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Jose Borghi is Among Brazil’s Most Influential Advertisers

Jose Borghi is Among Brazil’s Most Influential Advertisers

Jose Borghi, the founder of Mullen Lowe Brasil (formerly Borghi Lowe) is among the most influential advertisers in the Brazilian advertising industry. He has created some great advertising campaigns that had huge repercussions. These include the mammals of Parmalat where children appear dressed like stuffed animals while singing jingles that are unforgettable. The other is the Sazon advertising that was accompanied by the hit “It is the love” by Zeze di Camargo and Luciano that is still vivid in the minds of people until today.

How did his Advertising Career Start?

Jose Borghi’s advertising success story begun from a doubt as he was not sure on which career path to take. While he was in high school he had the privilege of watching a performance at Castro Neves Theater after his sister invited him. The presentation then included a display of the commercial Vts being awarded in Cannes. It was at this juncture that Jose Borghi knew his career but did not know he would win a Cannes lion of his own.

Early Career

In his early career, Marathoner, an advertiser recognized his ability to be persistent even in the most adverse of situations and the chase he did of what he craved. Jose Borghi and Mullen Lowe explained that he realized early enough that nobody else would give him what he wanted free of charge, or get anything by luck or destiny. He resolved to work harder in order to achieve what he desired. He was in charge of a number of high profile cases apart from the two mentioned above.

His Works and Awards

Borghi was in charge of cases like Carlinhos – Down Syndrome Association, Fiat’s Review Concepts, various campaigns for the Honda company and other big ad companies that have gotten awards in Brazil and abroad. These include Fiat, Delta Airlines, Procter, Unilever, Asia Motors, Globo, Bunge Group, American Express, Folha Group, Antarctica, Folha Group, Electrolux, America On Line, Bank Boston etc. jose Borghi has bagged a number of awards and among the prominent ones are 7 London Festival Awards, 14 Cannes Lions, The One Show (10 awards), New York Festival (11), April Advertising Awards (15) and Clios Awards (10).

About Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi studied at PUC Campinas in Advertising and Propaganda. He got his first job in 1989 at the Standart Ogilvy agency. He then stood out and passed reputed agencies like Leo Burnett, Talent, FCB, and DDB/DM9 to open his own ad agency, BorghiErh with Erh Ray, his partner. They worked hard as they built from scratch and became successful leading to their acquisition by Lowe to form the Borghi Lowe (2006).