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Brian Bonar’s Bistro Bellamy’s is offering Exceptional Cuisine in Escondido

Brian Bonar’s Bistro Bellamy’s is offering Exceptional Cuisine in Escondido

Escondito, San Diego is an old-fashioned center of retail where there are many agricultural elites. It is also home to one of the best cooks in the country, Patrick Ponstay. Ponstay holds the title of Master Chef of France. He is one of two chefs to have ever earned the prestigious title in San Diego. Ponstay created a reputation while working at Rancho Bernardo Inn where he assisted Gavin Kaysen to become the star.

Ponstay’s present home is at the Bellamy’s, a bistro established by Brian Bonar. He acquired the best staff in the industry for the Bellamy’s after El Bizcocho located at Rancho Bernardo Inn announced an overhaul of the restaurant. Brian Bonar hired Trevor Da Costa and cook Mike Reidy (more can be read at Dalrada page). The team in addition to marquee chef, Ponstay, turned Bellamy’s into a remarkable restaurant. Bellamy’s interior has plush seats, Coppertone-brown partitions and a smooth jazz work of art that brings out a model home style.

The cuisines offered at Bellamy’s are prepared using the high standards in order to satisfy the utility of the consumers. Corn soup is blended with cream along with espelette peppers to give it a basque treatment. The soup is served cold over a scallop ceviche that has ginger, lime juice, cilantro, and olive oil. Additionally, the parsley-cream risotto is exceptional. It is offered with a shaved summer truffle, poached salmon and sea salt, which helps to make it crunchy.

Bellamy’s is among the few restaurants that serve a mille-feuille. The mille-fauille made by Ponstay and Reidy is prepared using bruleed apple portions on top of smoked eel as well as liver and cooked slowly in pork fat. A mouth-watering beet salad comes with red and golden bulbs over a dried porcini mushroom powder, cocoa nibs and pistachios. Often, beets go with sugar and a number of chefs use candid nuts.

However, Ponstay prefer a red beet ice cream that he differentiates with a warm goat cheese pie. The mushroom ravioli is also excellent. Bellamy’s has employed a committed and dedicated team. From chefs to the servers that describe each meal’s intricate details in the most effective way, Bellamy’s has become the favorite restaurant for many people.

About Brian Bonar

Bellamy’s founder, Brian Bonar, is a finance expert and top entrepreneur. According to White Pages, Brian Bonar has established a number of companies that include Bezier systems. He has also worked in several top companies. Among the firms that have enlisted his services include, IBM, QMS, Adaptec, and Dalrada Financial Corporation where he achieved great levels of success. Brian Bonar attended the University of Strathclyde. Here, he received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. Additionally, he has masters degree in business administration and a PhD in international business development from Stafford University, England.