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Job Openings Are Available Through The OSI Group

Job Openings Are Available Through The OSI Group

The OSI Group is indeed more than just a global food processing company. It is one of the best employers in the world. On a daily basis, OSI hires dozens of new employees. Moreover, on a daily basis, OSI is in search of dozens of good employees. OSI is in search of people that are reliable and want to give their all to the job. Experience in the food industry is a plus. However, the OSI Group believes all of the jobs they offer can be mastered with training. As long as you are willing to show up, OSI believes you may be fit for a job with their company.

The great news is that OSI Group has factories all over the United States. In the next few years, OSI hopes to have a factory in every city. This means people everywhere will have a fair advantage at getting a job with this food processing company. Each factory needs almost 500 workers, so there is always some kind of job available. The OSI Group starts each employee off at a salary that is almost triple to that of standard minimum wage.

Employees of OSI Group will experience many more benefits, too. These include benefits like a 401K. OSI matches every dollar that is put into an employee’s 401K. Employees also have the right to take out a portion of the 401K money, or even the entire amount, at any time. There is a minor fee for doing this, and it is paid to the bank that hand the 401K account.

Medical benefits are another great thing offered by the OSI Group. The employees working for this food processing company will be receiving one of the best medical plans on the planet. They will have medical insurance, dental, life, and vision. These plans come with almost no co-pays at all, and they allow patients to go through major types of surgery. The medical insurance includes mental health treatment, too.

New employees are also entitled to several weeks of vacation time and over a dozen sick days. Employees can roll their time over to the next year, or they can cash in their days for money. All of this is explained in great detail before the first day of the job begins. No employee have ever regretted taking a job with OSI. Wonderful reviews come from both employees and clients on a daily basis.


What It Takes To Be On The Inc. 500 List

What It Takes To Be On The Inc. 500 List

For any company/business, the main goal is to provide services and to continue growing the brand in whatever industry you’re in. Unfortunately many companies won’t or can’t meet the demands of the general public and will soon have to shut down shop. The Inc. 500 List is probably what every company strives for in-terms of business. To be named to this list your company/brand has to grow on a consistent basis of three years. There are successful companies that didn’t make the cut, but this list states the premier, top 500 businesses in the country.


Congratulations to Status Labs! This company is multi-faceted in it’s business operations and is setting new standards in digital management. Status Labs focuses on public relations and marketing and has one of the largest customer base in the U.S. The company was named as 339th member to this all exclusive club with it’s with it’s 1,099% growth rate over the past three years. If you’re in need of some innovative marketing strategies and getting your brands name out to the public efficiently and effectively, Status Labs is one of the best in the business for achieving this. The company is primarily located in Austin, Texas, but has additional locations in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil. With such positive growth rates, Status Labs is looking to continue hiring and continue growing well into the future. In present time, the company now serves well over 1,500 clients in as many as 40 countries. Building good reputations and providing solid search results is what this innovative brand does best.


Company CEO Darius Fisher has helped build a world-class client base around the world and many of their business relationships come from Fortune 500 Companies. That has to speak volumes in-term of doing business. In 2015, Mr. Fisher was also awarded the Innovation 50 Award as well as the Business Development Individual of the Year (Gold Award) in 2016. Status Labs is revolutionizing and putting it’s digital stamp firmly on the game. For anyone needing assistance in digital marketing and public relations, Status Labs should be a first consideration.

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Dick DeVos Participates In The Racing For The 2016 Gold Cup

Dick DeVos Participates In The Racing For The 2016 Gold Cup

Lauderdale Yacht Club hosted a very great competition in February for sailors, and the topmost was to win a gold cup from the competition. The competition attracted many participants like Dick DeVos and Ben Schwartz. The competition motivated youths who participated in the overall organization of the events and in the racing. There were trophies also for the best youth’s effort in the competition and in all the four races. DeVos managed to emerge the second in the race that was awaiting the final competition. The competition created a platform for youths to share the experience of sailing and learn more about sailing from the best sailors in the world like Dick.


Dick DeVos is an American business entrepreneur born in Michigan. He has been a CEO of the consumer distribution company and has also worked with Amway Corporation, which is a family business. Back in 2012 DeVos was ranked the 67th richest person in the United States by the Forbes magazine. DeVos studied bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Northwood University and has been interactive in business since Amway Corporation was started in the basement of their house, and he had to work there most of the time. He and his family have overtime donated billions to charity based organizations which have amounted to nearly $1.2 million. His philanthropy is more especially in promoting education for the poor in the society, and he has been practicing it over time.


Back in the year 2006, Dick DeVos was involved in politics by vying for the governor position in Michigan which despite his wealth he did not manage to secure the position. He has worked as the vice president of Amway Corporation and later promoted to becoming the president of the corporation. During his reign in the company, he managed to increase the volume of sales up to 50% when he left the company. He also managed to make the company run to over 50 countries making it global. DeVos has also managed National Basketball association’s Orlando Magic basketball, but this was when his family owned it. He is, also, a writer of the book known as Believe selling in Amazon.


Dick Devos chairs the foundation named Dick and Besty Devos Foundation that donates lots of funds to civic, religious, educational and community organizations. He particularly initiated an academy from his love of children and his wife’s passion for education. Dick has also been funding charter schools which students attend freely without tuition fees to broaden their mind and bring a shift to their curriculum.



Handy is a powerful app

Handy is a powerful app

People are increasingly looking to the internet for vital services. When you need a ride you call an Uber, and when you are looking for used goods you try OfferUp. Today, it seems like there is an app for almost everything. People are even looking to the internet to find a way to keep their home clean. The market for online and mobile cleaning will only continue to grow, and Handy is positioned as the leader in this market for years to come

Handy started in 2012 with one basic vision. Make it easier to get basic chores done around the house. The company grew rapidly and by 2014, they were making more than a million dollars a week. They grew from making $3 million a year to $52 million. The Chief Operating Officer of Handy, Umang Dua was extremely proud of the results, but Handy is determined to continue growing.

The leadership at Handy sees the on-demand service economy as ideal for both consumers and cleaning professionals. Cleaners can get paid quickly and easily, and they consumers get the service they need to be done quickly.

The pay rate on Handy is considerable, says Falling somewhere between $15 and $22 an hour, with the average pay rate being around $18 an hour. The leadership at Handy loves the fact that workers earn a living wage, and they can work any hours they choose.

Handy has grown quickly, but they are now working to rebrand themselves for the next phase of growth. They are unveiling new apps that will allow people to more easily use the service.

As customers become more comfortable with using mobile apps for services Handy is sure to grow. Everyone should look to Handy as a sign of the future, and whenever they look for cleaning solutions.




Why Billy McFarland is Loved by Elite Millenials

Why Billy McFarland is Loved by Elite Millenials

Elite millennials are in love with entrepreneur Billy McFarland, all because he did what was possible to help raise the social status of those millennials. The black card that McFarland created was the best news that these young professionals had heard all year when a black card was released in 2014 for Magnises, a private club for elite millennials.

This “little black card” has become one of the hottest memberships on the planet in major cities like NYC and Chicago. This is because the hot spots for entertainment and some of the best and most upscale restaurants are located in these cities. According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland had a vision for improving the social status and social networking offline for the elite crowd, and creating a membership in 2013 sent him on a mission to create the very best. This unique, private club would render McFarland plenty of press.

The card, made of metal is a card that you can flash at any of the approved locations. Numerous upscale bars, restaurants, night clubs and the like have partnered with Magnises to create an elite social circle. This membership also includes discounts at these locations, as well as discounts on luxurious getaways and private concerts.

 McFarland views Magnises as a complete platform, because the ultimate goal is to increase their social network but also a network that will allow them to network professionally. The card also makes it convenient for members because it’s linked to their debit or credit card, something that they will always carry everywhere they go.

The club was founded in 2013, and the card went live in 2014. The membership base had grown to over 6,000 in 2015, and it has continued to grow since that time. Top entertainers like Ja Rule now have an interest in this membership and coming on board to help Billy McFarland to continue to build a strategy all its own.

The fee for the card is just $250 yearly, and it is attracting more members every day associated with elite millennials and the places they frequent the most in big cities. The target market for Billy McFarland is 21 to 35 year olds, giving the market a boost in their social status and overall ability to network effectively on a professional level as well.

Thor Halvorssen – The Behind the Wonders

Thor Halvorssen – The Behind the Wonders

Thor Halvorssen loves to take on tyrants. In fact, one could say that it’s the 39-year-old Venezuelan’s mission in life. He jets around the world, fighting oppression in dictatorships in the developing world, and organizing prestigious human rights conferences.

If you delve into his family background, though, you wouldn’t be the least surprised. His paternal grandfather was a Norwegian diplomat who was based in Venezuela during World War II. When the Germans invaded Norway, his grandfather diverted most of the Norwegian merchant navy to Venezuela, and even got into a fistfight with a Nazi.

On his mother’s side, he counts Simon Bolivar, Latin America’s George Washington, as one of his ancestors. But that’s not all. His mother was once shot and wounded in a human rights demonstration in the streets of Caracas, and his father was imprisoned and tortured after he exposed political corruption in Venezuela. He’s also got cousins fighting against Venezuela’s strongman regime.

According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen doesn’t limit himself to Latin America. He’s flown all over the world fighting for human rights. He was once briefly arrested in Thailand where Thor Halvorssen was campaigning for a monk’s freedom of speech. He’s also focused much of his considerable energy on North Korea, a country of 24.9 million that has lived under the dictatorial embrace of the Kim family since the 1950’s. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world today. It endured a devastating famine in the 1990’s and, to this day, many of its people are malnourished and hungry (there have even been reports of cannibalism). It’s also sealed shut from the rest of the world. The regime holds Hollywood movies, songs and western culture as a whole to be illegal, as it gives North Koreans glimpses of a different, better life.

So, Halvorssen and his organization, the Human Rights Foundation, work to deliver western contraband to North Koreans. A recent evening found Thor and co-conspirators near the demilitarized zone that separates North Korea from South Korea. They planned to send up hot-air balloons carrying bundles of western movies, specifically a recent Seth Rogan flick that poked fun at North Korea’s dictator.

Thor Halvorssen’s Spirited Work Of Upholding Humanity

Thor Halvorssen’s Spirited Work Of Upholding Humanity

Tyrants are in for a rough time because of Human Rights Foundation Founder, Thor Halvorssen. The 39-year old’s foundation has headquarters in New York. Halvorssen was born in Caracas to parents that have Norwegian and Venezuelan origins. His grandparents were influential.

Thor Halvorssen’s family has a track record of championing for human rights. Hiss course has not been different. He has been at the forefront of advancing human rights and individual liberty courses as well. Halvorssen launched the Human Rights Foundation in 2005.

His grasp of the issue is not only theoretical. His father spent time in a Caracas prison and was tortured for exposing corruption in the administration. Halvorssen’s father worked as the head of drug control. His mother also faced the same force of the administration when she was shot at while demonstrating against Hugo Chavez.

Despite of the challenges, which his family members have undergone, Halvorssen presses on with his activism. He is different for he has a high regard for humanity and people.

He was once beaten for the cause. On a mission to talk to Thich Quang Do, Halvorssen was beaten by Vietnamese authorities. That was after taping an interview the residence of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam patriarch. Quang Do’s church had been outlawed.

Do himself had been under a house arrest for 28 years. Thor Halvorssen was detained by the Vietnamese authorities. He managed to be free after successfully persuading the authorities that he was a seeker of Buddhism.

The work that his employees at Human Rights Foundation focus on is on shedding light particularly on bad governance. They also amplify the voice of political prisoners and dissidents.

In this endeavor, Thor collaborates with organizations like Amnesty International. In addition, The Oslo Freedom Forum that his organization, HRF, hosts each year has become a signature event for human rights campaigners as well as reporters.

 About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights campaigner. His input is in the areas of pro-democracy advocacy, public policy, civil liberties, along with public interest advocacy. He is the activist behind the Oslo Freedom Forum. Additionally, Halvorssen is the patron of the Children’s Peace Movement, which is based in the Czech Republic.

Halvorssen also works as a film producer. He is producing a film with Bryan Singer. Thor was featured on TEDx held at the University of Pennsylvania.

Leading outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Journal, The Nation, National Public Radio, and Time Magazines have all featured his opinions. Halvorssen has also appeared on HBO, MSNDC, CNN, Fox News, and

InnovaCare Makes Significant Steps in Advocating For Reforms in Payment Options

InnovaCare Makes Significant Steps in Advocating For Reforms in Payment Options

InnovaCare is a global health service provider based in Puerto Rico. Known for its pursuit of high-quality medical care, the firm has joined the Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) to implement changes in the health sector. Such a move is aimed at promoting quality medical care as opposed to quantity.

The company is committed to expediting the move to alternative modes of payment. It intends to be at the forefront in advocating for health reforms across the country. A quantitative data study is in the pipeline to determine various viable payment options to patients. Besides, InnovaCare Health is guided by principles such as cost effectiveness, quality, innovation and coordinated access to care.

Several organizations from the public, private and non-profit sectors have joined the initiative to transform health through the constant supply of quality healthcare. Discussions by several stakeholders are geared to provide suitable alternatives to the current mode of payment. The company’s C.O.O, Penelope Kokkinides, has assured stakeholders of their commitment to achieving set milestones and making a clear difference in the health industry.

Background of InnovaCare, Inc.

InnovaCare Health, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare services with the aid of its subsidiaries: PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. and MMM Healthcare, Inc. The former serves more than 200,000 customers with the assistance of 7,500 service providers. Furthermore, they are tasked by the Puerto Rico government to supervise two Medicaid plans. By being the sole provider of NCQA-accredited health plans, they intend to adequately cater to the needs of patients through diverse treatment options.

About the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network

The LAN platform serves as a foundation for the dissemination and sharing of vital information among concerned stakeholders. Moreover, HHS strives to ensure that currents projects shift their attention to the delivery of substitute payment options on By implementing targets set by LAN, patients no longer have to pay for medical services offered. Payment is made to hospitals based on the quality of health care provided.

To promote service delivery, the company has added three new members to its highly talented team. Jonathan Meyers serves as the firm’s chief actuary officer. His invaluable knowledge is crucial in the realization of set goals and objectives. Before the appointment, Meyers worked at HealthCare Partners as chief actuary officer. On the other hand, Penelope Kokkinides’ appointment as the chief administrative officer has been hailed by health experts courtesy of her unrivaled expertise and immense experience. She previously served as COO and executive vice president of Centerlight HealthCare.

The company credits its CEO, Rick Shinto, for his relentless pursuit of excellence. Furthermore, his invaluable insight has elevated the firm’s status as a top provider of health care solutions in Puerto Rico.

Nathaniel Ru Changes Perceptions about Healthy Eating

Nathaniel Ru Changes Perceptions about Healthy Eating

SweetGreen is a restaurant that a lot of people in the southern states have not had a chance to experience just yet. This is a restaurant that is known primarily in the north on the East Coast. There is a lot of money that is coming in from venture capitalists for SweetGreen that is about to change all of this. The founder Nathaniel Ru and his partners are starting to cash in on a very innovative idea.


Many people have started to witness the success of this restaurant because this type of thing is being talked about in homes and it is showing up in schools. SweetGreen serves as the healthy alternative for people that are looking for something that is a bit more than a salad bar.


This is a restaurant chain that comes equipped with things like warm bowls. This is a mixture of vegetables and meats that are flavorful and very appetizing.


Nathaniel Ru May not have reinvented the wheel, but he certainly has managed to bring an innovative look to the meals that he is bringing to consumers. This is a restaurant that is making people see the value of eating healthy. That is hard to do. There are so many temptations to eat in a way that is not healthy. I think that Nathaniel Ru has made people – especially venture capitalists – see that this is a great value that comes with eating healthy meals. I would say he has been able to make investors realize that this could be a highly profitable restaurant chain.


It all comes down to what people are doing at this time period in their lives. Nathaniel Ru has struck when the time was right. Ten years ago Nathaniel Ru and his crew could have come forth with SweetGreen, and people would have ignored what he was doing. Today there is a much greater need for people to be health conscious. That is why he has been able to capitalize on this idea and get some investors interested in what he was doing. He knew how to market the company, and he has been able to shift the attention to building a healthy alternative that still has some very delectable meals. He has changed the perception about healthy food in America, and that is what he had to do in order to get more people excited about eating healthy.

It’s More Than a Pretty Face with Brown Agency

It’s More Than a Pretty Face with Brown Agency

We call them the beautiful people, and they were there in Austin in all their glory celebrating Formula One. In mask and feathers, they came, a who’s-who of international fans and socialites who were wined and dined while being treated to an eclectic assortment of fabrics, styles, and designs in a full tilt fashion show that featured the local talent of The Brown Agency.

Fashion modeling is a business that is synonymous with fame and fortune. We all love the stories of the attractive but shy hometown girl who after being discovered in the check-out line of the local grocery store ultimately became the face of a name brand product. Modeling is the business of being beautiful. It is fast moving and very competitive. It’s hours extend well beyond the normal nine to five, but if you have what it takes to be successful, fashion modeling promises a lifestyle most people can only dream about. Even though modeling doesn’t demand that you have a degree or credentials, it does come with its own set of specific requirements. Keeping flexible hours, being reliable, hardworking, and capable of taking directions are just a few of them, but breaking into the business is not easy. You need more than a pretty face; you need an agency that knows the business and has your best interest at heart. In Austin, that agency is The Brown Agency.

The Brown Agency is a relatively newcomer to the fashion business. The agency began its walk in the limelight in 2010 and has never looked back. It is the only full-service agency in Austin representing actors and models, and it is one of a few in the entire state of Texas.

At the business’s helm is a former model, Justin Brown. Brown got his start in Southern California where he studied business management in college. His love for what was going on behind the camera led to a career change that helped make The Brown Agency a leader in the business.

Professionalism, integrity, and a strong work ethic are The Brown Agency’s core values. Their focus on authenticity has made them a preeminent agency in the world of modeling. They have created a merger that has introduced local Austin talent to famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’Oreal. Their models have graced the runways of fashion shows in Dallas, New York, and Miami.

The Brown Agency has changed the atmosphere in Austin and in modeling. They are looking for the next generation of the bold and beautiful. It helps to have a beautiful face, but what you really need is an agency committed to their brand and willing to take you to the next level.