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Discover Evolution Of Smooth For Less

Discover Evolution Of Smooth For Less

Be kind to your sensitive lips with Evolution of Smooth. Their comprehensive list of lip balm products provide a huge selection of flavors and brands to choose from. They won’t leave a heavy after taste that makes it difficult to eat and drink. You don’t have to worry about applying it multiple times a day. It is designed to give you the all day coverage from a lip balm that isn’t available with their competitors. Reverse the signs of aging or protect your lips againstvthe harsh elements. The sun can be very damaging on your lips, but Evolution of Smooth is an affordable solution.
Your lips deserve an all in one treatment that will go on smooth and won’t cake up on your lips. You’ll love the way your lips get the treatment that it needs from a product that is trusted among the stars. You’ll love how easy it is to order their products online. EOS Lip Balms offer an exclusive brand that is unique to their website. You can also save big by using the promotional codes listed on their website. Discover an exclusive product with all natural ingredients and no harsh additives.

Evolution of Smooth

Your lips don’t have to go through harsh Botox treatments or expensive surgery. Take control of your lip care by choosing one of their rich flavors or brands. You will get a product that goes on smooth and won’t cake up on your lips.

– Mint kisser
– Lime
– Shea Butter
and much more…

You’re invited to visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details. The more you shop the more you save. Your friends will think you went through expensive treatments that the celebrities use. However, Evolution of Smooth is a brand you know and trust.


Doe Deere, A Doll Maker And An Artist Who Creates “Lazy” Art

Doe Deere, A Doll Maker And An Artist Who Creates “Lazy” Art


Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup, a brand that creates modern cosmetics with wild, crazy color palettes women around the world have fallen in love with.

Doe Deere, like the unusual name of her makeup brand, is not your average young woman. She was born in Russia, and her family moved here when she was young. Against the odds, Doe Deere began a small cosmetics company, because she had a difficult time finding vibrant, colorful makeup. Today, Lime Crime has arrived with a huge Instagram following at some 300,000.

Her fan base is loyal and social media-savvy, and Instagram has become a welcome place to submit photos wearing Lime Crime makeup. There, you will also find gorgeous photos of Doe Deere with her now blue, cotton candy-colored tresses and lovely bold lips and painted eyes.

Her personal photos are so striking and doll-like, that one famous artist Richard Prince decided he wanted to use her image and that of a 23-inch fashion doll for his next work of art.

Prince took a screen shot of Doe Deere posing with a masterpiece created by her close friend and talented doll maker Joshua David McKenney. The custom made doll from his Pidgin brand looked exactly like the Lime Crime founder with matching hair color, vivid makeup and attire. Below the photo were Doe Deere’s words about her artist friend McKenney and his gorgeous Doe Deere doll re-creation.

Prince took the screen shot and super-sized it to dimensions of a 48-by-65-inch print. Then, he removed her text and inserted his own, and the stolen screen shot was now his without the copyright rules one would figure might matter.

Doe Deere’s lovely face and that of Joshua David McKenney’s 23-inch beautiful doll were now part of some “lazy” art created by Richard Prince and hanging at the New York Frieze Art Fair. The striking print then sold quickly at $90,000.

Both Doe Deere and Joshua David McKenney were shocked, because Prince never approached them for permission to use the screen shot. The spotlight was now on the makeup maven and popular doll maker but not for the right reasons. McKenney, especially, was heartbroken that the other artist had deleted his name from the doll gifted to Doe Deere. In other words, McKenney’s doll had become a prop for the artist’s mission, and everything about the doll, such as being carefully and exquisitely made, was purposely deleted in the process.

Doe Deere and McKenney both feel that an artist should never profit off the back of another fellow artist. It’s a lousy thing to do and renders someone’s work voiceless.

Lime Crime and Pidgin are two brands that really matter.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime: Living Fantasies

Doe Deere and Lime Crime: Living Fantasies


Taking a unique approach to a familiar industry is crucial in order to build your business in today’s world. Applying this theory daily is the makeup company, Lime Crime. As of May 5, 2016, the company’s CEO, Doe Deere, was incredibly eager to announce that the brand’s Instagram page just reached two million followers, or unicorns as they enjoy referring to themselves as. Rejoicing in this moment allowed for the public to understand the mystery behind the over the top company’s success.

Describing that this company allows both men and women to express themselves originally, safely, and cost-effectively, readers got to understand that this account is not only for promoting the company, but for celebrating those who use the products. Adorned with photos of satisfied consumers rocking vibrant lips and colorized eyeshadow, this page is meant to celebrate the creativity that the world tends to lack. Creating a sense of community for those with common interests across the globe allows Lime Crime to gain exposure, and support their overall goal of spreading originality and the freedom to express yourself.

The spirited face behind Lime Crime is CEO and founder, Doe Deere. The self-proclaimed unicorn queen attributes her success to her disdain for the makeup industry. Describing what she believed to be a nude, monotone world, Deere revels in her theories of color, vibrancy, and expression. Ditching a nude pink for an alien green has allowed Deere to live out her own enjoyments as she helps her unicorns gallop into the artistic world of lively makeup.

Born in Russia, the queen of unfamiliar colors never deemed herself as being an entrepreneur. With a strong passion for creativity and music throughout her life, Deere moved to New York to embark on a music career. Upon meeting her husband and forming their band, Miss Lime Crime began making her own makeup in order to stand out on her own stage outside of her music career. Deciding to share her talents with the public resulted in the creation of the well-known makeup brand, and adoring fans across the universe, really.

From Russia to music, to becoming a stellar CEO, Deere is a futuristic beauty in this stagnant world. Changing the way that people perceive others has allowed the queen of unicorns to become a living fantasy, and live in one as well.

To learn more about Doe Deere, visit

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes People Feel Comfortable With Their Bodies

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes People Feel Comfortable With Their Bodies

Dr. Jennifer Walden has the perfect thing for all people who want to be more comfortable with their bodies. Women who want to look their best need to have a surgery done that is going to make sense to them, and they need to get it done in areas that make them feel better again. Dr. Jennifer is going to be able to help everyone who comes into her office for appointments, and she does a lot of designer surgeries that are perfect for women who are looking for a new body.


The new body that most women get can be had in surgeries that everyone has heard of but there are special surgeries that are going to help women look great. There is a lot that people can do, and it all starts with one of the most simple ways of making sure that people look good. A vagina shaping surgery is going to help women be happy with their bodies, and it is going to prevent them from feeling like they are odd when they wear bikinis or yoga pants. Most women do not have this problem, but anyone who is trying to get that thigh gap knows that this can be a problem.


The vagina shaping surgery is just one of the surgeries that Dr. Jennifer can do, but it is one of the best for women who want to wear tight clothes, bikinis or yoga pants. A woman who has felt strange about that part of her body for a long time has a real solution now that is going to make her life a lot happier. She can get into the things that she wants to get into, and she does not have to worry about how she is going to be dressed. Every woman is different, but there are surgeries to make them feel good. Dr. Jennifer can shape any part of a woman’s body, and she can do it in her office. Patients are asked to come to a nice place to rest, and they are given a new body they can love.


The Inspiring Doe Deere

The Inspiring Doe Deere

A unique and vibrant make-up collection called Lime Crime have been creating a splash inside the cosmetic world. Developed by a remarkable business woman named Doe Deere. This innovative fashion and makeup lover is a former model from Russia. Doe came to the United States to live out her dreams of making it big in music. Once she realized her natural gift for creating unique colors for cosmetics she developed Lime Crime. She has many followers and is also known as the Unicorn Queen this is why her packaging has unicorns on it.

The collection presents Unicorn Lipsticks which feature vivid colors like neon purple, milkshake pink, and metallic green. The Velvetines which is Liquid to matte lipstick which is really glamorous creation. Including shades like glowstick orange, deep red, and 90s brown. She developed a bright and vibrant cosmetic collection which features bold and vivid colors which are not found in conventional brands of make-up. Doe is a whimsical kind of business woman who empowers all her fans. What makes Lime Crime so special is the colors that it offers. Vibrant and rich in pigment is what you will find when you enter the Lime Crime online store.

The Carousel Gloss is filled with fantasy having a glass like finish. A fantastic glitter shimmer embedded in the gloss. Colors range from green glitter to pink red rainbow sparkle. For your eyes you will find the Venus Grunge Palette featuring 8 colors that are matte and pearl shell glows. The liquid liners are loaded with innovative exclusive colors like lime green, silver, and purple. I just appreciate all of the punk rock pastels which are all through this assortment of cosmetic products.

Doe Deere knows what her customers want and strives to create the most stunning and bright colors. I like all the information that is available on her Pinterest boards like beauty tips and the latest makeup looks. Also hair trends is something you will be inspired by when visiting the Lime Crime online store. Doe specializes in the new and different when it comes to makeup. She is on the cutting edge of cosmetics and many makeup lovers find products from her brand that are not offered in others.