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The Revolution For The Evolution of Smooth Oral Care Products

The Revolution For The Evolution of Smooth Oral Care Products

The lip balm industry is thriving as of late thanks to the many brands whom deliver high quality products. Just about any retailor carries lip balms and some areas in these stores have a whole section roped off just for oral care items. Have you ever hear of “Evolution of Smooth?” If you haven’t heard then you must have been living under a rock over the past few years. Evolution of Smooth id dominating the competition now days thanks to it’s extraordinary oral care products. The brand specializes in lip balms, but these lip balms have something special within their DNA.


Evolution of Smooth gives you flavors, flavors, and more flavors. Unlike other brands that tend to only give the consumer a few flavors, (EOS) offers some of the very best infused flavors on the market. Sweet Mint gives the user a sweetness that is refreshing and minty. This flavor personifies the essence of sweetness as it will provide the mouth with the moisture it craves. You can use these products consistently since they come from a natural source. By pertaining no artificial parabens and sulfates, users won’t have to worry about any frustrating side effects. These wonderful lip balms are far superior to the competitors who tend to use harmful chemicals in their formulas. EOS offer consumers medicated tangerine, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, lemon drop, vanilla mint, vanilla bean, honeysuckle honeydew, pomegranate raspberry, and watermelon wonderland.  For information, click

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The brand has a huge social media presence as well, which translates into more sales. It has over 700,000 followers on Instagram and another 161,000+ followers on Twitter. One Facebook photo of it’s pink lip balm product and it generated 44,000 likes. Evolution of Smooth is breaking all barriers and it’s leading by example.

Pucker Up With Pomegranate; EOS Flavored Lip Balm Is Decadent and Exotic

Pucker Up With Pomegranate; EOS Flavored Lip Balm Is Decadent and Exotic

Pomegranates are an ancient fruit with tiny, jewel-like seeds that explode with flavor when you eat them. Their flavor is rich and dark with a tart finish that leaves you feeling refreshed. Pomegranates are decadent, exotic, luxurious, and beautiful. EOS lip balm’s Pomegranate Raspberry flavor brings all the decadence of a pomegranate to their all natural lip balm. The pomegranate flavor enhances the already sensual experience of EOS lip balm without overwhelming the senses. Encased in a rich ruby colored sphere or tube this lip balm is as visually satisfying as it is hydrating.  Check on

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EOS‘s pomegranate raspberry flavor is available both in the innovative smooth sphere and in the more traditional smooth stick design. EOS lip balm is made with natural and organic ingredients that really help nourish the delicate skin of your lips. Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil work together to instantly smooth and beautify dry lips. EOS lip balm is free of harsh chemicals that dry you lips. EOS lip balm’s revolutionary spherical design offers a simple solution to the problem of tiny tubes of lip product disappearing in the depths of a cavernous handbag. The cute, colorful spheres are large enough to be easily found and small enough to go with you everywhere.  Useful reference on

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So Good You Can Taste It: EOS Flavors Are Ready For Summer

So Good You Can Taste It: EOS Flavors Are Ready For Summer

EOS lip balm’s fresh flavors will help you remember that summer really is right around the corner. EOS visibly soft blackberry nectar comes in a lavender sphere and brings the taste of July to your lips at a moments notice. The pale pink Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Sphere is light and sweet with a creamy finish reminiscent of strawberry shortcake on a summer afternoon. If you’re looking for something cooler and more refreshing try Sweet Mint. The bright, crisp flavor reminds us of staying cool when temperatures climb and there is nothing cooler than the matte mint of this EOS Smooth Sphere.

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Like all EOS products, the ingredients in the flavored lip balms are 99% natural. Shea butter and vitamin C and E nourish your lips instantly softening and moisturizing. The flavors are created using natural fruit extracts. EOS lip balms are petroleum free, paraban free, gluten free and phthalate free.  Check this on


EOS lip balm is a product with ingredients you can feel good about in packaging that makes you smile. The candy colored, round containers are designed to be easily found in large handbags. With a huge selection on colors and flavors you can always be sure of having the right lip balm at your fingertips.

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Gangnam Style with Kim Dao

Gangnam Style with Kim Dao

Australian Youtuber, Kim Dao, made an overseas trip to South Korea in late 2016. Starting off at Haneda Airport in Japan, she grabbed a quick lunch consisting of a simple, hot soup. She then boarded her flight and displayed short clips of her window view over the course of the trip.

Her arrival destination was the city of Seoul. It was there that Kim met up with her friend, and fellow Youtuber, Sunnydahye. A couple of swipes on the smartphone exhibited selfies taken together as part of catching up. A known Pokemon fanatic, Kim Dao gravitated toward Pokemon themed cookies that had Pikachu, Squirtle, and Pokeball designs. At Gangnam Station, she made purchases of Pokemon themed makeup. She noted that the shopkeeper was excited upon seeing her as she was wearing a Pikachu sweater. Aside from the quick shopping, the first day was mostly uneventful.

On the second day, Kim Dao journeyed back to the popular Gangnam shopping district. She met up with another Youtuber friend, Bambigirl, for lunch. A short montage followed featuring a garden scene, smoothies, sushi, and more Pokemon related products.

Back home at her Airbnb, Kim Dao ended the video by recapping her second day.

Watch Kim Dao’s First Day in KOREA | Shop in GANGNAM Ft. Sunnydahye & Bambigirl.

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Sam Tabar’s Life And Times

Sam Tabar’s Life And Times

Sam Tabar began his educational career when he first joined the University of Oxford back in the year of 1997 to study for and achieve his Bachelor’s Degree in the area of jurisprudence in the year of 2000.

While he was attending the University of Oxford he also joined in on the social aspects to get the best possible most well rounded experience of college that he could manage. Rowing and Ballroom Dancing were among his favorite activities and societies which he was involved within.

After attending the University of Oxford Tabar moved up and onwards to attend the Columbia Law School where he went on to study law in the year 2000. While he attended he also joined in on the Columbia Business Law Journal where he assisted in the teamwork of creating a highly esteemed journal. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

In 2001 he walked away from the university with a Master’s Degree in Law and went on to pursue a real world career outside of the university walls.

In his first professional position after leaving the Columbia Business Law Journal Sam Tabar joined the firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates as one of their Attorneys. He worked at their firm for a total of five years and eleven months, leaving in the March of 2007 to move on to a new experience, working as a Managing Director for the Sparx Group/PMA from March of 2007 on till March of 2011.

In February of 2011 he took up a new position as Director and Head of Capital Strategy at Merrill Lynch which he stayed at till September of 2012 when he left to conspire a new dream for himself.

In December of 2014 Sam Tabar became Partner at FullCycle Fund where he currently still continues to work.

How Julie Zuckerberg Has Taken Executive Recruiting To The Next Level

How Julie Zuckerberg Has Taken Executive Recruiting To The Next Level

Julie Zuckerberg is a corporate executive recruiter who has worked her way into the top levels of her profession. She lives in the area of New York City and during her career has recruited executives at some of the most well-known companies in the world. She has also developed specialized knowledge and talents that surround the field of executive recruiting. Zuckerberg has also used her years of experience in the field to develop an extensive, global network of professional contacts in order to find top-level recruits.

Zuckerberg attended City University of New York- Brooklyn College where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. She also attended New York Law School. Her first job in the field of recruiting was at Hudson where she was the Director of Candidate Placement for 5 years. During her time with this company, she recruited legal positions for law firms, financial institutions, and other corporations. Among the professionals that Julie Zuckerberg recruited were lawyers, case managers, paralegals, and their support staff. She worked with each candidate in order to provide them with information about jobs she was recruiting for including benefits, the work culture, and what opportunities for advancement the company offered.

In 2007 Zuckerberg pinpointed an opportunity to advance in her career and earned the role of Vice President, Executive Recruiter, North America Professional & Executive Recruitment for banking giant Citi. At Citi Zuckerberg developed her skills to recruit executive level personnel. She also honed her skills on recruiting strategies and researched talent and compensation trends. She was responsible for developing job offers which included complex issues such as equity buyouts, deferred rewards, and clawbacks. She also gained extensive experience in international recruiting and the issues that arise such as relocation and immigration.

It was in 2013 that she joined New York Life Insurance Company as Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, Corporate Vice President. During her time with this insurance firm she managed the recruiting process with recruiters and sourcers reporting to her as she led them as a team project manager.

In April 2014 Julie Zuckerberg landed at the international Deutsche Bank as the US Talent Acquisition, Executive Recruitment Lead. She leads executive recruiting efforts for all of Deutsche Banks U.S. operations including Infrastructure, US Asset Management, Global Technologies & Operations, as well as Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients. Part of her job at the bank is to inform senior executives on issues such as best recruitment practices and hiring governance. Additionally, she provides her staff with strategic vision as well as coaching and mentoring them.

Outside of her career, Zuckerberg has developed a number of hobbies and interests. She loves photography and not only takes her own photos but attends art galleries that have photo exhibits on display. She also enjoys discovering new food and exploring new technology, as well as spending time with her pets. She enjoys spending time volunteering her time for various charitable causes. She also enjoys sharing her life on social media, including the great pictures that she loves to take.


EOS Lip Balms-Flavorful and All Natural

EOS Lip Balms-Flavorful and All Natural

If you’ve been to your local drug store or supermarket lately, chances are you’ve seen spherical lip balms at the checkout counter with the EOS logo. EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a company that is fairly new compared to trusted lip balm brands like Chapstick. However, EOS has taken the lip balm market by storm and is now the second best selling brand in the U.S. after Burt’s Bees. Celebrities have also fallen in love with the brand, and stars like Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian have all been seen using EOS lip balms.

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Some of the most popular flavors from EOS include vanilla mint, which is a best seller during the winter months. The balm has a pleasant scent and contains vitamin E to condition and protect the lips from cold weather. Honeysuckle honeydew is another popular flavor that gives the lips a light melon scent and includes jojoba oil to keep the lips smooth. Passionfruit flavored lip balm from EOS sells well also, and in addition to the fruity scent, the balm contains 95% organic ingredients.  Hit this

To learn more about EOS, check their official site at

EOS lip balms are free of harsh chemicals and do not contain petroleum or parabens. Most lip balm varieties are gluten free as well.

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The Push To Make Stem Cell Therapy More Accessible

The Push To Make Stem Cell Therapy More Accessible

Stem cell therapy for lung diseases such as COPD or other chronic lung diseases is available today, however, you will see websites that say the procedure is too new or that the therapy merits further consideration. While there are cell therapy clinical trials currently underway and stem cell therapy is called extraordinarily promising, individuals with pulmonary fibrosis or emphysema are finding it difficult to breathe right now; they cannot wait 10 to twenty years for stem cell therapy to be a common procedure in hospitals.

Currently, the Lung Institute offers stem cell therapy on an outpatient basis at five locations across the country. More than 3,000 patients have undergone the Lung Institute’s regenerative cellular therapy, with 84.5 percent of people with COPD said that the procedure improved the quality of their life.

When Cedars-Sinai Senior Medical Director Dr. Jack Coleman, Jr. of the Lung Institute spoke at the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research in Italy in 2016, he said that introducing new medical procedures in the U.S. is a long, cumbersome process. He concluded his presentation by saying, “Our responsibility is to give the best, safest treatment to patients to relieve pain and suffering and prolong quality of life.” Patients who received stem cell therapy at the Lung Institute are also sharing their stories, hoping that legislators act to make stem cell therapy more accessible. Read their testimonials on

At the Lung Institute, stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive procedure with no risk of rejection since the patient’s own stem cells are used. Specially trained physicians perform the cutting-edge procedure that has demonstrated effectiveness.

For more info, subscribe to the Lung Institute’s YouTube channel.

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Survival Tips

Survival Tips


If you need a few survival tips, then look no further than one of the latest videos by Wengie. She gives a few hacks that you can use in every day situations that could mean the difference between surviving or making it home and being miserable or possible being hurt. A rain catcher is the safest source for clean drinking water. Cut the top off of a large water bottle, and put the bottle outside in an area where it will collect the water.


While you’re out of the home, you might find that you need spare cash for emergencies or if a business doesn’t take credit or debit cards. This hack also works if you have left your wallet or purse at home. Fold money that you think that you might need, and put the money in your phone case. You’ll usually always have your phone with you, so as long as you remember that there is money there, then you’ll have cash for something that could get you out of an emergency.


If you’re in an earthquake or another disaster and find that it’s hard to breathe, you can make a dust mask from your bra. This usually only works for women, but if you’re a male and in an area where you can quickly get to a bedroom where a bra might be located, then you can also use the clothing as a dust mask. Make sure you clip the bra at the back of the head so that it stays in place.



Rona Borre, the CEO and the founder of instant Alliance

Rona Borre, the CEO and the founder of instant Alliance currently she standout as the foremost entrepreneurs in Chicago. Rona has become an icon, her business is now recognized nationally as a woman- owned business enterprise which has been thriving well over the years.  Check


A woman with self- motivation and self driven heart she focus across the board and possessing the skills of great personalities she been given leadership roles at the Chicago community organizations like the Yong Presidents organization , Economic Club of Chicago and Chicago Network. His great to work gained public attraction and thus she has attracted the Press which includes USA Today ,CNBC, CBS 2 Chicago ,Craine Chicago and CNN. In addition to that he has been honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Business ledger as the most influential woman in business.

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In line with her success she has been an awarded as the Enterprising woman of the year by the Enterprising Women Magazine adding to his number of accolades awarded to her agency. Rona received her BS in Business from University of Arizona. Rona is passionate about helping companies achieving their goals by pairing them with the absolute best talent.

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Rona is learned person who received her BS from the university of Arizona in business ,she walking through the paths of her success and still she’s still walking and therefore ‘’ success is not a destination but a journey ‘’.