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The Busy Lives of Fashionistas

The Busy Lives of Fashionistas

While the fashion industry is certainly a glamorous one, more goes into the coming and goings of its numerous celebrities than would initially meet the eye, just ask businesswoman Susan McGalla.

With the year coming to an end, very many people are looking to make a statement to solidify 2014 and to make their everlasting mark onto the fashion industry. Chanel is sure not to be left behind at all and they have made quite a few moves that are sure to be very beneficial to them.

Fashion magazines have picked up quite a few stories in relation to Chanel and the activities that they’ve been doing. It seems that they are planning to open 5 new stores on Mayfair’s Burlington arcade and this would be a very good move in terms of market expansion.

The area has a very large market and thus they would be able to reach them far much easier since they will not to take a train just to get to a Chanel store. You can read about the particulars over at Bdaily, which will tell you when the good people of Mayfair should be expecting their new store to be open exactly.

They have really made a lot of good progress in the past two years and their expansion is a very good indication that the budget is right and so is the annual sales figure that they have had in 2014.