foundations’ purpose is to promote the virtues of an open society, the rights of human-beings, and the worth of transparency.

George Soros has authored well over a dozen books. His political essays, and articles on economics and society have appeared in major newspapers and magazines all over the globe.

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The Life and Career of Sam Tabar

The Life and Career of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a successful financial attorney who has built a great business. There are a lot of people who want to emulate the success of Sam Tabar in their own life. Few people have the work ethic of Sam Tabar, and this is a great example of how to succeed with other people. Sam Tabar was able to build up his career over time by investing in education. In addition, he worked tirelessly to gain experience in this field. He offers advice to anyone who is looking to have a similar amount of success in their career.

Work Hard

Although it sounds basic, one of the keys to the success of Sam Tabar is working hard. He is able to work harder than anyone else at his career. There are a lot of people who try to work a lot of hours in their career. However, few people are able to move the needle for their business. He always wanted to make an impact on the bottom line of the companies that he worked for. This is where you can start to stand out from your peers. As a financial attorney, he had to deal with a lot of high-profile clients.

Invest in Education

Education also played a major role in the success of his life and career. Education is a key that opens a lot of doors for many people. In order to get his first job, he had to have the basic educational requirements. There are a lot of people who do not realize what is needed for their job requirements. Doing some research on the front end will help you decide

Next Steps

Success only comes through hard work and hustle. Sam Tabar has never had a problem with either during his time in the industry. Few people are able to work as hard as him at their craft. Focus and passion are some of the major keys to his success over a long period of time. Check out Sam’s article in the Examiner about investing, and what first time investors need to know.