How To Collect Art

How To Collect Art

Collecting art is more than just buying a piece here and there to hang above your sofa. Serious art collectors put together great collections because they approach buying art with a plan. A true art collection is not just a bunch of randomly selected painting, but a curated set of pieces that go together like a well matched suit. Learning to be an art collector takes skill, knowledge, and an eye for how the pieces fit.

Adam Sender is a true art collector and an excellent example to follow when beginning a collection. Sender started collecting art in the 1990’s and has amassed a collection of over a 1,000 pieces values in excess of $100 million. As the owner of his own hedge-fund, Sender seeks out art that appeals to him by artists who have had a long career. His collection has a number of pieces by noted modern women artists, a niche he seems to specialize in. Parts of his collection have been displayed at several museums and numerous galleries.

The lessons that can be learned from a collector like Sender include buying what you like, whether that is art or any type of collection. The collector has to feel a personal connection to and fulfillment from his art. Sender said that the works he seeks are intellectually stimulating as well as being beautiful, and each piece needs to be something the collector is passionate about.

The second lesson is to thoroughly research both the art world, the artist, and the piece you are considering buying. The art market is as fickle as any market known to humankind, and what is desired and sought after today, may very well fall out of favor overnight. Knowing which artist has staying power, what a piece represents and how that story can be told is integral to putting a collection together. However, purchasing art, according to Sender, should be a long-term investment.

Finally, there are literally thousands of the stereotypical “starving artists” whose works fill galleries, and art market stalls. Selectivity is a key ingredient in assembling a collection. Where a collector tends to specialize in a certain genre, artist, style, or period is entirely up to the collector. However, once your collection have begun to gain mass in your selected area be very careful about how you add to your collection. Remember, each piece should be a part of the whole and add flavor to the collection much as spices do to a chef’s recipe.

Few can hope to have an art collection that numbers in the thousands and is financially valued as Sender’s. But everyone can start a small collection simply for the enjoyment of the art and the thrill of making a coherent collection that taken as a whole makes a profound statement about its curator.

Buying Beneful Means Giving Love In A Bowl To A Dog

Buying Beneful Means Giving Love In A Bowl To A Dog

Purina is a well-known dog food maker, and they have several types of dog foods available, but one of the most popular is the Beneful brand. Beneful is a brand of dog food that spans from puppies all the way to mature dogs, and even aging dogs can eat Beneful as well. Pet owners who feel the need to feed their pets the best foods will want to buy Beneful because of the fact that it has a lot of nutrients for dogs. Purina cares for pets, even if they personally don’t own the dogs that are being fed the foods that they create.

Pet owners are always looking for good dog food, especially if the food can help a dog to grow healthy and strong. Not all dogs are fed the best types of foods, and that’s what Purina strives to create. Purina has different brands of dog foods that can be purchased at many pet stores or grocery stores. Those who prefer the Beneful brand of dog food can also find these foods in many stores, or the food can be paid for online. Those who buy Beneful online can have it shipped directly to their home after they pay for it.

It can be a lot more convenient to have dog food shipped on to the home as opposed to buying it in the store. Those who buy dog food in the store may spend long periods of time searching through the different varieties of dog food, especially if they are buying Beneful. Since Beneful has so many varieties of dog foods, it may take a choosy person some time to choose the kind of dog food that they want for their pet. It may be a bit more convenient for someone to do the shopping for dog food online and have the items shipped.

Beneful is a dog food that has become very popular among pet owners. Beneful is the fourth most purchased dog food in America. Over 15 million dogs have enjoyed Beneful foods, and with the different varieties that Beneful has available, no dog should ever run out of different foods to eat from Beneful. Beneful also has products that can help dogs with their teeth, especially dogs that have owners that don’t brush the dog’s teeth regularly. Chewing the dental sticks that Beneful has available means that the dog can clean their own teeth, and they’ll be able to freshen their breath at the same time.

Dogs can have extremely clean teeth and fresh breath if they continue to use Beneful dental sticks on a regular basis. Another thing that pet owners should consider buying their dogs are the treats that Beneful has available. Beneful treats are tasty to dogs, and giving a dog a treat is a good way to help them learn something new or do something out of the ordinary. A dog that gets treats may find themselves doing tricks or something that makes them unique from other dogs while getting rewarded for it.

George Soros — Finance Guru and Renowned Philanthropist

George Soros — Finance Guru and Renowned Philanthropist

George Soros is a leading investment professional who is native to Budapest, which is Hungary’s bustling capital city. He was born in 1930. He resided in his home nation until 1947, when he relocated to the United Kingdom. He attended the prestigious London School of Economics until 1952, when he graduated. He landed a starter job at an investment bank in the city soon after graduation. He moved across the pond to the United States several years later and began work in the investment management and analyst fields. He was employed at companies in New York, New York such as Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder, Wertheim & Co. and F.M. Mayer. Soros established Soros Fund Management by himself toward the beginning of the 1970s. The hedge fund firm with time became Quantum Fund. He was the head of this reputable hedge fund for close to 20 years. As the 1980s came to a close, Soros stopped overseeing daily operations at Quantum Fund and changed his focus in life. Since he was at that point among the richest individuals on earth, he began devoting himself to philanthropy. Soros launched Open Society Foundations (OSF) and made hefty donations through the organization. Open Society Foundations has projects, partners and foundations in 100 plus nations globally. The organization endorses causes such as human rights and democracy in many countries. The goal of Open Society Foundations is to pave the way for fair and thriving democracies that have governments that truly care about the conditions of all of their citizens. Soros attributes his strong focus on philanthropy to the freedom that doing well in the world of finance has offered him. Since Soros has made a lot of money working in finance, his wherewithal enables him to concentrate on the things that are truly the most important to him. Soros indicates that his freedom gives him the opportunity to voice his opinions on many pressing matters around the world. Soros has also become enthusiastic about political activism with the passing of time. He has penned many pieces that are about the United States and international affairs. He has also lectured extensively on those topics. He regularly speaks and writes about topics including but not limited to education, political freedom and human rights. A couple examples of Soros’ various noted publications include 1988’s “The Alchemy of Finance” and 2001’s “Open Society — Reforming Global Capitalism.” Oxford University in the United Kingdom is one of the most reputable institutions of higher learning anywhere. The university awarded the dedicated philanthropist with an honorary degree. When the institution made the gesture, they requested that Soros indicate what he’d like them to say about him. Soros indicated that he wanted to be referred to as a speculator in the realms of philosophy, philanthropy and finance. When Soros has talked about how he approaches doing things, he has said that animal instincts drive him. He’s said that he depends on his natural instincts to take care of many things that come his way in life.

The Inspiring Doe Deere

The Inspiring Doe Deere

A unique and vibrant make-up collection called Lime Crime have been creating a splash inside the cosmetic world. Developed by a remarkable business woman named Doe Deere. This innovative fashion and makeup lover is a former model from Russia. Doe came to the United States to live out her dreams of making it big in music. Once she realized her natural gift for creating unique colors for cosmetics she developed Lime Crime. She has many followers and is also known as the Unicorn Queen this is why her packaging has unicorns on it.

The collection presents Unicorn Lipsticks which feature vivid colors like neon purple, milkshake pink, and metallic green. The Velvetines which is Liquid to matte lipstick which is really glamorous creation. Including shades like glowstick orange, deep red, and 90s brown. She developed a bright and vibrant cosmetic collection which features bold and vivid colors which are not found in conventional brands of make-up. Doe is a whimsical kind of business woman who empowers all her fans. What makes Lime Crime so special is the colors that it offers. Vibrant and rich in pigment is what you will find when you enter the Lime Crime online store.

The Carousel Gloss is filled with fantasy having a glass like finish. A fantastic glitter shimmer embedded in the gloss. Colors range from green glitter to pink red rainbow sparkle. For your eyes you will find the Venus Grunge Palette featuring 8 colors that are matte and pearl shell glows. The liquid liners are loaded with innovative exclusive colors like lime green, silver, and purple. I just appreciate all of the punk rock pastels which are all through this assortment of cosmetic products.

Doe Deere knows what her customers want and strives to create the most stunning and bright colors. I like all the information that is available on her Pinterest boards like beauty tips and the latest makeup looks. Also hair trends is something you will be inspired by when visiting the Lime Crime online store. Doe specializes in the new and different when it comes to makeup. She is on the cutting edge of cosmetics and many makeup lovers find products from her brand that are not offered in others.

The Positive Impact Qnet Has Offered India

The Positive Impact Qnet Has Offered India

Act local and think global, this’s Qnet’s philosophy. This is an e-commerce direct selling company. It’s a sixteen years old Asian Direct Selling Company. With the inspiration of e-commerce spearheading its growth, QNet has grown from its infant company in Southeast Asia to one hundred countries in the Middle East, central Asia, North Africa, and recently Russia and Europe.

QNet was recently planning to relocate the majority of its manufacturing plants which are spread across twelve dozen countries internationally all to India in a few years to come. The company offers various kinds of products which are classified in thirty different brands and categorically divide into nine different categories that focus on encouraging and promoting healthy living. Just to sample a few products which range from Swiss watches, nutritional products, skin care creams and all sort of beautiful feminine jewelry. It also offers digital products which include e-learning courses and vacation packages.

India has already started to taste the good fruits of Qnet which has already started manufacturing watches and India’s favorite energy drink called Nutriplus. This special energy drink has its production taking place in Himachal Pradesh. Qnet is also planning to expand its production of Nutriplus to the international market eventually. Since Qnet started to sell consumer products online in India twelve years ago, and it has grown drastically.

The management of Qnet in India have been friendly to the community, in that, they’re now producing goods and services which make a difference and add value to daily lives of Indians. This minor production shift has led QNet to expand its services to include weight management, water filtration and air purification.

Lots of multi-national companies want to find a way to set foot in India as they see the big profit potential.
As Qnet seeks for ways to serve the community well, they make sure that they’re not drinking wine and preaching water, by this I mean, Qnet as a company, they follow a strict vegetarian philosophy and they promote vegetarianism as the best way for healthy living. The company doesn’t allow any meat products in their consumable products and parallel decision to animal testing which greatly contributes to the alarming rates of diabetes, obesity, and other diseases which are linked to high consumption of sugar.

QNet’s energy range of products and jewelry are globally unique. The company has a license to manufacture and distribute products such as the chi pendant, and the bio disc which are the 2 of its most popular products. The glass from Qnet is carefully crafted in the state-of-the-art designs in a facility in Germany. which has more than a hundred years in the glass manufacturing industry.

Choosing The Right Shoe For Winter

Choosing The Right Shoe For Winter

The end of the year is quickly approaching and so are the cold temperatures. Many parts of the country have already experienced their first taste of below freezing temperatures. Before we know it, snow will be here as well. That means it’s time to start thinking about practical fashion for the winter season. One of the most important parts of our style to keep in mind is our feet. That’s because our feet can really take a beating in the winter. Luckily, men’s shoes for winter are stylish and practical.

A good and solid boot is something that all of us need to have in our closet. Boots will not only protect our feet from the coldest temperatures and snow but they are also always stylish. Boots always go with any outfit. The right pair of boots can compliment any sweater, suit, or casual look. Paul Evans leather shoes has just the boots that do so. Paul Evans boots are handcrafted Italian leather. These are boots that someone took a lot of pride in so that you can look good in them.

These boots also come in a large variety of styles and colors meaning that everyone is likely to find their perfect boot for these cold months. Their are boots that just reach the ankle and some that go a little higher. They come in shades of brown, black, and red. These boots are designed to be practical yet stylish. There are parts of the world that are lucky enough to never see snow. If that’s the case, Paul Evans makes oxfords, loafers, and other styles as well. All of these shoes are handcrafted which means you won’t be able to find superior craftsmanship like that anywhere else.

Paul Evan’s shoes are also delivered right to your doorstep because let’s face it, who wants to go out in winter to hunt for shoes? Overall, this is a company that really knows the ins and outs of shoes. They know how to make a high-quality shoe and offer a superb customer experience. These shoes will last the winter. One will not have to worry about holes or any other problems in these shoes because of the quality work that is put into making them. Unlike other mass-produced shoes that are made in factories, these are the ones that are made with care and one desire. The desire to make you look good.

Kyle Bass Continues To Make Predictions

Kyle Bass Continues To Make Predictions

Kyle Bass is a prominent hedge fund manager based in Dallas, Texas. Through his company Hayman Capital, Bass has applied his market analysis skills to predict market trends. Most notably, the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 stands out as the most modern market prediction Bass ever made.

The most recent economic trend that Kyle Bass foresees is a banking crisis in China. According to Bass, this crisis has the potential to be much worse than the global economic crisis of 2008. However, he asserts that it is likely to have a lesser overall effect on the world economy. Given his consistency in making top economic predictions, experts pay attention to his predictions.

Speaking to Fortune magazine, Bass views the Chinese economy as an emerging market with an undercapitalized financial system. China has a large population, and an equally large economy makes it easier to exhaust funds over a short period. This scenario being the case, he argues that even a heavily invested emergency fund in China would run thin very fast. In evidence of this, Bass highlights the growing stature of assets in China’s banking system. Conservatives believe that emerging economies’ ratio of bank assets to GDP should never be higher than the rate in developed nations.

China’s loan crisis of 2002 led to the loss of 2002 resulted in the losses of over 30% of assets in its banking industry. The growth of the same sector today represents a growth percentage of over 400%.This growth means that more catastrophic losses are likely to be incurred on the occurrence of a similar event. However, these loses may not necessarily bring about another recession though the growth of the global economy is likely to stagnate.

Bass expects the crisis to pose minimal risks to an already secured US economy. The US already has measures in place to cushion its banks from adverse economic challenges. However, these two economic powers will experience shortfalls with their GDP. Kyle Bass’s advice to China is to print and float bonds in international markets to get through the crisis. Alternatively, the Republic can install similar measures to recap banks and cushion them from resulting downfall.

Kyle Bass enjoys massive political and economic alliances across the globe. Bass offers advisory services to Argentine economic policy makers. He is also a darling of the media where he keeps his opinions public. Controversies have hit Kyles throughout his career but surprisingly, his public image remains intact as he thrives on the publicity.

Critics and followers appreciate his open-mindedness, Kyle Bass. The volatile world of financial markets comes with qualms and benefits of equal magnitude. Bass has thrived in this industry for over fifteen good years.

From Fan To Star, Sergio Cortes Lives His Dreams

From Fan To Star, Sergio Cortes Lives His Dreams

Fans of musicians are always looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite artists. From listening to covers of the artists songs to dressing or styling themselves in the manner of the artist and learning their dance moves to owning every album and single ever released. This was the case with a young Sergio Cortes.

From the age of five, Sergio Cortes had a growing fascination with Michael Jackson that lead him to cover all the typical fandom bases.

Catching every performance of the Jackson 5 on television, to listening to albums on repeat, and even practicing the mannerisms and dance moves of Jackson. By the time Cortes was a teenager he resembled the pop singer so strikingly that he was asked to pose for a photograph, pretending to be Michael Jackson. This photograph went viral in an instant and lead Cortes to uncharted territory.

What started with the photograph of Sergio Cortes posed as the King of Pop was the ultimate way to show affection and appreciation for your favorite singer. Impersonation is said to be the ultimate form of flattery, and Cortes was offered a career being a celebrity impersonator of Michael Jackson. Destiny Projects Entertainment manages Sergio Cortes’s career, helping to bring his talent to fans worldwide.

Fans from all over come to watch his performance. While no one can ever bring Michael Jackson back to life, fans and performers alike relive the spirit of the late singer. Backup dancers, lights, music and Cortes’s moves and voice combine into an awesome energy that keep fans coming back for more. Cortes’s latest show is “In Human Nature Live”, currently set to tour Italy performing with his band and dancers. Perhaps one of the most iconic Jackson songs ever, Thriller, is part of this set and is sure to please.

Few people ever get the chance to pursue their dream careers, fewer still grow up to be pop-stars. What happened to Sergio Cortes gave him the opportunity to do both and exceed all expectations. He does not forget his humble start, or the late singer who started it all. In the spirit of Michael Jackson’s charity and love for kids, Cortes supports causes to give back to the world.

The Inspiring Tale of Yeon-mi Park

The Inspiring Tale of Yeon-mi Park

Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea on the 4th of October 1993. She had an elder sister called Eunmi. Park’s father was employed as a civil servant at the town hall and her mother worked as a nurse for North Korea’s army. Her father moved to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, where he had discovered the lucrative business of metal smuggling. He was later imprisoned and subjected to years of hard labor for his role in the metal smuggling trade.

Escape to China

When Park’s father was released, he developed a plan to smuggle his family out of North Korea. By this time, Eunmi had already moved to China. On March 30, 2007, Park fled with her mother into China assisted by human traffickers who led them through the Chinese border. Her father was left behind due to his illness. After moving into China, Park and
her mother settled in the Chinese province of Jilin. During their stay in China, they were not able to find Eunmi and therefore assumed that she had died.

While in China, an unfortunate incidence occurred, one of the people who helped them escape threatened to expose them if Park failed to sleep with him. Park’s mother intervened and offered herself instead. Later on in October, Park arranged to have her father smuggled into China. It was here that it was discovered that he was suffering from colon cancer. A few months later, he died at the age of 45 years. The family could
not mourn him or give him a decent burial because of fears that they would draw the attention of the authorities. Therefore, they buried his remains at a nearby mountain.

After the death of her father, Park moved her mother to a nearby Christian shelter headed by South Korean and Chinese missionaries. It is here that they got help to flee to South Korea by passing through Mongolia. When they arrived at the Mongolian border, Park and her mother were stopped by guards who threatened to deport them to China. Without any other option, Park and her mother planned to commit suicide but the guards
sympathized with them and led them to a detention site at Mongolia’s capital, Ulan Bator. On 1st April 2009, Park and her mother were accompanied to the Chinggis Khaan airport and sent to Seoul.


Ever since her escape, Park has spoken publicly on and written about her time in North Korea. She has published her stories in the Washington Post and has also done interviews with the Guardian. Park has worked as a volunteer in programs like the Freedom Factory Corporation in South Korea. She also joined the LINK (Liberty In North Korea) an NGO that is in the business of rescuing refugees of North Korea from China and sending them to the United States and South Korea.

Park also appeared as a co-host for a talk show, Casey Lartigue, which discusses issues affecting North Korea and refugees who escape from the country. Park offered herself to take part in this program in order to increase the awareness of the plight affecting North Korean refugees.

Status Labs Can Protect Your Online Identity

Status Labs Can Protect Your Online Identity

Have you ever been doxxed? If you have, then you know what this term means. But for those of you who have not had the displeasure of being doxxed yet, then today we are going to learn what it means and what to do about it when it happens to you. Getting doxxed means that your personal information has been stolen by an online criminal and that info has been posted on the internet for the world to see. This can really be destructive to your reputation and can ruin you online if used improperly.

Status Labs Can Help Protect Your Reputation

Status labs is an online reputation protection company that can help find and remove your personal information from the internet. If someone has given you a bad name online, Status Labs can remove negative false information about you or your company. Their team of experts will crawl the web looking for any information that is related to you and make the necessary moves to remove any negative or damaging remarks.

Status Labs Will Help Rebuild Your Reputation

If someone has been trying to destroy you online or has taken over your identity, Status Labs will work hard to get it back for you. When someone Google’s your name, what they find out about you is often going to be their first impression of you. So making a great first impression is vital. In order to boost up your online presence, Status Labs will help build a large group of positive information about you or your company so that you can make a lasting positive impression.

Don’t Let Internet Trolls Ruin Your Life

Instead of just sitting back and taking it, why not do something to protect your good name from those nasty internet trolls? Some people have nothing better to do than sit around and slander others. This is both illegal and immoral and you can take matters to stop them. With just one email or phone call to Status Labs, you can start protecting yourself from this ever growing problem. So why not connect with Status Labs today and get the ball rolling?