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Brad Reifler Invests in Middle Class with Forefront Income Trust

Brad Reifler Invests in Middle Class with Forefront Income Trust

Brad Reifler might know a thing or two about starting with nothing and getting it all. Reifler came into the investment world in the early 80’s but it wasn’t until the ’90s that he made his hay with Pali Capital. Pali Capital grew seemingly exponentially until peaking in 2008 when the company was earning upwards of $200 million per year. Now a steady force in the financial market thanks to his work with Forefront Management Group Reifler is looking to give back, as reported by Reuters.

Knowing that the investment world heavily favors those that meet the rigorous SEC stands for being accredited investors, Reifler has decided to change the paradigm from within. Right now the investment world focuses on investors who are earning over $200,000 per year with a net worth exceeding $1 million, excluding the value of their home. Reifler is changing that by starting his public fund, Forefront Income Trust. This trust seeks to cater to the “99% of investors who are overlooked” by the rest of the financial world.

While Reifler has honorable intentions, he also has personal ones as well. His own father in law failed to invest his money in the most efficient way because he didn’t meet the SEC standards as laid out above. This fueled Reifler to decide to fix things up and help those savvy investors who were otherwise simply being ignored.

In order to invest in Forefront Income Trust you need only meet the minimum threshold of $2,500. After that you will begin working with Reifler’s group. Reifler describes his new trust as a place for people to get “financially fit” and that he believes his company to know the “right path” for these newer investors. Not based on the stock market, this fund seems like a stress free way to start growing a nest egg.