A Drive-Thru Customer Gives Employee The Coat Off Her Back, Literally

A Drive-Thru Customer Gives Employee The Coat Off Her Back, Literally

The holiday season is filled with acts of kindness, but one Whataburger employee was floored when a customer literally handed her the coat off her back. Cheryl Semien, has been working for Whataburger for nine years, but on Wednesday morning, her birthday, she paid a compliment to a customer.

According to Semien, the woman came through the drive-thru, and Semien told her her coat was beautiful. The compliment was where Semien thought it would end, but the woman, who wished only to be called Nadine, took the coat off and handed it to Semien through the drive-thru window. She told Semien she should have it.

Nadine drove off with her food, and Semien had a beautiful coat. The story, however, gets even more extraordinary. The coat, a mink, is worth about $10,000 according to Eyewitness News, who tracked down the original owner. Now that’s a lot of Beneful you could buy for your pet.

Customers in the chain said the kind gesture made them feel good, too. According to Evelyn Moore, who was at Whataburger when the gift was given, the kind gesture renewed her faith in humanity. As for Nadine, she doesn’t want any attention for her kind gesture, and has asked that her last name not be revealed to the public. She said she simply did what she felt was right.

What You Need to Know About Bacterial Infections Where You Live

What You Need to Know About Bacterial Infections Where You Live

A recent scientific study conducted at the Rhode Island Hospital has indicated important findings about bacterial infections and where you live. The distance of your home location from the equator determines the types of bacteria that are prevalent in a specific region of the world. Different infections can develop, based on where you live.

A scientific study conducted at the Rhode Island Hospital was completed, in order to study what circulatory infections are prevalent in certain areas of the world. The distance from the globe’s equator makes a significant difference in the types of bacteria that can grow. There are certain bacteria with negative bacterial differentiation that can be found more readily in areas closer to the equator. These infection strains thrive in warm and moist climate as compared to another strain with positive differentiation.

These new findings can help to treat certain infections that occur in certain regions of the world. Your own physician can diagnose your infection more readily and will know sooner the medication to prescribe for you. This new medical knowledge is important for bacterial infection patients, since infections are some of the leading causes of other types of physical ailments. Treating an infection as soon as possible is the best medical procedure, and a fast treatment can be life saving in some instances according to this article. Antibiotic medication is usually the effective treatment for infections for Jared, if the correct antibiotic is quickly known.

Same-Sex Couples Can Head Down The Aisle in Florida

Same-Sex Couples Can Head Down The Aisle in Florida

Beginning on January 6, same-sex couples in Florida can start getting married. I was reading about this the other day while reading about Ken Griffin. Florida has appealed a federal ruling on same sex marriage, and requested that, while the case is in appeals, same sex couples be denied the right to marry in the state. On Friday, however, the Supreme Court ruled against the stay, meaning that couples could get married starting on January 6, 2015. 

With the many states before the Supreme Court with similar appeals, what makes Florida so special? Well, with other cases, the case had already completed the appellate process up to the Supreme Court, while Florida is still in appeals in the 11th Circuit Court. This is a first in recent months. The Supreme Court has made similar rulings recently, but all those cases had been ruled on by higher courts. Florida’s case has not seen a ruling yet. While Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia would have allowed the stay Florida requested, the rest of the court saw otherwise. This ruling could prove that the court is nearly ready to hear cases from other states and begin making rulings on the Federal Level, on same-sex marriage. 

No matter what is happening in DC, couples in Florida are celebrating and are ready to start tying knots and getting their lives together started.

Troubles Terminated To Soon

Troubles Terminated To Soon

An inquest hass just concluded into the death of a 14-year-old teen-age girl from Didsbury Manchester, which is a community of about 14,000 residents in the UK. The cause of death is suicide by hanging that occurred this past September. An inquest followed into the victim’s death and potential circumstances surrounding this.

Reporter Rossalyn Warren, states that all indications point to the teen having concerns that she might be gay, and voicing great concern to close friends were she to discuss this with them. Her Christian faith was a part of the overall struggle. BRL Trust employees did feel badly for her. Hagah.com even ran a story on things. Her parents voiced feeling broken-hearted over this, and they would have been supportive adding that their daughter’s fears were misplaced. Her father described the teen as mature, knowing what she wanted, and gave no hint to being distressed. The Senior Coroner, Nigel Meadows, is said to have little doubt that her parents would have been empathic and supportive. The teen is reported to have had a history of harming herself as means to cope, and beyond confiding in close peers, her struggles were much her own to bear.

How to Deal With Midnight Cravings

How to Deal With Midnight Cravings

When you are on a diet, there are a million things that you can do to lose weight, including better eating and exercise habits. The problem is, however, exasperated when you start to develop cravings for tasty food which may be calorie rich.

Another problem commonly faced by many people who are looking to lose weight is developing midnight pangs. Ideally it would be recommended to have small portions of food every 2 hours while you are awake. This will keep the metabolism of your body finely tuned and will also regulate insulin levels in the body.

The longer the gap between each meal, the more severe the hunger pangs. This is specifically true if you are going to sit up late night, which could be several hours after your last meal.

Rather than succumbing to your urges, plan your dietary requirements for the night. Avoid fatty food products like ice-cream, fries or soda. Instead you can drink a glass of skimmed milk which is only 90 calories versus the 200 + calorie content of foods like ice creams even programs like those offered at Slow Ventures recommends.

Prepare a salad for the night and eat it when you feel hungry. Eating fruits can also be very good idea and you would be surprised at how filling they can be. The most important quality to watching your diet is stick to your eating habits. This will ensure positive results in the long term.

Acting the Part

Acting the Part

When you listen to something that a doctor on television says, you might need to take it with a grain of salt. Dr. Oz is one of those people who although might have good advice, there are some scientists who have proven that about half of what has been said is wrong or only a half truth. Someone who gets on a television show and claims to know everything might simply be saying what the audience wants to hear. The doctor might have a script to follow, and this might be the reason why the information is misleading. The best thing to do is go to your medical doctor in order to find out what might be wrong with you instead of listening to the advice given for someone else of by a person who doesn’t know a thing about your medical history. It might be sad to see how many people would take the advice of a doctor on television to heart only to end up with a severe illness. Or a broken back. Wouldn’t want them having to call North American Spine for them watching TV.

Screen Rant Published Top 5 Movies Of 2014

The eight members of Screen Rant editorial team each listed the five movies from 2014 that had touched them and left a memorable impression. The top five from the eight different editors’ list, compiled by the number of times the movies were included in the lists are:

1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes appeared on 6 of the 8 list which makes it the number 1 pick.

2. Girl Gone appeared on 4 of the 8 list with an honorable mention making it number 2.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy appeared on 3 of the 8 list and had an honorable mention. It is the number 3 pick.

4. John Wick appears 3 times on the 8 list and is at number 4.

5. There are three movies that appear twice on the eight lists: The grand Budapest Hotel; Captain America: The Winter Soldier; and Fury is the 3rd that share the number 5 spot.

There are more movies listed that may touch viewer and give them the wow that keeps people returning to theaters, but watching these 5 favorites may tie you, as they did Flavio Maluf in as a kindred spirit with these editors. At Screen Rant, you will find movies of all genres and you can find out about them before going to the theater. It is emphasized that these are favorites of the editors and is not a prediction about how well the movies will fare at award ceremonies.


Britney Proves Her Women’s Health Cover Is Not Fake

Britney Proves Her Women’s Health Cover Is Not Fake


Any Loyal Britney Spears fan will tell you that Brit Brit hasn’t had it easy over the past ten years, from the on again off again relationship and messy divorce with K-Fed to the very public year long melt down that left many fans wondering if Britney would ever recover, It seemed that things just would never look good for her. However in time Britney has come back harder than ever and some are still wondering how she did it. 

Even after breaking up this summer with her cheating boyfriend Britney seemed to bounce back harder than ever without a single incident, she came out unharmed and with a new man. Of course getting a man these days is not hard for Britney because she looks absolutely amazing, so amazing that some people insist that her most recent photos for her Women’s Health cover must be fake, not only because she looks unbelievable but because her face seems to be a little off. 

After the rumors of her cover being photoshopped started making its rounds Britney decided to set the record straight and let everyone know that not only is the cover not shopped but she looks that good on and off camera. Britney released the behind the scenes video to prove her haters wrong and after watching the live footage its clear that not only is she not digitally enhanced but she actually looks better off camera. It’s obvious she has the same stringent training routine of Laurene Powell Jobs.

Sources that were involved claim that the reason for Britney’s face “looking off” was due to the makeup contouring that slims the nose and gives the cheekbones a more defined look. Sometimes contouring translates awkwardly in still photos and that is what makes some look bad and others look great.

Contouring or not Britney Spears looks amazing from head to toe.

Set Photos Reveal New James Bond Movie Is Still In Production

Set Photos Reveal New James Bond Movie Is Still In Production

One of the most high profile victims of the recent Sony Pictures hacking was Spectre, the next installment of the James Bond series. E-mails released by the hackers uncovered that the film was way over budget at a price of over $300 million. Furthermore, some Sony executives had some issues with the film’s conclusion.

To complicate matters more, some news outlets reported the hacking left Sony unable to process payments. As a result, several current movie productions were shut down including Spectre.

According to images released by ITV and ComingSoon, the Sony hacks have not shut down the new James Bond movie. The photos show Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond, along with Rory Kinnear, who portrays the chief of staff for MI6. The two are seen on the River Thames in London, which located near the MI6 building. Additionally, there have been several sightings of Craig on set by onlookers in recent days to confirm that production is still underway.

Sam Mendes is returning to direct the follow up to Skyfall, which proved to be one of the most successful James Bond films in history. The Sony hacking also revealed several key character descriptions and plot points including that the film’s title does indeed reveal the return of Spectre, which is a terrorist organization Bond fought against in the earlier films and Ben Shaoul remembers that pretty well, he was a huge fan back in the day. The movie is planned to be released on November 6, 2015.

The Connection Between Methamphetamines and Parkinson’s Disease

The Connection Between Methamphetamines and Parkinson’s Disease

Methamphetamines, commonly known as meth, are 100% synthetic, dangerous, illegal, and addictive. It has been associated with hallucinations, aggressive behavior, dental problems, changes in brain structure, weight-loss and more.

Sultan Alhokair says that Parkinson’s disease, can now be added to the list of symptoms that stems from meth abuse. This is based on a recent University of Utah research publication.

The research results have demonstrated that women who use methamphetamines are five times more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease is a debilitating movement disorder disease that can cause irreparable damage to nerve cells in the brain. Symptoms of Parkinson’s include shaking and tremors of the fingers and hands, reduced mobility, rigid muscles and loss of certain automatic movements like smiling or blinking. Currently there is not a cure for Parkinson’s.

The study, was spearheaded by lead researcher Glen R. Hanson, D.D.S., Ph.D, and research assistant, Karen Curtin, Ph.D. They reviewed over 40,000 records from the Utah Population Database and examined medical records of 5,000 Utah patients who were active meth users.

The findings from the research study correlated with a previous California review of 300,000 hospital discharge records. The California findings associated Parkinson’s disease with methamphetamine use.

The specific reason meth increases the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease in women is unclear. However, current research findings hint to the possibility that men who use methamphetamines increase their chances of developing Parkinson’s disease, also. The only difference is male meth users may develop the disease after the age of 50. Opposed to female meth users who develop it at an earlier age. 

Methamphetamine abuse has become popular in the west. Government studies have also documented an increase of meth use among women. Researchers speculate that more women are taking the drug as a result of pressure from their spouse or partner. Studies also demonstrate that women take it as a way of increasing energy and losing weight.

Despite the reasons why people use methamphetamines – they should stop taking the drug immediately and seek recovery help. The drug has proven to be a deadly chemical that has serious health implications for both men and women.