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The Velvetines Are Making A Massive Statement

The Velvetines Are Making A Massive Statement

Lime Crime Velvetines became part of this popular makeup line in 2012, about six years after the commencement of this company’s start-up in 2008. Doe Deere, the founder launched her product as a result of shopping for lipsticks that were bright and hued to match her outfits in color and glam. Since its inception, Lime Crime has been Vegan and anti-animal cruelty. The lipsticks are ultra-vibrant, and made to withstand eating, drinking, even kissing action to last and last. It should be mentioned that Deere aspired to be a unique entrepreneur in the beauty business, and works hard to inspire other like-minded women to do the same.

PR Newswire tells us that Velvetines Liquid Metallic Lipstick colors are uniquely named, reflecting the maker’s passion for bold beauty: Blondie, a pink-mauve light blend, Lana, a sexy burgundy, Mercury, a lilac sparkler, and Zenon, a sparkly gold. These sell for $20.00.


New colors in the line are Happi, a medium mauve, Posh, a purple shiner, and Vibe, a light cranberry.


Velvetine Matte Lipstick colors from the store include blues, wine-hued, bold oranges and reds. Lime Crime’s entire raison d’etre is that it is a uniquely crafted product that breaks out from the regular red-tones and pink-tones of most lip colors.


Bundles of lipsticks are available for a variety of colors to wear. Named Girls Girls Girls, Mood Kit, and Wicked Venus bundle which includes eye metallic shades to complement your lip color. The artwork on the tubes with sponge applicators and tubes are stand out from the bland solid drug store makeup counters offerings.


Halloween hues are a holiday line with Velvetines. Spooky colors range from Bloodmoon which is the darkest red possible without being black, Pumpkin, a rich dark orange, Alien, an eerie green, and of course, Black Velvet which needs no description.  You can see all of them on the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere, I Love Lime Crime.


Lime Crime sells other makeup products, but their lipsticks are a sensational revolution after decades of blah blends of red. The line is international in sales, and since it is so new, it is sure to bring on more exciting creations in the days to come.

The Marvelous Uses of Shea Butter

The Marvelous Uses of Shea Butter

It is exciting to discover natural, effective remedies to skin problems. Many people today have dry, malnourished skin. Others have scars or lack skin elasticity. The top product to use for skin enhancement is shea butter.

Shea butter is a very versatile product. There are a vast amount of uses for Shea Butter. One thing shea butter is very good for is moisturizing. shea butter also improves elasticity of the skin, which can decrease wrinkles. It is also effective for reduction of scars. It is quite effective in the moisturizing of lips and can even be used on the hair when it is dull or dry.

One of the best places to obtain shea butter is EuGenia Shea. EuGenia Shea is a family tradition. It is run by a mother and daughter team. Their shea butter is of the highest quality, being produced in Northern Ghana by sustainable, fair-wage employees. In order to help women in Ghana, fifteen percent of the profit is given back as a scholarship fund.

The shea butter secret recipe was developed by the family matriarch, Grandma Sunshine. She found the healthy shea butter to be priceless in her medical practice as a Midwife. It was gentle and nourishing and helped in so many ways for the mother and the infant’s skin. Grandma Sunshine passed down her knowledge of shea butter to the other women in the family. They have always known the value of raw, pure shea butter. The source of the shea butter is Naasakle Shea Butter, which is of the premier quality.

Anyone who has irritated skin can likely benefit from a trial of shea butter. It can also be a marvelous beauty product, greatly enhancing the look and feel of the skin, hair and cuticles. EuGenia Shea is a responsible company specializing in fine shea butter. Join the EuGenia Shea subscription service now to ensure a quality supply. Simply go to the Product Page and page down to the “Get Subscription” button, pick your ideal product and select “join now.” This will enable you to have a constant supply of healthy shea butter to suit your many needs.

Doe Deere, A Doll Maker And An Artist Who Creates “Lazy” Art

Doe Deere, A Doll Maker And An Artist Who Creates “Lazy” Art


Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup, a brand that creates modern cosmetics with wild, crazy color palettes women around the world have fallen in love with.

Doe Deere, like the unusual name of her makeup brand, is not your average young woman. She was born in Russia, and her family moved here when she was young. Against the odds, Doe Deere began a small cosmetics company, because she had a difficult time finding vibrant, colorful makeup. Today, Lime Crime has arrived with a huge Instagram following at some 300,000.

Her fan base is loyal and social media-savvy, and Instagram has become a welcome place to submit photos wearing Lime Crime makeup. There, you will also find gorgeous photos of Doe Deere with her now blue, cotton candy-colored tresses and lovely bold lips and painted eyes.

Her personal photos are so striking and doll-like, that one famous artist Richard Prince decided he wanted to use her image and that of a 23-inch fashion doll for his next work of art.

Prince took a screen shot of Doe Deere posing with a masterpiece created by her close friend and talented doll maker Joshua David McKenney. The custom made doll from his Pidgin brand looked exactly like the Lime Crime founder with matching hair color, vivid makeup and attire. Below the photo were Doe Deere’s words about her artist friend McKenney and his gorgeous Doe Deere doll re-creation.

Prince took the screen shot and super-sized it to dimensions of a 48-by-65-inch print. Then, he removed her text and inserted his own, and the stolen screen shot was now his without the copyright rules one would figure might matter.

Doe Deere’s lovely face and that of Joshua David McKenney’s 23-inch beautiful doll were now part of some “lazy” art created by Richard Prince and hanging at the New York Frieze Art Fair. The striking print then sold quickly at $90,000.

Both Doe Deere and Joshua David McKenney were shocked, because Prince never approached them for permission to use the screen shot. The spotlight was now on the makeup maven and popular doll maker but not for the right reasons. McKenney, especially, was heartbroken that the other artist had deleted his name from the doll gifted to Doe Deere. In other words, McKenney’s doll had become a prop for the artist’s mission, and everything about the doll, such as being carefully and exquisitely made, was purposely deleted in the process.

Doe Deere and McKenney both feel that an artist should never profit off the back of another fellow artist. It’s a lousy thing to do and renders someone’s work voiceless.

Lime Crime and Pidgin are two brands that really matter.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime: Living Fantasies

Doe Deere and Lime Crime: Living Fantasies


Taking a unique approach to a familiar industry is crucial in order to build your business in today’s world. Applying this theory daily is the makeup company, Lime Crime. As of May 5, 2016, the company’s CEO, Doe Deere, was incredibly eager to announce that the brand’s Instagram page just reached two million followers, or unicorns as they enjoy referring to themselves as. Rejoicing in this moment allowed for the public to understand the mystery behind the over the top company’s success.

Describing that this company allows both men and women to express themselves originally, safely, and cost-effectively, readers got to understand that this account is not only for promoting the company, but for celebrating those who use the products. Adorned with photos of satisfied consumers rocking vibrant lips and colorized eyeshadow, this page is meant to celebrate the creativity that the world tends to lack. Creating a sense of community for those with common interests across the globe allows Lime Crime to gain exposure, and support their overall goal of spreading originality and the freedom to express yourself.

The spirited face behind Lime Crime is CEO and founder, Doe Deere. The self-proclaimed unicorn queen attributes her success to her disdain for the makeup industry. Describing what she believed to be a nude, monotone world, Deere revels in her theories of color, vibrancy, and expression. Ditching a nude pink for an alien green has allowed Deere to live out her own enjoyments as she helps her unicorns gallop into the artistic world of lively makeup.

Born in Russia, the queen of unfamiliar colors never deemed herself as being an entrepreneur. With a strong passion for creativity and music throughout her life, Deere moved to New York to embark on a music career. Upon meeting her husband and forming their band, Miss Lime Crime began making her own makeup in order to stand out on her own stage outside of her music career. Deciding to share her talents with the public resulted in the creation of the well-known makeup brand, and adoring fans across the universe, really.

From Russia to music, to becoming a stellar CEO, Deere is a futuristic beauty in this stagnant world. Changing the way that people perceive others has allowed the queen of unicorns to become a living fantasy, and live in one as well.

To learn more about Doe Deere, visit

Wengie The Great

Wengie The Great

She has more than a million subscribers to her YouTube Channel and left her six figure income in marketing to solely pursue a YouTube broadcasting career. Her name is Wendy Ayche or AKA “Wengie” and it seems the world is fascinated by her. This Australian-Chinese beauty mastermind made her millions by sharing a multicultural view on beauty advice. recently interviewed the YouTube sensation and she never ceases to amaze her followers. When asked about hitting the one millionth subscriber mark Ayche commented on how she felt beforehand that may have been “sublime and surreal” moment but, it felt much like any other day to her. Then she goes on to say, “I constantly tell my fans how much I love them and this opportunity is no exception. They are why I still make videos, and I do not take the responsibility lightly.” Ayche goes on to talk about how she feels her biggest turning point in her new found career as a YouTube sensation was when she resigned from her previous six-figure income career. She tells of how the decision was a difficult one but, one that she is completely pleased with. She goes on to tell of how her multicultural background influences her channel when the interviewer asks, “How has your multicultural background influenced your channel?” Ayche explains that she loves exploring and comparing beauty crazes from all over the world. Out of this came one of her most popular videos where she compared American and Korean makeup trends. When asked about what type approach she takes when considering promoting new products on her channel she says her top consideration is whether or not it’s something she herself would use. She also goes on to say that YouTube channel owners should be rewarded for all their hard work in promoting such products. In other words, just because their jobs seem easy Youtubers deserve appropriate income for all they do.

Wengie” has certainly sparked plenty of interest in the beauty world with her unique multicultural views on beauty tips. She continues to peak the interest of her followers with new videos periodically. Certainly this beauty guru has no plans of stopping soon. She is always looking for new beauty products or tips to share with her beloved followers.

The Importance of Good Workout Clothing

The Importance of Good Workout Clothing

Working out is something that the majority of us know that we need to do. Your doctor has probably told you about the consequences that can come when you do not workout. Because of these problems, it helps to get in a good workout routine and feel good about the work you’re putting into it. Unfortunately, having some of the most comfortable athletic wear can be expensive and uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. This is why actress Kate Hudson has created the line known as Fabletics.

Fabletics is a popular athletic wear line that boasts style and comfort with functional workout clothing that you are going to want to wear. Kate Hudson first created Fabletics because she saw a gap in the market for affordable, fashionable and functional athletic clothing. There are lots of clothes out there for you to choose, but these can get pretty expensive and it might cause you to wonder if it is even worth buying anything for yourself. Instead of wondering and waiting, Fabletics is there to change your world and give you the incentive that you need to buy the clothes that make working out a lot more fun.

In fact, Fabletics was recently mentioned in an Elle interview with Kate Hudson. During the interview, Kate Hudson explains her passion for the Fabletics line and why she feels it is as popular as it currently is. People are raving about the company and are having fantastic luck with wearing the clothes that they have purchased. If you are tired of wearing the same old clothing day in and day out, it might be about time for you to choose and begin wearing Fabletics. This is a line that is meant for any body type and workout level.

Now that you know how popular Fabletics is and why it has been featured in the Elle magazine, you will want to become accustomed to the different types of styles out there and choose the one that is right for you. Once you know which type of clothing is best suited to meet your own needs, it is time for you to think about working with the Fabletics line and buying the items that you need to change and transform the way that you workout. This is the time for you to take working out to the next level in your own life and with the right clothing.

You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

The Inspiring Doe Deere

The Inspiring Doe Deere

A unique and vibrant make-up collection called Lime Crime have been creating a splash inside the cosmetic world. Developed by a remarkable business woman named Doe Deere. This innovative fashion and makeup lover is a former model from Russia. Doe came to the United States to live out her dreams of making it big in music. Once she realized her natural gift for creating unique colors for cosmetics she developed Lime Crime. She has many followers and is also known as the Unicorn Queen this is why her packaging has unicorns on it.

The collection presents Unicorn Lipsticks which feature vivid colors like neon purple, milkshake pink, and metallic green. The Velvetines which is Liquid to matte lipstick which is really glamorous creation. Including shades like glowstick orange, deep red, and 90s brown. She developed a bright and vibrant cosmetic collection which features bold and vivid colors which are not found in conventional brands of make-up. Doe is a whimsical kind of business woman who empowers all her fans. What makes Lime Crime so special is the colors that it offers. Vibrant and rich in pigment is what you will find when you enter the Lime Crime online store.

The Carousel Gloss is filled with fantasy having a glass like finish. A fantastic glitter shimmer embedded in the gloss. Colors range from green glitter to pink red rainbow sparkle. For your eyes you will find the Venus Grunge Palette featuring 8 colors that are matte and pearl shell glows. The liquid liners are loaded with innovative exclusive colors like lime green, silver, and purple. I just appreciate all of the punk rock pastels which are all through this assortment of cosmetic products.

Doe Deere knows what her customers want and strives to create the most stunning and bright colors. I like all the information that is available on her Pinterest boards like beauty tips and the latest makeup looks. Also hair trends is something you will be inspired by when visiting the Lime Crime online store. Doe specializes in the new and different when it comes to makeup. She is on the cutting edge of cosmetics and many makeup lovers find products from her brand that are not offered in others.

Doe Deere, Owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere, Owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia, is the creator of a famous cosmetic line called, Lime Crime. Through perseverance and determination, she was able to launch her makeup line in the year 2008, and it has thrived. Doe grew up in Russia, where Eastern European fantasies were a big part of her life. She stated that when asked by her preschool teacher what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said that she wanted to be a mermaid.

The Eastern European fairy tales Doe grew up surrounded by, has played a major part in her life as well as in the theme of her cosmetic line. Even as an adult, Doe continues to indulge in fantasy and fairy tales. She feels that it creates a world free of cruelty and so it came naturally to want to also produce makeup that was also free of animal cruelty.

Though she briefly attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Doe dropped out in pursuit of her dreams. When asked how she came up with the name of her cosmetic line, she stated that it basically just rolled off her tongue. Lime Crime makeup uses fantasy and imagination to appeal to the senses. The name, Lime Crime, came from a play on words which you find in fairy tales. Lime Crime makeup comes in a variety of lines which include: lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeliners, nail polish, all with whimsical names like ‘Airbourne Unicorn’. The vast array of colors and palettes are bold and vivid.

Some perceive Doe Deere as being proud, or even tough and unapproachable. But she is soft-spoken, with a Russian accent and open and willing to express her views and opinions including her love for her cosmetic line as well as her shared love for fashion, photography, as well as for music. She is also open to tell others about her views on makeup. She stated that makeup should be a “magic Wand”. She feels that makeup should be something that you can use to express yourself in whatever way that makes you happy otherwise it is pointless.

Doe Deere has also had her share of controversies. claims surfaced on the internet, that she had put out offensive comments online which seemed bizarre and completely out of character for someone who actually built her career online. Doe was not fazed by such claims, and said that it is just a few of the same people online who were linking together and putting out the same things but that she still retains her support by fans, and customers.

In conclusion, Doe Deer, owner of Lime Crime makeup line has a passion for turning fantasy into reality with her makeup line. With resilience, fierce determination and strength of character, she has done what many can only dream of. She continues to amaze people with her refreshing, colorful, bold, and mystical cosmetic line.

Lime Crime: Unicorn Inspired Makeup for the Creative Makeup Lover

Lime Crime: Unicorn Inspired Makeup for the Creative Makeup Lover

Makeup does more than just hide blemishes. It’s an expression of one’s personal sense of style. For centuries women have expressed their style through makeup. Gwen Stefani is known for her bold red lipstick, Twiggy is known for her twig-like lashes and Lady Gaga is known for always taking risks and wowing with her makeup choices. Everyone from Katy Perry to Nefertiti has made an impact on how we wear makeup today.

For the vast majority, makeup is a seemingly subtle way of expressing themselves. Smokey eyes are as far as their creativity flows, but what about those who want more out of their makeup? What about the creatives who see smokey eyes as child’s play?

There are few brands that appeal to those who wants to make a statement with their makeup. Not a bold red lip statement, but a truly unique and unapologetic one. One that makes people take a second look. Most brands concentrate on oh-so-common color pallets and never step outside the box. Their bold color choices are muted and lack luster.

Then there’s Lime Crime, a company changing the way people think about makeup. Imagine being completely unapologetic, using your makeup as an art form and wearing it like no one else does. That’s the creative idea behind the brand making waves in Los Angeles and worldwide. Founder Doe Deere started the company with limited resources and a dream, and today she encourages people to live their own dreams. She makes these dreams a reality with the help of her independent team of makeup loving professionals.

Forget the age-old black eyeliner. Though they do carry it, they want their customers to have fun pairing it with purples, blues and one of their best sellers, citreuse. Not only to their true-to-color lipsticks stand out, their names are unforgettable; unicorn lipstick and carousel gloss are among the favorites.

Imagine sporting glitter lashes, glossy eyes and colorful faux freckles. You won’t be alone. Lime Crime has over 1.5 million Instagram followers- one equally as daring as the next. Glitter, color and artist detail are not used sparingly by those who dare to make a Lime Crime statement, as proven by the collection of fan faces pictured throughout their feed.

Lime Crime has cornered the kick-ass makeup market. Not only have they brought a community of creative makeup enthusiasts together, they’re also doing good along the way. No animals are harmed in the name of Lime Crime beauty. Each and every product is cruelty-free, meaning that there is no animal testing involved. The brand is proving that quality makeup doesn’t have to come at the price of a defenseless animal. Beauty can be kind.

Expressing Yourself Through Makeup

Expressing Yourself Through Makeup

It is very important to be able to express yourself through your personal appearance. For many people, being able to look the way they want to look is the difference between a day full of joy and a day full of misery. Very few things are more important to a person’s happiness than that person’s freedom to express herself and her feelings. People do it with their clothes every day, but they often have more trouble doing it with their makeup. Most companies only offer options that emphasize natural features and imitate common colors. People who feel that those common options do not reflect their personalities have a much more difficult time finding makeup that fits their needs. Several companies have noticed that problem and have begun to offer makeup that can solve it. One of those companies is Lime Crime, which is dedicated to giving people the makeup they need to turn their faces into reflections of their personalities.

Lime Crime produces lipstick and other cosmetics in a wide variety of colors that can be hard to find, such as bright blue and glossy green. Its products are for people who are not afraid to be a little different, people who would rather follow their hearts than follow the crowd. Lime Crime is careful to make sure that those people can can get the makeup they need without having to worry about whether or not animals were hurt to create that makeup. All of its products are completely vegan and none of them were tested on animals. In this case, beauty is not pain.

A person’s face should reflect their soul. Everybody is a little bit different, so everybody needs to choose a different set of cosmetics. Dreamers and artists should not be forced to hide their nature simply because they cannot find the tools that they need to express it. The right makeup can make all of the difference in the world to a person who wants to express themselves through their appearance, and Lime Crime is one of the places that can help a person find the makeup that is just right for them.