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Kendall Jenner: Rising Star

Kendall Jenner: Rising Star

Not long after her Estee Lauder campaign, Kendall Jenner received an offer she couldn’t refuse. The young model and reality star is now the new face of Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion line for handbags. Kendall is looking forward to spending time with some of Estee Lauder’s other renowned models, such as Ming Xi and Sasha Luss. Fans like Zeca Oliveira are excited to see what the young star will do next.

When Kendall got the invitation from Estee lauder, her mother Kris immediately began to cry. Kris was the first person Kendall told, as no one else could find out for a few months. The nineteen year old and her family were beyond excited, after all received the news.

Kendall started modeling at a the age of 14. Since then, she has been on runways all over the world for famous designers such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy. After this new gig with Estee Lauder, it is clear that Kendall found her calling. Only one can insinuate what the future holds for this stunning runway model.

Dress that Changes With Emotion Developed

Dress that Changes With Emotion Developed

Have you ever been startled by the beauty of a dress, so much it leaves your mouth wide agape? Fashion designers are well aware of this, and have been searching for the secret to triggering this very personal and emotional response from a piece of clothing.

The many fashion houses and designers have been engaging in cutthroat competition over the elusive market because of their need to have higher education customer service. That has sparked a touch of genius from various fashion pundits, leaving meager room for others less creative.

One such creative designer is Lauren Bowker. She works with the label Unseen, an art house digging into new concepts in cloth technology.

The talented lady has come up with interesting ideas, some pragmatic and some, well, not so visionary to the common man. Her most recent project is to design a textile which can run and interpret a person’s brain waves into a spectrum of colours.

This will be enabled by a device called the electroencephalograph (EEG) headset. This technology will cause shock waves among the fashionistas, especially the ladies. The technology tends to bring purpose to our emotions, which will be transferred to our clothing.

According to her ambitious and articulate conception, it has come to her knowledge that some colours are associated with certain emotions. The attire’s colour will enable one to describe a person’s attitudes and hence come up with a character. This idea is simply superb.