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Handy is a powerful app

Handy is a powerful app

People are increasingly looking to the internet for vital services. When you need a ride you call an Uber, and when you are looking for used goods you try OfferUp. Today, it seems like there is an app for almost everything. People are even looking to the internet to find a way to keep their home clean. The market for online and mobile cleaning will only continue to grow, and Handy is positioned as the leader in this market for years to come

Handy started in 2012 with one basic vision. Make it easier to get basic chores done around the house. The company grew rapidly and by 2014, they were making more than a million dollars a week. They grew from making $3 million a year to $52 million. The Chief Operating Officer of Handy, Umang Dua was extremely proud of the results, but Handy is determined to continue growing.

The leadership at Handy sees the on-demand service economy as ideal for both consumers and cleaning professionals. Cleaners can get paid quickly and easily, and they consumers get the service they need to be done quickly.

The pay rate on Handy is considerable, says Falling somewhere between $15 and $22 an hour, with the average pay rate being around $18 an hour. The leadership at Handy loves the fact that workers earn a living wage, and they can work any hours they choose.

Handy has grown quickly, but they are now working to rebrand themselves for the next phase of growth. They are unveiling new apps that will allow people to more easily use the service.

As customers become more comfortable with using mobile apps for services Handy is sure to grow. Everyone should look to Handy as a sign of the future, and whenever they look for cleaning solutions.




ClassDojo Connects and Empowers Teachers, Parents, and Students

ClassDojo Connects and Empowers Teachers, Parents, and Students


Some new and exciting changes are in store for America’s teachers and its kindergarten through eighth-grade students. The education gurus at ClassDojo are adding to their already successful platform in an effort to assist everyone involved with the education process. ClassDojo is working in schools all across the globe creating a positive culture in individual classrooms and schools. Since August 2012, ClassDojo has given a new communication platform to over three and a half million students and teachers using the app in over sixty countries.

ClassDojo is an application created to help teachers, parents, and students manage and track behavior as well as student’s progress, effectively creating growing and thriving educational communities. The premise of ClassDojo is two-fold. The first is the concept that consistent positive feedback can build positive behavior. The app focuses on specific behaviors and qualities, which contribute to a child’s capacity to learn. The most common behaviors and qualities that the app focuses on are skills like persistence, adaptability, and curiosity.

The second pillar of ClassDojo is connectivity. The app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices as well as computers. This makes individual contact between teachers and students faster and easier. Teachers and parents are also able to connect outside of the traditional parent-teacher conferences. This allows everyone involved to offer support and feedback while taking the time to develop individuals before adding additional academic subject matter. This assures that students who may be struggling or just barely getting by in particular areas do not fall through the cracks but instead get necessary assistance. Because teacher resources are on the website, it is easy for teachers to interact with their students. Additionally, teachers can customize what behaviors they wish to track. The app automatically creates progress reports that teachers are able to share with students and parents.

ClassDojo’s newest additions include more ways for students to share what is happening in their classes. School Story and Class Story are two ways parents get information about what is happening in their child’s classroom and school. A third new way puts the responsibility in the child’s hands with Student Story. Parents do not see so many day-to-day happenings, projects, and creations. Student Story will change that and give parents a clearer view of what goals, successes, and struggles that their child encounters daily. By uploading photos and videos to personal portfolios, children can expand their parent’s window in the classroom. It also helps to open the lines of communication between the parent and the child by allowing the child to share things, which they are proud of or find difficult.

The service Class Dojo provides to teachers, students, and parents is a valuable way to stay connected in this fast-paced world.
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Slyce is a technology firm that is a leader in shaping the future of e-commerce and other related technology aspects. Visual search is their primary feature, and they have been able to increase their sales and help people to improve how the internet works. Led by experienced management and determined subordinate staffs, the company relentlessly focusses on doing best in all its spheres. The management is composed of stable and mature leaders with more than thirty years of experience in the industry.

Slyce is a company that offers businesses visibility when being searched by customers, provide printing materials to the company for their users and they directly connect the product to its specifications using the barcodes, QR codes and coupons. Through this products can be easily tracked by the producers and avoid unnecessary tampering with the quality of the produced goods before reaching the retailers.

Shopping using images has been made easier through the use of AI technologies. Image recognition has been a trending aspect regarding how shopping is conducted in the entire online stores. Online stores have been more than relieved since the inception of the image searching tools. The two technologies namely Pinterest, a social network tool and, commonly used for shopping shoes have observed as trendsetters as far as online shopping is concerned.

The two applications are used to confirm the fact that image searching is better than text searching as the latter is seen to be an old-fashioned way of making a search on the web. Pinterest’s mode of operation involves drawing a box around a given image so that it will be easier to find a related object item from a list of more than a billion. The company also a feature that involves a visual search that is accompanied by buy buttons to enable the buyers to find their desired items quickly.

Deep learning is the standard terminology that describes how far companies have managed to carry out the visual search. Shoes .com which is a shoes’ retailer company that sells shoes and it is in partnership with Sentient a startup company that offers image search resolutions too. The company is currently testing the technology in the women boots department at its Canadian Stores. It will ensure that at a click of a given related image of a shoe, an index of all similar shoes will appear on the screen.

Anastasia Date Maintains Its Number One Status

Anastasia Date Maintains Its Number One Status

Finding a date in Russia is far more easy than it was just a few short years ago. With all of the dating platforms and websites, men can find a number of beautiful women who are eager to make contact. Online dating was once something that was largely frowned upon. It was viewed as way for desperate people to get a date. There are a number of online dating sites where users can view thousands of profiles of Russian and Ukraine women. It’s pretty simple. If you see something you like, you can make contact with the person. If they in turn like what they see, things can proceed.

Anastasia Date is now one of the largest and most successful online dating sites on the web. Started in 1991 by couple David and Elena Besuden, it was set up as a way of bringing different cultures together. The site has seen immense success and has spun off with four additional sites that feature women in other countries. In the beginning, Anastasia Date offered romance tours where men could come to Russia and spend a weekend with the women in question. There are no strings attached and how far the relationship went was strictly between the two parties.

Today, the company offers a number of services. And it is entirely possible to make a love connection. Anastasia date has produced many marriages and long-term relationships. Success varies, and individuals should not expect to find love just because someone else did. After Anastasia Date was sold in 2012, the company was raking in over $300 million per year. The new owner and CEO Mark Brooks, says that the industry is becoming more respectable. “It’s no longer viewed as a sleazy low-level operations anymore,” says Brooks. The company has just launched mobile apps for easier access.

Why Online Dating Apps are Looked to

Why Online Dating Apps are Looked to

There are many reasons that online dating apps are becoming very popular. One of the reasons is that people are very frustrated with the dating scene. They look to dating apps to provide the solution to the problem that they are faced when it comes to meeting people. Dating sites, services and apps have been created with the intention of solving this problem for people. The popularity of this invention grew thanks to the success stories of many who have tried these apps. At the same time, it is not to be looked at as some magic pill or miracle solution. It is still to be looked at as another option for meeting people.

Dating apps have greatly improved over the years since it has first started. There are apps that have plenty of other features that allow users to socialize and increase their social circle. There are also certain apps that are available for people who are into traveling. Travelers can have a hard time meeting people due to many people not wanting to leave their friends and family behind. Dating apps are good with connecting travelers together so that they could share their stories of going different places and meeting different people.

Among the dating apps with the most features is Skout on techcrunch. Skout is an app that has been created for travelers that are looking to date people. The members of the site can also look at other cities and their subcultures through the eyes of members that are signed up for that area. Even though the travel feature is used beyond its initial purpose, the feature has taken off and many people are using to make friends in different areas and cities. They are setting up and meeting pen pals for their area of interest.

Skout and other dating apps are proving themselves to be very helpful not just for dating, but for teaching people to develop a social life. After all, a social life is needed in order for one to have a huge chance at dating. It is possible to date with a non-existent social life, but with a vibrant social life, one can meet tons of people and possibly someone that he or she could connect with and form a relationship. Outside of the Internet, the more people one meets, the more likely he will be in a relationship. The same can be said about dating apps. It is important for one to be in a social mindset so that he can meet a lot of friends. This will help build his confidence for a date.