Using Stem Cells for Treating Lung Disease

Using Stem Cells for Treating Lung Disease

Getting a lung disease diagnosis is a life changing event full of fear and many questions. When searching for answers to help understand the journey you or a loved one is facing, it is important to know that you have the freedom and choice to explore your options.

The Lung Institute is recognized around the world with doctors specializing in stem cell therapies to treat various lung diseases. The Lung Institute’s goal is to improve quality of life for people diagnosed with COPD, pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial lung disease.

The Lung Institute uses stem cells found in your body and uses them to power your body’s own healing abilities. This process not only helps to relieve symptoms often found in these various lung diseases, but also works to slow and stop the progression of the disease. This is an outpatient procedure.

According to PR Web, the stem cells can be collected in two ways – bone marrow or via the blood stream. Bone marrow collection has a higher success rate as more adult stem cells are found within the bone marrow. The process for stem cell healing through the bone marrow is a two day outpatient process, with day one consisting of collecting a small amount of bone marrow to process the stem cells and reintroduce them into your body so they can begin the healing process. The second day uses an IV to collect and process stem cells through the blood stream. If you or a loved one decides to go with stem cell collection through the blood stream only, this therapy also is a two day outpatient process but only consists of collecting cells via an IV.

The Lung Institute ensures patients can ask questions along the way and has various follow up appointments from two weeks after therapy to three months. The Lung Institute can offer the relief and treatment plan that you and your pulmonologist can feel confident in.

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