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Charting a New Type of Career Path

Charting a New Type of Career Path

Sam Tabar is a renowned lawyer and capital strategist operating from New York City. Sam started his career in 2001 after graduating from Columbia at one of the most prestigious legal firms in the world, Skadden, working as an associate. He left legal industry and moved into the business industry. He joined SPARX Group where he served as the MD and also Co-Heading Business Development section of the company. Sam studied at Oxford University where he earned his honors in law, and joined Columbia Law School as an Associate Editor in charge of Columbia Business Law Review.

At Skadden, Tabar was responsible for counseling clients on formation and structure of hedge funds, investment management contracts, side letters, work related issues as well as rules and regulations relating to hedge funds. He worked for three years at Skadden, when he decided to quit legal industry to join finance world at PMA Investment Advisors, a subsidiary of SPARX Group Co. which is based in Hong Kong. He started working at this company in September 2004 as a counsel, but he was promoted soon to the position of Managing Director, and also serving as Co-Head of Business development division.

At PMA Investment Advisors, Sam Tabar was responsible for managing global marketing deals for a hedge fund worth $2 billion. In addition, Sam developed new marketing strategy for his company that lead to opening of more marketing opportunities and focusing more on large family businesses, institutional clients, and high-net worth individuals and clients across the world. He gave the firm a list of about 2000 potentially qualified investors, and he further introduced 400 investors into firm. Sam Tabar led the company to raise about $1.2 billion in AUM, and he would work in close association with Chief Executive Officer and founding partners of the company.

He left the company and was appointed the Director and head of Capital Strategy at Bank of America. The company was operating in the Asia-Pacific region, and Tabar provided counsel to the company’s hedge fund clients. He also targeted and introduced new clients to institutional investors like foundations, pensions, and endowments among others. He was also assisting and managing the whole capital allocations to investors and fund managers. During his tenure at the bank, Sam Tabar had developed a rolodex of more than 1,250 institutional investors for the company.

He left the company in September 2012, where he invested in properties and also target start-ups like Verboten and Thinx. After almost ten years in the corporate world, Sam re-entered the legal industry in September 2013, and joined Schulte Roth legal firm as a Senior Associate focusing on hedge funds. He provided legal advice to the firm and its clients, and he left the company in March 2014.

After making an Investment in THINX last year, Sam was inspired to do more for Africa than just help women find work opportunities.  He also set up a separate Go Fund Me account, specifically designed to help the children of Africa that are in desperate need of medical care.  You can find the page, and even donate here.

All About Bruce Levenson

All About Bruce Levenson

In the September of 2014, the then Atlanta Hawks owner, Bruce Levenson decided that it was time to sell the team. There was a series of events that led to the decision but most of it was blown out of proportion and misinterpreted. The business person enlisted the help of Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to assist him with the sale. A few weeks ago, Businesswire announced that the team had been sold at a cost of $730 million, a price that is about 27 percent less than the amount that the team of experts had forecast that it would be sold. Well, what most people do not understand about Bruce is that he is an exceptional business person and that he has built a legacy that only few will ever be able to come close to. Here are a few things that you may not know about Bruce.

He is an active philanthropist

Bruce started his first company in 1987. It has been very successful over the years. As a result, he has had the rare chance to give the excess back to society. He owns a foundation known as ‘I have a dream foundation’, which helps the students of low income earners to access higher education. He is also a major contributor to the Jewish holocaust museum that commemorates the suffering these people went through during the dark times of Hitler.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar has a different take on the email

Most of the issues that have been following Levenson lately are in connection to an email that he wrote in 2012. Many people have formed very negative opinions about the same. However, the superstar basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar tends to differ from the popular views. He states that the spirit of the email was to try and broaden the customer base for their game. From a business point of view, Bruce was just trying to make the best out of his investment.

He is very humble

Starting from the fact that the email wasn’t leaked or discovered by mistake, people need to see Bruce for the man he is. He owned up to his comments and gave a very sincere apology. In the apology, he stated that the wording on the email was ill-advised and that he regrets having sent it. For a man who stands to lose nothing, this is an act of nobility.

He built an empire from nothing

He is the founder director of UCG Corporation which he founded close to four decades ago. Their very first place of operation was Bruce’s apartment. He and his business partner, Peskowitz persevered and were able to acquire several other magazines and merge them with their publication.

These are a few things you need to know about Bruce. The most important thing to know is that regardless of the opinions some people may have formed about this man, he is an extraordinary leader. As an entrepreneur, he is able to see a business opportunity and point it out, and he shouldn’t be demonized for it.