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The Brilliant Mind of Eric Pulier

The Brilliant Mind of Eric Pulier

When you think of famous people, a high majority of them are entertainers or professional athletes. Did you know that many of the individuals who’ve done great things for man-kind aren’t household names? Unfortunately these extraordinary people never seem to achieve celebrity status or recognized for the wonderful things they do. One of these talented individuals is Eric Pulier. Though he isn’t a household, Pulier has set his mark on society itself thanks to his brilliant mind and this is how.

Eric Pulier is a loving father of four who lives in Los Angeles, California, but his roots are from Teaneck, New Jersey. As a child he was definitely creative and by the time he was in the fourth grade, Pulier had programmed his first computer. That’s right! This tech savvy youngster would go even further by the time he hit the high school scene in which he founded a computer database company. Pulier’s high intelligence capacity gave him a one way ticket to the prestigious Harvard University in 1984. While majoring in American and English Literature, Pulier still found time as an editor column writer of the prominent Harvard Crimson publication. Yes, he certainly had his hands full, but did you know that he was also taking classes at (MIT)? Eric Pulier finally graduated “magna cum laude” in 1988 then he took his talents to sunny Southern California.

One of the first things he did was creating yet another company. “People Doing Things,” in which he used advanced technology to directly handle the many issues of education and healthcare. This really set the ball in motion by creating a positive buzz within the industry. Other achievements afterward was that he developed a private social media community for chronically ill children named Starbright World. This gave the kids a way of community with each other (via) blogs and chat. Pulier has a long list of accomplishments included such as being a Co-Founder of Servicemesh Inc, Board Member of XPRIZE, and the Director/Co-Founder of Media Platform Inc. Eric Pulier has a brilliant mind has certainly left a positive mark on society.

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