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The World Of Business With Mike Baur

The World Of Business With Mike Baur

The art of business can be complicated at times. Starting a business takes great skill, extreme patience, and time. Businesses are not success stories overnight. It takes time to build a business; to garner the attention of the public. There are many types of business that can generate a good amount of revenue, so it is important to consider the type of business you want to start. Many people believe that some businesses are easier to start than others and that may be the case. Even though there are some that are easier to start, does not mean that it will be easier to start for everyone. In this day and age, technology startups are becoming the businesses to start. There are many tech startups all over the world that provide a product or a service to people in their communities. The question that many eager entrepreneurs have is “how to start?” The question of how to start a business has been asked hundreds of times. Many seek to know the ins and outs of business ownership and the many ways they can start easily and quickly. The problem is, many good things don’t come easy. A business that is successful and always flourishing, is a business with people behind the scenes that work hard and tirelessly.


There are many startup companies all over the world. These companies provide services and products to not only people in their country but internationally. There is one startup company that working hard to put their name on the map. Their c-founder is a great leader, ensuring that the company gets funding from many sources. Mike Baur is the Executive Chairman and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. At the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has the responsible for the financing rounds and the fundraising efforts. Mike Baur is a businessman and entrepreneur from Switzerland. Mr. Baur has over 20 years of experience in the field of banking. He has worked for Clariden Leu and UBS.


Mike Baur ended his career in banking to explore fundraising for startup companies. From there, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Mike Baur was a part of a startup pitching contest called the START Summiteer, in which he was a jury member. Mr. Baur also serves as Deputy Managing Director at CTI Invest. This new role came about when Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI Invest.


Background Fundamentals Regarding InnovaCare Health

Background Fundamentals Regarding InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is a health facility based in Puerto Rico. It has an entirely unique skillset enhanced by the talented and highly committed crew who oversee its activities. To strengthen the leadership, three resourceful executives were recently added, summing the total to six. Those recently announced were Jonathan Meyers, position of Chief Actuary Officer, Penelope Kokkinides as Chief Administrative Officer and Mike Sortino who was appointed as the Chief Accounting Officer. As the President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto, M.D agrees, such additions are aimed at enriching the background and cementing their skillset. Such helps them weather the storm especially with the myriad challenges rising against the health industry.

Having established their reputation as the prominent suppliers of a number of amenities such as Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice amenities, they are on the edge of providing customized and cost-effective plans to their large client-base. Rick Shinto also ensure that their services are utterly-integrated to provide services that match the high advancement in technology. Above all else the interest of their clients remain highly prioritized making them unique across North America.

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Significant Information about CEO Rick and CAO Penelope

Rick Shinto currently serving as the president and CEO InnovaCare is highly regarded in the health industry where he has had an experience of more than two decades. Before being announced as CEO he was a member of the management panel. Rick Shinto has an enviable education background as he attended the University of California, Irvine for his B.S, went on to pursue a medical bachelors from the State University of New York, Stony Brook and further an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands.

Penelope is equally highly reputable and has experience of more than twenty years in the health industry. Apart from working for under government programs, she has also been a CEO in Touchstone Health and Centerlight HealthCare. During her tenure as the Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice, she is said to have played a pivotal role in raising and implementing the health prototype of the company. Amazingly, she also traces a successful background education-wise. Apart from holding a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University, she also holds a master’s degree in social work from New York University and a post-master’s program advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse. Additionally Kokkinides shines with a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University School of Public Health.

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George Soros Fund Management: Three Biotech Funds which Billionaire Soros Turned Out–Are they Worth Keeping?

George Soros Fund Management: Three Biotech Funds which Billionaire Soros Turned Out–Are they Worth Keeping?

When a billionaire such as George Soros dumps holdings, such an action gets noticed. George Soros recently did away with his fund’s entire holdings of the following three biotech entities: iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund, Novavax, and Gilead Sciences.

Soros is well known as a highly knowledgeable hedge fund manager. He is considered, by many, as one of the best hedge fund managers, of all time. There is a good reason, too, for Soros’s reputation: During Soros’s career at the Quantum Fund, he generated an average return in excess of thirty percent, annually. The return, basically, crushed the larger markets

The Soros Fund Management is one of the most watched hedge funds, the world over. It is a closely watched fund, despite the fact that Soros retired in 2015. The fund has over four and six/tenths of a billion dollars under management. The preceding statement means that the fund is significant within the market. It, as such, makes it imperative that investors, from around the globe, maintain a very close watch on the fund’s buys and sells, conducted on a quarterly basis.

Investors of Biotech, particularly, may be wise to look further into the quarterly transactions of the fund, currently. The Soros Fund sold its entire holdings in the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund (NASDAQ:IBB), Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX), and Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD). The sale occurred during the second quarter of 2016. The information of the transaction was discovered by way of current 13F filings to the SEC.

The sale brings up the question: Should investors take a hint from the Soros Fund?

The Soros Fund Management may have exited; however, that said, there are still some attractive features in way of purchasing all 3 of the Biotech equities mentioned within the preceding text–that is, for the average investor, attempting to build a more substantial financial portfolio.

It is true the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund has not performed so well due to the current year’s blowback with respect to pharmaceutical pricing. However, that said, the issue will eventually melt away. In other words, despite the fact, the iShares Nasdaq Biotech Index Fund has performed unfavorably, currently, the political ramifications of the fund’s poor performance should diminish once the election for United States’ President comes to a conclusion. The preceding is stated, even if Clinton wins and attempts to implement pricing controls as to drugs within the pharmaceutical industry. The lobbyists, it is correct to state, will make major reform within the pharmaceutical industry, close to impossible to achieve. In simpler terms, high prices with respect to pharmaceuticals, more than likely, will remain in effect. The effect of the pricing may allow the biotech fund to rebound, substantially, in 2017.

It is true that Gilead, did not do so well, after sales of the company’s Hepatitis C pharmaceutical, hit its peak, as to performance. That stated, the biotech organization still has plenty of punch going for it. It is well-positioned to go after a singular mass acquisition or several smaller deals. The preceding action or actions, could significantly reinvigorate the Biotech organization, financially. The company, too, is trading at a noticeable low P/E ratio of seven, at the current time. This P/E ratio is crazily low. The implication is that the market expects the biotech’s Hepatitis C medicinal franchise to crash–completely. The projection is not likely to occur. The reason is the company’s new Hepatitis C pharmaceutical, Epclusa, is exhibiting great promise. The biotech stock is too reasonable in price to just place it on the back shelf.

The third biotech, that being Novavax, is moving towards an important turning point with its F-Protein nanoparticle RSV Vaccine, specifically formulated for persons of advanced years. The pharmaceutical may generate billions of dollars with regard to annualized revenue. The data readout is very positive and naturally is not guaranteed, and of course, the Biotech organization’s shares would tumble if the the pharmaceutical turned out unfavorable. The organization, however, still provides the public with a line of other valuable vaccines; which can maintain the company’s financial health–should the worst case scenario occur with regard to the F-protein nanoparticle RSV Vaccine.

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The information, then, to glean from the preceding facts is this: It is more than likely not wise, for the average investor, to follow in the shadow of the Soros Fund with regard to the three biotech organizations. It appears, such an action, is not warranted. The move would be unwise for investors with a more patient nature. The patient investor looks for growth opportunities within an industry that is full of promise. It may never, too, become apparent why the Soros Fund Management sold its three biotech holdings. Hedge fund managers, on the whole, naturally, employ various strategies. The hedge fund manager is motivated on a different level, too, than a typical investor.

The 13F filings are good sources as to investment ideas. However, the preceding stated, the average, individual investor is best off to stay with a long-term strategy. He or she is better off to stick with a long term strategy than to foolishly mimic every move made by professional managers, who probably made their moves, based on other reasons, entirely.

Despite the average individual taking a different route, it is right to say with regard to following hedge fund managers, most persons keep close tabs on anything the famous Soros involves himself. His decisions are ideally wise with regard to his own financial intensity. Plus George Soros is now a billionaire, so ditching some biotech holdings not doing so well, makes sense, since he is no longer in the arena of becoming a billionaire; however, is merely maintaining status and administering growth, where he sees fit.

Many standard investors would very much like to achieve the outstanding wealth of George Soros who founded the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations.

Mr. Soros was born in 1930, inside of Budapest. He survived the occupation by the Nazis, during the Second Great War. He exited Hungary which was dominated by the Communists in 1947. He managed to make it to England. Once in England, the resourceful Mr. Soros graduated from the London School of Economics. He, thereafter, chose to reside within the United States. Mr. Soros accumulated his massive wealth, once residing within the U.S. His prosperity was created by way of the globalized investment fund which he established and managed.

The preceding stated, many persons are quite interested in the biography of George Soros.

George Soros has been a philanthropist since 1979. He provided funds in order to assist in the educational pursuits of students attending Cape Town University in South Africa. The Open Society Foundations are operational inside more than one-hundred nations. The Foundations’ annual expenditures reached $835 million in 2011. The Open Society Foundations’ purpose is to promote the virtues of an open society, the rights of human-beings, and the worth of transparency.

George Soros has authored well over a dozen books. His political essays, and articles on economics and society have appeared in major newspapers and magazines all over the globe.

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Sanjay Shah: Raising Autism Awareness

Sanjay Shah: Raising Autism Awareness

According to an article on, April is Autism Awareness month. To commemorate it, the Autism Rocks Foundation sponsored the Autism Rocks Festival on April 1 of this year. For only Dh50 a person, attendees could watch American rappers perform live, such as Tyga and Flo Rida. The purpose of the festival is raise awareness of autism and to bring in donations for research, says the article.

Autism Rocks was launched by Sanjay Shah Denmark and Usha Shah. They have an autistic child named Nikhil, and they wanted to make a difference for him and others with autism. As of this spring, Autism Rocks has raised over £600,000 from its concerts. Some of the popular singers who have been on the Autism Rocks stage include Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, and the late Prince.

They chose rappers this year because they could get the message across to the young generation. BFG and Fever were the official DJs for this year’s celebration. Other things featured in the festival were crazy golf, laser tag, bouncy houses, zip line, face painting, rodeo, petting zoo, and a barbecue. It was something fun for the whole family, says the article.

Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners, which controls Solo Group Holdings. Solo Capital Markets is a financial service company in London, England. Shah also owns several other companies around the world. He now considers himself retired and has a net worth of $280 million dollars as of January 2016.

Shah did not start out wanting to be in the financial industry. He was studying medicine and decided that it was not for him. Instead, he become an accountant and worked for several top-notch investment firms such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Merrill Lynch. During the financial crisis of 2009, he started his own brokerage company: Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah and his family spent $100,000 in June of last year to set up a website for Autism Rocks. Shah is a trustee of Autism Research Trust. This trust provides donations to the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge University. He has been director of the trust for the past three years. Shah and his family are also major contributors to the trust.


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Existing Opportunities for Chicago Real Estate Investors Such As Majeed Ekbal

Existing Opportunities for Chicago Real Estate Investors Such As Majeed Ekbal

Property tax bills will likely go up in many neighborhoods around Chicago particularly between Chicago Avenue and North Avenue on the Eastside along Chicago River’s North Branch. This is after homeowners assessment rose up more than 48%. The increase is expected to be effected when the property tax increase by Mayor Rahm Emanuel takes off next year. The increase will majorly be felt between the intersection of Halsted and Division streets.
The 48% increase in residential property based on the completed assessment is the largest average increase to be experienced in Cook County in recent times. The proposed tax rate approved by the city council in late October alongside the new assessment will hit homeowner living in CTA’s North, Clybourn Red Line, and Chicago Avenue Brown Line. The reassessment is usually done after every three years and this year’s median increase in the city’s 184 neighborhoods was 10.4%.
Other areas that witnessed big jumps are the East Village, Streeterville, and River North. Much of the rise is attributed to recent turn of events with many townhouses and condos developments completed. While some section assessment rates rose, other areas experienced a fall. Areas like Long wood Manor fell by 9.5% just like other parts of Rogers Township. However, most of the homeowners bills will not go up since most of the homes are valued under $250,000. The mayor’s plan protects homes against the tax increase at that level.
Many investors have taken advantage of the real estate boom in Chicago given that the city is recovering well from the recession experienced in the 2000’s. One such investor is Majeed Ekbal. He has been active in the real estate sector of Chicago for a considerable time. Aside from the real estate sector, Majeed Ekbal is a new business development and marketing professional that has created global marketing campaigns for more than 15 years.
Majeed Ekbal is the founder of Expresso Inc. The corporation caters for client’s convenience by making grocery purchases and items from leading stores at a cost of between $5 and $10. The firm can also order staff from outside the state. It works with Federal Express in delivering the groceries. In this new venture, Majeed Ekbal works with Eagle, Jewel, and Dominick, three of the leading supermarket chains in Chicago. Majeed Ekbal is a graduate of the American University. Follow him on Twitter to stay up-to-date.