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Why Billy McFarland is Loved by Elite Millenials

Why Billy McFarland is Loved by Elite Millenials

Elite millennials are in love with entrepreneur Billy McFarland, all because he did what was possible to help raise the social status of those millennials. The black card that McFarland created was the best news that these young professionals had heard all year when a black card was released in 2014 for Magnises, a private club for elite millennials.

This “little black card” has become one of the hottest memberships on the planet in major cities like NYC and Chicago. This is because the hot spots for entertainment and some of the best and most upscale restaurants are located in these cities. According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland had a vision for improving the social status and social networking offline for the elite crowd, and creating a membership in 2013 sent him on a mission to create the very best. This unique, private club would render McFarland plenty of press.

The card, made of metal is a card that you can flash at any of the approved locations. Numerous upscale bars, restaurants, night clubs and the like have partnered with Magnises to create an elite social circle. This membership also includes discounts at these locations, as well as discounts on luxurious getaways and private concerts.

 McFarland views Magnises as a complete platform, because the ultimate goal is to increase their social network but also a network that will allow them to network professionally. The card also makes it convenient for members because it’s linked to their debit or credit card, something that they will always carry everywhere they go.

The club was founded in 2013, and the card went live in 2014. The membership base had grown to over 6,000 in 2015, and it has continued to grow since that time. Top entertainers like Ja Rule now have an interest in this membership and coming on board to help Billy McFarland to continue to build a strategy all its own.

The fee for the card is just $250 yearly, and it is attracting more members every day associated with elite millennials and the places they frequent the most in big cities. The target market for Billy McFarland is 21 to 35 year olds, giving the market a boost in their social status and overall ability to network effectively on a professional level as well.