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Kyle Bass’ Tactics Seem Underhanded

Kyle Bass’ Tactics Seem Underhanded

It’s hard to tell, with financial practices, what is and is not underhanded. Sometimes a loan is really a debt extension, while sometimes it’s a lifeline. Context defines everything, and when exploring the context of Kyle Bass’ rather controversial investment decisions, ethical underhandedness is almost always present; even from the very beginning.

Before Kyle Bass was the media personality with the reputation he has today, he worked for Bear-Stearns, one of the top five investment banks on Wall Street prior the 2008 financial collapse. When his employment with Bear-Stearns dissolved, Bass let drop a tip which hit financial news outlets and caused Stearns to go under by the end of the week, being bought out by J.P. Morgan-Chase. Later in 2008, the Great Recession hit, from which Bass substantially capitalized by short-selling sub-prime loans at the right time. No wonder he made it big, he was part of the downfall itself!

Then there’s CAD. The Coalition for Affordable Drugs truly plays the part of a cad, forcing big-ticket pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices for the ostensible purpose of aiding the poor and infirm in a humanitarian way. The real purpose is subsequent Wall Street stock declination which Bass capitalizes on via the short-sell, making millions. Meanwhile, the drug companies can’t research or develop anything that year–or for a while afterward, usually–with such a funding loss, meaning new developments are indefinitely suspended, and the infirm are no closer to health.

Finally, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a woman so bad with money that she has cast Argentina into default twice over the last thirteen years, is a regularly supported person by Bass. He is always quick to sing her praises.

With all these things in mind, when Bass says things like China’s economy will face an implosion like 2008’s, but not quite so bad, and that it will happen in two to three years with a forty to fifty percent likelihood of hitting by the end of 2016, understand that he’s not really saying anything. He’s just prodding under-experienced financiers into withdrawing investiture, making his remarks somewhat self-fulfilling. To qualify that, Bass has been predicting China’s downfall since October 2015, and yet as of July, he’s now saying that should China “Materially” devalue their currency, it could be the most historically exciting time to invest in Asian markets. It looks like Bass’ manipulation tactic isn’t working, and he’s got to backpedal fast. Either way, his methodology is decidedly underhanded.

White Shark Media Reviews

White Shark Media Reviews


It’s not secret that there’s always going to be a complaint with someone. You are never going to make everyone happy. You can’t spend the rest of your life chasing after someone, trying to make them happy. Either, they person is happy or they are not.

This sort of logic can definitely be applied to those operating a business too. Today we will be speaking with the company White Shark Media. Some of you might be familiar with this company, while others might not know White Shark exists.

We wanted to know how a company like White Shark deals with customer complaints: After all, it can’t be easy maintaining a successful business, while trying to fight off the skepticism.

“It’s not easy, no. We just try to maintain a level head. We try to focus on the bigger picture. As long as we are keeping the majority of our customers happy, than a few criticisms are not going to hurt us. We do try to do something about it though. We do try to figure out a way to turn that negative into a positive. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort, but it does pay off in the end.”

–Rep from White Shark Media

We asked this rep how they do deal with the criticisms. Is there a “plan of action” in place to try to keep the skepticism at bay?

“Actually, yes there is a plan of action. We sit down and see what is working for us at the moment and what is not. Sometimes a customer is responding negatively to a product or plan of action we tried long time ago. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have the time to get rid of those things that aren’t working right away. This is where the problem is coming from.”

“So we have employed a special group to help us out with this. Their job is to look through everything, all our products and services. Their job is to get rid of the old and bring froward the new.”

What about the ads? Do they play a role in how the customer receives what you are offering? Do the ads cause more complaints, depending on the content of the ad?

“Actually, we do have someone looking at the ads right now. Some people do respond negatively to some of our ads. Sometimes the end up being too behind the times. Other times the ads tend to strike a negative chord within the person. What we are trying to do is create a balance. We want to spring forward and move with the times. This is where some of the negativity comes from. Some don’t like change. Our team is in charge of all these goals.”

Why not learn more about White Shark. Go to their official facebook page and check them out. Before passing some sort of judgement, based on what others have said or implied, learn to be your own judge. You can visit the link right here.