Chris Burch’s Beautiful 5-Star Resort and Spa is the Vacation of a Lifetime

Chris Burch’s Beautiful 5-Star Resort and Spa is the Vacation of a Lifetime

Looking up pictures of tropical beaches always return spectacular results, with crystal blue water and clean white sands. Owning such a piece of paradise is often a far off dream for many people, but for entrepreneur and investor Christopher Burch, it was a dream come true. Burch purchased an Indonesian hostel on the coast of Sumba, looking to renovate and repurpose the buildings there to broaden his horizons into a new realm of business. Burch purchased the land with hotelier James McBride, and the entire cost of the land plus renovations came out to a cool $30 million in expenses. However, the Nihiwatu Resort opened without a hitch, offering luxurious services such as group and private yoga sessions, surfing in the beautiful blue water, horseback riding, jungle exploration, and more. During the off-season, prices hover around $750 per night, but the price jumps to about $14, 000 per night during the regular vacationing season. Despite the price, if you’re looking for a relatively private getaway on a private beach with all of the amenities of a fairy tale, Nihiwatu resort is the place to be.  With reference from

Chris Burch is an investor and entrepreneur with 40 years of experience and is responsible for the start-up and continued success of more than 50 companies. He is the founder and CEO of self-named company Burch Creative Capital, an enterprise dedicated to big ideas. The slogan “Create. Disrupt. Scale” is a testament to Burch’s vision; he wants to create ideas that reach globally, affecting the lives of many in a way that is positive and impactful. Burch challenges what is normal and uses those ideas to their fullest extent, looking at the big picture. He is known to support businesses that deal in a broad range of consumer lifestyle products, such as organic health, furniture and home décor, hospitality and more.  Useful link on

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On his website are many tips and articles about the different aspects of being an entrepreneur, from building your brand to connecting with clients. Valuable information can be found within his blog posts, especially for young people just getting into the business. Chris Burch shares the information that has helped him be successful at what he does, and with a net worth of $1 billion dollars, his information is clearly spot-on. He started small at Ithaca College, where he purchased pull-overs at an inexpensive price and then resold them for five dollars more. However, this was not enough for Mr. Burch, who then started up his own sweater business to sell his product from door to door. This venture quickly spread beyond the campus grounds, making its way into retail stores. This start inspired Burch to bigger and greater things, leaving him where he is today.  Click this.

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