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Adam Sender Is Redefining Art Collecting For The Masses

Adam Sender Is Redefining Art Collecting For The Masses

Adam Sender, a hedge fund whiz, has made a name for himself in the art world. Not for throwing money at fancy paintings he can show off to his friends, or even for trying his own hand at the brush and canvas. Sender’s contribution to the art world is a bit more profound than that. Adam has a knack for seeing the potential in new and emerging artists and then he shares their works with the world. From pop-up exhibitions to an art lending program, Sender is redefining what it means to collect art.

Traditional art collecting is frankly something anyone with enough money and the right advisers can do. Once the purchases are made, most collectors stash their art away only to be viewed by themselves and their cohorts. Adam Sender and his wife had other ideas. They did not begin collecting art as a mark of status, but instead they collect art because they have a passion for it and the pieces they believe make a statement.

Sender began collecting art in the early 90’s and focused on the emerging artist whom he believed had the potential and the voice to make a statement. His purchases were not intended to be the investment opportunity they have turned into. In actuality, Sender has an eye for truly understanding an artist and then focusing in on key pieces along with other pieces in his collection to create truly comprehensive collections that tell a story.

Another difference between Sender and other collectors is his inclusiveness to women in the art world. From female artists to female curators, Adam has learned to trust not only his own eye, but also the opinions and talents of women who would otherwise be underrated by the establishment. It is because of his openness that Sender has been able to collect artists such as Cindy Sherman, who are now considered to be not only visually stimulating artists but also intellectually stimulating as well.

Part of Sender’s collection was put on the block at Sotheby’s. The collection will be sold over the course of a year and is expected to bring over $70 million. Sender is pleased with where the world of collecting has taken him. The fact that his pieces have grown in value is a bonus and is allowing him to continue his collecting pursuits as more artists emerge with a vision and a statement.