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Equities First Holding Offers an Alternative Financing Solution Through the Use of Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holding Offers an Alternative Financing Solution Through the Use of Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC is one of the leading providers of alternative solutions to financial problems facing individuals, businesses, and companies. For those companies dealing in financial services and the high-net-worth individuals, you can get a non-purpose loan with the Equities First Holdings, LLC. Equities First Holdings, LLC’s headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana. It also has regional offices in more than 10 countries in the world including Singapore, London, Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

Equities First Holdings, LLC is mainly specialized in the provision of alternative financing solutions, providing financial services, and allocation of working non-recourse capital. Equities First Holdings, LLC was incepted in 2002. The company has completed more than 2,000 transactions of more than $2 billion. For the company, these operations mean daily businesses. The President and Founder of Equities First Holdings, LLC, Al Christy, has more than 50 employees working under his governance.


Equities First Holdings, LLC is one of the bets options for borrowers who want necessary capital with the no-recourse features. It utilizes stocks as the main collateral associated with these loans. For those who are not qualified for the strict credit-based loans provided by banks and other financial institutions, they can opt for Equities First Holdings, LLC’s solutions. Because banks and other lending institutions have tightened the lending criteria, it results from the 2008 mortgage crisis. For this reason, they have minimized their lending options. Qualifying for the credit-based loans is harder than ever. The stock-based loans provide a higher loan-to-value ratio. Therefore, their adoption is increasing every day.


For most people, they don’t understand the difference between stock-based loans and margin loans. In the margin loans, the borrowed money comes with many restrictions. You should also state the use of the money as a qualification factor for the loans. Their loan-to-value ratio is between 11 percent to 50 percent. In the occurrence of a margin call, you will not get a notice when the lenders liquidate the collateral. There are also associated interest rates. On the other hand, there is a variation in the stock-based loans interests between three percent and four percent. There are also no restrictions.

An Introduction to Investment Banking

An Introduction to Investment Banking

Investment banking is a branch of banking where the primary focus is to generate a profit through the investment of existing capital or money. Another way of saying this is that investment banks focus on growing existing wealth and providing returns for their investors and shareholders. Here are some of the ways that investment banks can generate profits.

Investment banks can purchase and sell stocks. In this case, they are known as institutional buyers and sellers. With stocks, the investment bank aims to purchase stock that is hot or has growth potential. When that stock has increased in price, the bank may sell it for a profit. Institutional investors such as investment banks often have millions of dollars at their disposal to invest in. They can easily purchase all of a company’s share and thus become the primary or majority owners. Investment banks can not only invest in stocks but also in actual companies.

Trading commodities are another way that investment banks can generate a profit. As with stocks, the investment bank aims to buy when prices are low and sell at a higher price. They may also buy commodities if the future price of a commodity is expected to increase significantly in the future even if prices are not favorable right now. The trade of commodities includes foodstuffs, raw materials and precious metals such as wheat, zinc and silver.

How Martin Lustgarten Made A Name For Himself

Born in Austria, Martin Lustgarten made a name for himself as an investment banker working in Venezuela. He was made a citizen of Venezuela after residing there and working there for many years. Currently Martin lives and works out of the United States in the state of Florida. He is married, has two kids and enjoys collecting and trading vintage goods such as watches and other personal accessories.

Martin Lustgarten has even created his very own firm, which he named after himself. It is called Lustgarten Martin and it uses Martin’s deep insight into South American markets to create returns for investors. Martin is fluent in Spanish and well versed in the Latin American culture. He has the insider knowledge needed to be successful in investing in the Latin American market.


The Importance of Good Workout Clothing

The Importance of Good Workout Clothing

Working out is something that the majority of us know that we need to do. Your doctor has probably told you about the consequences that can come when you do not workout. Because of these problems, it helps to get in a good workout routine and feel good about the work you’re putting into it. Unfortunately, having some of the most comfortable athletic wear can be expensive and uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. This is why actress Kate Hudson has created the line known as Fabletics.

Fabletics is a popular athletic wear line that boasts style and comfort with functional workout clothing that you are going to want to wear. Kate Hudson first created Fabletics because she saw a gap in the market for affordable, fashionable and functional athletic clothing. There are lots of clothes out there for you to choose, but these can get pretty expensive and it might cause you to wonder if it is even worth buying anything for yourself. Instead of wondering and waiting, Fabletics is there to change your world and give you the incentive that you need to buy the clothes that make working out a lot more fun.

In fact, Fabletics was recently mentioned in an Elle interview with Kate Hudson. During the interview, Kate Hudson explains her passion for the Fabletics line and why she feels it is as popular as it currently is. People are raving about the company and are having fantastic luck with wearing the clothes that they have purchased. If you are tired of wearing the same old clothing day in and day out, it might be about time for you to choose and begin wearing Fabletics. This is a line that is meant for any body type and workout level.

Now that you know how popular Fabletics is and why it has been featured in the Elle magazine, you will want to become accustomed to the different types of styles out there and choose the one that is right for you. Once you know which type of clothing is best suited to meet your own needs, it is time for you to think about working with the Fabletics line and buying the items that you need to change and transform the way that you workout. This is the time for you to take working out to the next level in your own life and with the right clothing.

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How to Look Professional With Little Changes

How to Look Professional With Little Changes

Work-life no longer lives in a 9-5 timeframe. How can you carry a look from a 7am breakfast meeting to last minute cocktail drinks with a new potential client? A professional mindset and look are all about the details. Who What Wear gives their favorite tips.

Clean Your Closet
1. Go through your closet and pull out and items that are faded or need to be fixed. Place all of your items in need of repair in shopping bags separated by who will repair them. Mark the bags so you remember to take them with you the next time you will be near your favorite tailor or leather repair place. Faded clothes should be tossed. Check your black items as they fade the most visibly. If your favorite pieces are black, consider taking them to the dry cleaner to maintain their color.

Maintain Your Pieces
2. While at the tailor, bring the shoes you will wear your long pieces with, including trousers and floor long skirts and dresses. Make sure you have all of your older items from your closet as well as new pieces. Your hem should be at least a half inch from the ground while wearing your shoes.

3. If you have put off taking off adhesive price tags, tackle them all at once. Double check the bottom of shoes and the interior of plastic bangles. If any of your shoes are in need of repair, place them in your cobbler shopping bag.

4. Tacking stitches are sewn into pieces for the store’s purposes, not the wearer’s. Use scissors to remove them making sure to not nick the fabric.

5. Clean out all of your handbags and place a decorative bowl near your collection. If you change handbags daily, place all of the contents in the bowl for the next day. If you have a favorite bag you use daily, clean out your bag at least once a week. A heavy bag is bad for your body’s alignment and the bag’s shape.

Maintain Your Look
6. Set-up two full-length mirrors across from each other so you can view your backside. You want to know what you look like leaving a meeting as well.

7. Replace your iron with a steamer as they are softer on your fabrics and time.

Keep your professional look clean and fresh with a VIP Membership at JustFab. The monthly subscription service delivers handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry to you each month from your online boutique.

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The US Job Market is Expected to Significantly Improve in 2016

The US Job Market is Expected to Significantly Improve in 2016

Wages rise as US unemployment rate falls below 5%. This is some very important news that reflects the movement of the economy early in 2016. Some economic forecasters state that the employment situation in America is improving. Over 200,000 thousands jobs were made available in the US. What this translates to is that more people can now find employment. The rise in the employment sector also means that wages all across the board are expected to rise as well.

The US Department of Labor is the federal agency that tracks employment trends and workers wages. The Department of Labor revealed that the increase in jobs from October of 2015 to February of 2016 was accompanied by a half percentage. People might not think this is a lot of money but it actually is when one considers how many people are employed within the US.

Keep in mind that most of the jobs that were available in early 2016 were based in the retail, restaurant and the service industries. These jobs are traditionally low paying occupations. However, with the wage increase that is now taking place; many people who work in these fields can expect to earn a higher hourly rate. At least 16 states have increased their minimum wage rates in 2016 and this too is helping almost a fourth of all workers to receive better pay than in the past.

Financial markets within the US are moving along at a fairly even pace even though more jobs are now available to the public. In other words consumers are earning more money but it is not necessarily causing an economic boom within society. China’s economy is slowing down as they try to shift to a consumer and service based model. This news is important because China has the world’s second best GDP outside of the US. If their economy goes into a recession it could significantly impact America. However, with more American’s now working at local community jobs; this impact might not be as bad.

Traditionally, when people start to earn more they have a tendency to purchase more products and services. This will be good for boosting the economy in the short term. Businesses can raise prices to accommodate this extra abundance of cash and American society can start to see limited financial gains. Unfortunately, job growth will eventually have to slow down so that America’s financial market can maintain stability. Ultimately, people who are in search of a job should be able to find one in 2016. Job growth is expected to last through most of the year.

Madison Street Capital realizes that investments help to create jobs within American society and abroad. This investment firm has been around for many years and they are committed to helping economies everywhere with improving their job market situation. When unemployment is low and people are spending cash; this means that more money will be available for new ventures. Madison Street Capital wants to help people to use this money to make wise investments so that everyone profits.

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The Podcast with Enterprise Radio and Philip N. Diehl

The Podcast with Enterprise Radio and Philip N. Diehl

During the month of January, Eric Dye(Enterprise Radio Host) finally decided to take advantage of an offer to talk with the famous President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl. This podcast was a real treat for the Enterprise Radio, it enabled them to show their listeners exactly what Philip is all about. Many people know of some of the wonderful work that Philip has done as the President for the U.S. Money Reserve, and they all believe that has quickly become one of the best at his job.

Many types of questions were asked during the podcast with Philip, most of the questions that were covered had something to do with his position at the U.S. Money Reserve and how he was able to earn his way to the top. One of the biggest things that Mr. Diehl is known for is his work making the 50 States Quarter program, which is known about all across the globe. Another big thing that he had a hand in was the launching of one of the first platinum coins that had ever been issued by the U.S. Government. These two things are two of the biggest reasons why Philip was able to become so popular in America.

His position that he holds right now has a lot to do with the fact that he was the chief of staff while he worked along with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and also has a lot to do with the fact that while he worked for them, he was working with the U.S. Senate Finance Committee as the staff director. After having completed his work with both of these places, Bill Clinton made the decision to put him into the position of being the Director with the U.S. Mint. This was big news to Philip, he had worked hard all of his life, and it was definitely starting to pay off.

Working hard has been the life of Philip, he was even able to obtain more knowledge in terms of fiscal and monetary policy, thanks to all of the work that he did with senior officials and others who were able to help him. Many things over the years have helped Philip N. Diehl obtain his wonderful position, and many of the things that have brought him into that position have helped all of us greatly.

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Ricardo Guimaraes and Banco BMG’s Sporting Identity.

Ricardo Guimaraes and Banco BMG’s Sporting Identity.

Ricardo Guimaraes hails from one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Brazil. Residing in Belo Horizonte, Ricardo’s family owns lots of properties and businesses in many sectors of Brazil. The family dynasty started with his grandfather early in the 20th century.

In 1930, Pentagna Guimaraes came up with the Bank Credit Building SA. During the time, the bank served companies as well as individual clients. Most of these customers traded in retail and wholesale businesses. The administration of the bank has always been inherited by the heirs of the family fortune.


In 1998, Ricardo’s turn came to be, and he took over the renamed Bank of Minas Gerais SA. Ricardo exercised his administrative skills by reorganizing the bank to offer payroll loans. Ricardo Guimaraes realized growing demand for these types of loans and the initial decision he made propelled BMG to become an industry leader.

Judging by the history of BMG, we can tell the bank enjoys a rich heritage and culture. It has been in the Brazilian banking industry for over eighty years now thus a pioneer financial institution. The background gives the firm a rich organizational culture of concern for its clients and the community.


Ricardo Guimaraes’ reign saw the bank enrich the social fabric through the promotion of cultural exchange and festivals. Also, the firm identified with the rich sporting culture in Brazil. Banco BMG offers sponsorships for education and sports disciplines around the country. Ricardo Guimaraes acknowledges the need to support sports athletes for their discipline, values and commitment. Also, games play an integral role in peace building.


The firm implemented a sports marketing policy that contributes to the development of various sports disciplines while promoting BMG’s brand. Within a decade of implementation, the sponsorships bore fruits. By 2012, Banco BMG had earned the title of the most active sponsor of football in Brazil.


Brazil is the home of football and is regarded as the most successful World Cup winner. The country has consistently produced the best talents in the world for almost a century now. Football is a way of life and Banco BMG associates itself with the sport. At the moment, nearly ten clubs in the Brazilian championship are bankrolled by Banco BMG. These sponsorships relieve these clubs of the financial burden of meeting logistic costs and paying players.


BMG prides itself in the difference it’s making in talent development and the growth of the sport. The bank also enjoys tremendous publicity from the branding rights it gets as part of the sponsorship package. Ricardo Guimaraes is a dedicated sports fanatic and a former president and sponsor of the Atletico Mineiro club. Some of the other clubs affiliated to BMG include Flamengo, Cruzeiro, Coritiba, and Vasco.

Status Labs Can Protect Your Online Identity

Status Labs Can Protect Your Online Identity

Have you ever been doxxed? If you have, then you know what this term means. But for those of you who have not had the displeasure of being doxxed yet, then today we are going to learn what it means and what to do about it when it happens to you. Getting doxxed means that your personal information has been stolen by an online criminal and that info has been posted on the internet for the world to see. This can really be destructive to your reputation and can ruin you online if used improperly.

Status Labs Can Help Protect Your Reputation

Status labs is an online reputation protection company that can help find and remove your personal information from the internet. If someone has given you a bad name online, Status Labs can remove negative false information about you or your company. Their team of experts will crawl the web looking for any information that is related to you and make the necessary moves to remove any negative or damaging remarks.

Status Labs Will Help Rebuild Your Reputation

If someone has been trying to destroy you online or has taken over your identity, Status Labs will work hard to get it back for you. When someone Google’s your name, what they find out about you is often going to be their first impression of you. So making a great first impression is vital. In order to boost up your online presence, Status Labs will help build a large group of positive information about you or your company so that you can make a lasting positive impression.

Don’t Let Internet Trolls Ruin Your Life

Instead of just sitting back and taking it, why not do something to protect your good name from those nasty internet trolls? Some people have nothing better to do than sit around and slander others. This is both illegal and immoral and you can take matters to stop them. With just one email or phone call to Status Labs, you can start protecting yourself from this ever growing problem. So why not connect with Status Labs today and get the ball rolling?