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From Fan To Star, Sergio Cortes Lives His Dreams

From Fan To Star, Sergio Cortes Lives His Dreams

Fans of musicians are always looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite artists. From listening to covers of the artists songs to dressing or styling themselves in the manner of the artist and learning their dance moves to owning every album and single ever released. This was the case with a young Sergio Cortes.

From the age of five, Sergio Cortes had a growing fascination with Michael Jackson that lead him to cover all the typical fandom bases.

Catching every performance of the Jackson 5 on television, to listening to albums on repeat, and even practicing the mannerisms and dance moves of Jackson. By the time Cortes was a teenager he resembled the pop singer so strikingly that he was asked to pose for a photograph, pretending to be Michael Jackson. This photograph went viral in an instant and lead Cortes to uncharted territory.

What started with the photograph of Sergio Cortes posed as the King of Pop was the ultimate way to show affection and appreciation for your favorite singer. Impersonation is said to be the ultimate form of flattery, and Cortes was offered a career being a celebrity impersonator of Michael Jackson. Destiny Projects Entertainment manages Sergio Cortes’s career, helping to bring his talent to fans worldwide.

Fans from all over come to watch his performance. While no one can ever bring Michael Jackson back to life, fans and performers alike relive the spirit of the late singer. Backup dancers, lights, music and Cortes’s moves and voice combine into an awesome energy that keep fans coming back for more. Cortes’s latest show is “In Human Nature Live”, currently set to tour Italy performing with his band and dancers. Perhaps one of the most iconic Jackson songs ever, Thriller, is part of this set and is sure to please.

Few people ever get the chance to pursue their dream careers, fewer still grow up to be pop-stars. What happened to Sergio Cortes gave him the opportunity to do both and exceed all expectations. He does not forget his humble start, or the late singer who started it all. In the spirit of Michael Jackson’s charity and love for kids, Cortes supports causes to give back to the world.