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Fabletics and the Amazing Decision to Open 100 Stores

Fabletics and the Amazing Decision to Open 100 Stores


Kate Hudson and her partners that brought the Fabletics brand to the market were very happy with what the website has managed to do. There have been millions of orders shipped, and the website is still bringing in a large amount of revenue. Many people are discovering the website for the first time, and the growth for the brand is going well. Some people may wonder how the brand can survive as it grows, but they don’t have to wonder any longer. Fabletics is opening 100 stores, and this will become something that will return help the company grow.

Fabletics is the brand that has grown quickly, but there is definitely more room for this to grow even more. The stores that are opening are proof positive of this ability to grow more. A company like this has the ability to become a valuable player in the fitness gear industry. This is why there is so much talk about what this means for the economy. More people are becoming interested in the brand, but the website growth is somewhat saturated. The stores are going to be the thing that will make more people acknowledge the brand a lot quicker.

There is certainly a surge of energy that Kate Hudson is displaying in her passion to bring the business to a mainstream audience. Right now the brand is brewing, and there is a white hot energy behind it. The multitude of stores will give this company a lot more customers. That is going to be the key to helping the brand accelerate to much higher levels.

Many other brands are surfacing with celebrity endorsements, but Fabletics has managed to thrive because this brand is actually a store. What Kate Hudson has done is narrow down the competition from other celebrities taking on a fitness clothing idea. This is not something that is common. Beyonce has deals for a fitness clothing line that is in the works, but there are a lot of celebrities promoting fitness clothing. That makes it easier for a celebrity to come in and dominate this arena.

What people have discovered about Hudson is that she has a level of dedication that is unlike anything else out there. She has practically put her career in acting on hold to pursue this business. That is where a lot of celebrities fail to put in the work. With Fabletics Kate Hudson has been totally dedicated. She has managed to actually win awards for her level of passion and her work ethic in the fashion industry. The stores that are coming into 100 different cities will show even more people that she means business. This will give the company maximum exposure.
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