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InnovaCare Makes Significant Steps in Advocating For Reforms in Payment Options

InnovaCare Makes Significant Steps in Advocating For Reforms in Payment Options

InnovaCare is a global health service provider based in Puerto Rico. Known for its pursuit of high-quality medical care, the firm has joined the Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) to implement changes in the health sector. Such a move is aimed at promoting quality medical care as opposed to quantity.

The company is committed to expediting the move to alternative modes of payment. It intends to be at the forefront in advocating for health reforms across the country. A quantitative data study is in the pipeline to determine various viable payment options to patients. Besides, InnovaCare Health is guided by principles such as cost effectiveness, quality, innovation and coordinated access to care.

Several organizations from the public, private and non-profit sectors have joined the initiative to transform health through the constant supply of quality healthcare. Discussions by several stakeholders are geared to provide suitable alternatives to the current mode of payment. The company’s C.O.O, Penelope Kokkinides, has assured stakeholders of their commitment to achieving set milestones and making a clear difference in the health industry.

Background of InnovaCare, Inc.

InnovaCare Health, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare services with the aid of its subsidiaries: PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. and MMM Healthcare, Inc. The former serves more than 200,000 customers with the assistance of 7,500 service providers. Furthermore, they are tasked by the Puerto Rico government to supervise two Medicaid plans. By being the sole provider of NCQA-accredited health plans, they intend to adequately cater to the needs of patients through diverse treatment options.

About the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network

The LAN platform serves as a foundation for the dissemination and sharing of vital information among concerned stakeholders. Moreover, HHS strives to ensure that currents projects shift their attention to the delivery of substitute payment options on By implementing targets set by LAN, patients no longer have to pay for medical services offered. Payment is made to hospitals based on the quality of health care provided.

To promote service delivery, the company has added three new members to its highly talented team. Jonathan Meyers serves as the firm’s chief actuary officer. His invaluable knowledge is crucial in the realization of set goals and objectives. Before the appointment, Meyers worked at HealthCare Partners as chief actuary officer. On the other hand, Penelope Kokkinides’ appointment as the chief administrative officer has been hailed by health experts courtesy of her unrivaled expertise and immense experience. She previously served as COO and executive vice president of Centerlight HealthCare.

The company credits its CEO, Rick Shinto, for his relentless pursuit of excellence. Furthermore, his invaluable insight has elevated the firm’s status as a top provider of health care solutions in Puerto Rico.

Sweetgreen: Entrepreneurial Frontier in Providing Healthy Food

Sweetgreen: Entrepreneurial Frontier in Providing Healthy Food

In October 2015, one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen gave an inspirational and enlightening interview at concerning the astounding success of their booming business. The founders of this rapidly growing company are Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman. They were just Georgetown University graduates in 2007 with a great idea of providing healthy and organic foods in an easy and fun way. And eight years later, they have gained $95 million in venture capital funding.

Nicolas Jammet was the co-founder doing the interview. He stated how each one of the co-founders are children of entrepreneurs. And they started out their business in a small space they were renting. Their startup began with funding provided by some relatives and friends, and now they are a salad chain that has up to 31 locations. They are now expecting to expand to 40 locations.

Jammet mentioned great secrets to their success. He knew that they had opportunities that others might not have. He is aware that others have great ideas. However, he is also aware that more is needed for success than just having a great idea. A lender told them that he believes in them because not only did they have a good idea, but he believes that they would be successful. Secondly, he mentioned that possessing a large level of discipline and hard work are also vital for success. He even mentioned how they have the same pitch, but they just added to it. And furthermore, the thing that was missing in the market was the combination of healthy food and technology. This combination is very important for consumers because they can have their order prepared and ready for instant pickup without having to stand in lines.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is the founder and Co-CEO of Sweetgreen which is business that specialize in providing healthy and organic food, and it was found in 2007. The site for this company is

Ru received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Georgetown University in 2007. However, in a semester or so before his graduation, he and some of his friends put their genius, entrepreneurial minds together to bring the healthy farm foods to the table in an easy and fun way. And as a result, their company, Sweetgreen ( has earned several accolades rapidly in the short period they’ve been in business, thus creating astounding success.

The US Job Market is Expected to Significantly Improve in 2016

The US Job Market is Expected to Significantly Improve in 2016

Wages rise as US unemployment rate falls below 5%. This is some very important news that reflects the movement of the economy early in 2016. Some economic forecasters state that the employment situation in America is improving. Over 200,000 thousands jobs were made available in the US. What this translates to is that more people can now find employment. The rise in the employment sector also means that wages all across the board are expected to rise as well.

The US Department of Labor is the federal agency that tracks employment trends and workers wages. The Department of Labor revealed that the increase in jobs from October of 2015 to February of 2016 was accompanied by a half percentage. People might not think this is a lot of money but it actually is when one considers how many people are employed within the US.

Keep in mind that most of the jobs that were available in early 2016 were based in the retail, restaurant and the service industries. These jobs are traditionally low paying occupations. However, with the wage increase that is now taking place; many people who work in these fields can expect to earn a higher hourly rate. At least 16 states have increased their minimum wage rates in 2016 and this too is helping almost a fourth of all workers to receive better pay than in the past.

Financial markets within the US are moving along at a fairly even pace even though more jobs are now available to the public. In other words consumers are earning more money but it is not necessarily causing an economic boom within society. China’s economy is slowing down as they try to shift to a consumer and service based model. This news is important because China has the world’s second best GDP outside of the US. If their economy goes into a recession it could significantly impact America. However, with more American’s now working at local community jobs; this impact might not be as bad.

Traditionally, when people start to earn more they have a tendency to purchase more products and services. This will be good for boosting the economy in the short term. Businesses can raise prices to accommodate this extra abundance of cash and American society can start to see limited financial gains. Unfortunately, job growth will eventually have to slow down so that America’s financial market can maintain stability. Ultimately, people who are in search of a job should be able to find one in 2016. Job growth is expected to last through most of the year.

Madison Street Capital realizes that investments help to create jobs within American society and abroad. This investment firm has been around for many years and they are committed to helping economies everywhere with improving their job market situation. When unemployment is low and people are spending cash; this means that more money will be available for new ventures. Madison Street Capital wants to help people to use this money to make wise investments so that everyone profits.

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Building A Professional Web Presence With Wikipedia

Building A Professional Web Presence With Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the number one resource online that can provide real information for free to everybody. Being on this site can successfully help you attain a better web presence. What most people don’t realize is that this site is not funded by any specific organization or identity. In fact, they could easily make billions of dollars for simply creating top notch content, but they definitely do not strive to do so simply because they want to make it easier on all their users every single day. Wikipedia provides users with only the most exceptional opportunities. What most people don’t realize is all of the benefits involved with simply having a web page setup on this website. Just a few of the opportunities can open up a floodgate of chances to grow your business. Not only are their articles well capable of being ranked on Google, but it showcases as your business as a professional in the business.

Building A Professional Web Presence By Hiring Wikipedia Writers

It all begins with the article you create for your business. Are you one to do it all by yourself or will you have somebody else do it for you? One of the best ways to go is to actually have somebody else do all of huge hard work for you since tills age you time and stress. Wikipedia expects writers to be immensely well written. They want their articles to be written in a certain or specific way. This can help guarantee that your are highly and well respected by Wikipedia since they do have specific expectations. Wikipedia is a professional website that strives to come up with as many good content as possible. Wikipedia is very well respected, and so this is why you should have a professional Wikipedia writing service back you up.

Get Your Wiki is a professional company who knows exactly what they are trying to accomplish. Their Wikipedia writers are some of the most talented people in the industry of writing Wikipedia content. You cannot just write a random article online. You need to be very concise and know exactly what you are doling. Get Your Wiki is the ultimate company who can help you out in regards to this. It’s all about succeeding and knowing how to properly get your articles out there efficiently. Using the right writing service can play a huge role on your success online and getting more people to notice you.

James Dondero Sees Highland Capital Management through to Great Heights

James Dondero Sees Highland Capital Management through to Great Heights

Jim Dondero is a farsighted investor who has made a great performance in alternative investment through the company he co-founded, Highland Capital Management. Dondero has a wealth of experience in the credit investment sphere and has helped many investors to make wise decisions in their ventures. He is the man who has taken Highland Capital to the point where it stands now.

Highland Capital has moved from a humble start to a global financial investment company that focuses on alternative investments. The company, which was founded in 1993 and experienced its ups and downs but has managed to be a leader in the credit investment market. Highland Capital puts its investment in hedging markets as well as the fixed markets.

Its main focus is in structured products, bonds that yield high returns, and leveraged loans. With its offices in Dallas, Highland Capital has gone global and has offices in Seoul, South Korea, and Singapore, Asia.

Highland Capital has established a market command in the areas of hedge funding, distressed investment, and structured investment. It has flair in dealing with structured product and puts more emphasis on other areas such as investment on leveraged loans alongside high yield bonds.

Its investment portfolio has not been one without uphill battles but is has been able to see opportunities in markets where others cannot see. Its carefully crafted strategic planning has allowed it to grow to be a multi-million entity. Today, the company sits on a whopping $21 billion worth of investment assets, which it manages for its clientele base.

James Dondero, founder of NexBank started a small joint venture together with another investor known as Mark Okada. After realizing they had something on the table that they could turn it to a huge investment company, they sought partnership with another company, Protective Life Insurance Corporation.

Prior to partnering with Protective Life Insurance Corporation, their small company dealt mainly with fixed incomes. They made an investment in senior loans, which have a low risk because they were secured loan products. Their partnering with Protective Life Insurance Corporation was to seek more opportunities to expound their dream.

It was not long before they agreed to form a merger with this company and dubbed it, which saw the establishment of a company, called Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO). In this agreement, Dondero together with Okada took a share of 40 percent, and the rest was taken by Protective Life Insurance.

Eventually, they purchased the share of Protective Life Insurance and decided to form a new company, which they named Highland Capital Management. This is how the birth of Highland Capital came in place. The company has now widened its operations and crossed the borders to set up offices in Singapore, and Seoul, Korea.

It entered Singapore market in 2008 and in 2011; it penetrated the Korea Market by setting offices in Seoul. In its investment efforts, Highland Capital has helped many Americans regarding taking the right choice in alternative investment. Dondero has been relied on by Highland Capital Management in providing leadership that has seen it grow to the heights it is today.