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How Did NutriMost Change Our Family Life?

How Did NutriMost Change Our Family Life?

There are a lot of diet plans that just do not work because of how they are put together, and I have been on some of those diet plans before because they did not teach me anything about food. All I learned on these plans is that they were going to tell me what to eat even if I did not like it. I needed a much better menu to eat from, and I also needed to find a way to learn how to eat when I was not at home. I got the best results on NutriMost, and I learned that they have an almost infinite website.

The website that they have set up has all the food on it for people like me who do not know what to eat, and then I also learned that it was easy for people like me to pick out food that would make the most sense for everyone in the family. I just started feeding everyone in the house all the food that I had found online, and then they were not any the wiser about what I was doing. My kids stayed strong, and my husband and I were both losing weight.

We were shedding pounds in a very easy way, and then we all got a lot more active just because that made the most sense for us. We were all in a good place because we were eating better food, and we were happy to have a plan that we way to stick to. We just wanted to be sure that we could do something about our weight loss that was going to work, and I was happy to jump right on the bandwagon for NutriMost. It is easy to follow, and the food tastes really good.


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The Best Nutrition for You: NutriMost

The Best Nutrition for You: NutriMost


Dr. Rob Vasquez, who is with Nutrimost in San Antonio, has quite the story to tell.

Vasquez says he had found things that worked for him, with his allergies, asthma, and weight loss, and now he brings those things to his clients.

Vasquez says that for his entire adult life, he struggled with his weight. He tried everything, from packets and powders to prepackaged meals.

Then, he found Nutrimost, and he said it all happened from there.

He lost 35 pounds quickly–in just 40 days. Eventually, he ended up losing over 60 pounds, and he’s been able to keep the weight off with his new Nutrimost plan.

With his office in San Antonio, he’s able to make weight loss (and taking care of health conditions related to weight) more accessible.

Dr. Vasquez gives five lifestyle tips:

1. Eat organic. Organic foods are free of chemicals that can make a big difference in your weight loss and look.
2. Eat more vegetables. If you have a chronic health condition, know that vegetables will help you in the long run.
3. Be sure you know what kind of sugar you’re getting. Processed sugars can ruin your life, so avoid them. And be sure your sugars are mostly natural.
4. Learn what foods can help you lose the pounds. You can have your body scanned in your quest to find out what’s best for you to lose weight and keep the pounds off.
5. Obtain body composition analysis for yourself. If you want to talk to Dr. Vasquez, you can get one for $27—a $72 savings. They usually cost $99.

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NutriMost Changes Couples Lives with Drastic Weight Loss

NutriMost Changes Couples Lives with Drastic Weight Loss

When Al & Linda Sparaco of Brookfield, Connecticut started on the NutriMost system, they both were in need of major physical change. Al had high blood pressure and was on his way to becoming diabetic. Linda was on various medications for high blood pressure, acid reflux, and high cholesterol. The couple realized that they needed a change in lifestyle and take control of their health.

Shortly after that Linda heard a radio broadcast that would change both their lives. The advertisement was for NutriMost. Intrigued, Linda decided to make appointments for both her and her husband. When the pair went to see Dr. Mitch, the doctor offering the NutriMost system, both Al and Linda was happy to see how committed Dr. Mitch was to helping patients on the NutriMost system. Overall Al lost a total of 59 pounds and Linda lost 83 pounds. They have both kept the weight off and Linda is off all of her previous medications.

The NutriMost system works off of a series of body scans that are performed on the patient. This procedure is quick, painless and provides the doctor with information about what nutrients the patient’s body is lacking. From there the doctor will list what foods a patient should be eating to obtain optimal health. There are no pills, special diet foods, or additional exercise with this system. The doctor will monitor the patient through the process and the service can be repeated for greater weight loss.

It is easy to see why the NutriMost system is helping a greater number of patients achieve weight loss, live a healthier lifestyle, and maintain the weight loss better than with traditional weight loss methods.

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Salt is Not the Most Important Factor in High Blood Pressure for Some

Salt is Not the Most Important Factor in High Blood Pressure for Some

Nutritional recommendations occasionally change as we get more data about what is really bad for us. As one example, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently changed their recommendations by announcing that eating foods containing cholesterol is not necessarily bad for us as doing so has not been scientifically linked to higher levels of cholesterol in the body. This committee convenes every five years and has a powerful influence on dietary habits in the United States. Now there is a report from OrGano Gold CEO Bernardo Chua of another substance we thought was bad, but that may be acceptable, at least for adolescents, to consume.

Salt has been as demonized as cholesterol these past couple decades. Americans do get too much sodium in general, and it is still recommended to cut down salt in our diets. There is new research, however, that indicates teenagers should worry about getting more potassium rather than not getting too much sodium. The eating habits and blood pressure of over 2,000 teenage girls were tracked for 10 years. The results showed that those who followed a low-salt diet in their adolescent years were just as likely to get high blood as those who did not. Students that ate a diet rich in potassium during these years, however, had lower blood pressure on average a decade later. Yet another instance of conventional wisdom being turned on its head, and now we need to tell teenagers to eat more bananas and raisins if they care about their health.