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Survival Tips

Survival Tips


If you need a few survival tips, then look no further than one of the latest videos by Wengie. She gives a few hacks that you can use in every day situations that could mean the difference between surviving or making it home and being miserable or possible being hurt. A rain catcher is the safest source for clean drinking water. Cut the top off of a large water bottle, and put the bottle outside in an area where it will collect the water.


While you’re out of the home, you might find that you need spare cash for emergencies or if a business doesn’t take credit or debit cards. This hack also works if you have left your wallet or purse at home. Fold money that you think that you might need, and put the money in your phone case. You’ll usually always have your phone with you, so as long as you remember that there is money there, then you’ll have cash for something that could get you out of an emergency.


If you’re in an earthquake or another disaster and find that it’s hard to breathe, you can make a dust mask from your bra. This usually only works for women, but if you’re a male and in an area where you can quickly get to a bedroom where a bra might be located, then you can also use the clothing as a dust mask. Make sure you clip the bra at the back of the head so that it stays in place.

Fabletics Is Making A Name For Itself

Fabletics Is Making A Name For Itself

Fabletics is a brand that’s making women’s lives across the globe much easier. It’s because it’s comfortable and fashionable active-wear that a woman can wear no matter what activity she is doing. It’s perfect for the gym, for running errands or lounging around a home. The beauty of Fabletics is that there is an item for every body type and every person’s style. Fabletics has many different types of shirts, leggings, sports bras, and more. They make styles for those who are short and tall. They also accommodate a wide variety of body types. Trust Pilot consumers give them a rave revieW!


Fabletics is also great because there are a lot of options when it comes to purchasing a certain outfit. People can shop from the comfort of their own home or they can venture to one of the retail locations that have been popping up recently. Fabletics operates off of a subscription based model which can scare some people. That’s because they’re not familiar with it and they’re not sure how those models work. They sometimes think of them as scams but Fabletics is changing that. The subscription-based model actually ensures that a person gets new and stylish clothes each month while saving money! The VIP membership also offers a whole slew of other rewards and discounts. The Krazy Koupon Lady loves Fabletics because there’s always great deals. For example, new years is right around the corner and people can score a discounted outfit!


The active-wear at Fabletics looks similar to other major brands such as Nike or Adidas. It’s hard to tell the difference. Fabletics offers consumers more of a bargain, however. The clothes are still high quality. You can wash and wear them as often as you’d like and they’ll still end up looking the same! There are always new styles being released which can appease even the most shopping-addicted consumer. The prints are always wonderful and different. The leggings, one of the most popular items, have a variety of colors and styles. They fit almost any body type. They’re stretchy but still help to hold everything in which is perfect when exercising. The smooth material also helps with running and other exercises at the gym.


Overall, Fabletics offer great products. If shopping in a retail store, there are workers who will help you choose the best size and style. They’ll also work to get you discounts with the VIP membership. If shopping online, shipping is quick and easy! There is also customer support which is very helpful. Either way, you can’t go wrong when choosing how to get your stylish Fabletics products.


Ressler Continues to Help Build TechStyle Brand into a Clothing Industry Force

Ressler Continues to Help Build TechStyle Brand into a Clothing Industry Force

Over the years, Don Ressler has developed a strong reputation for building successful start-ups in the business world.

Now he and his frequent business partner Adam Goldenberg have joined forces with Hollywood star Kate Hudson with the Fabletics firm started in 2013.

Fabletics started as an online subscription for women’s athletic apparel as the latest endeavor by Ressler’s TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly known as JustFab. What stands out as the clothing brand is that it is designed both for gym workouts and for everyday wear. This cuts down on having to change clothes during the day just to get in a workout.

Fabletics is the fastest-growing brand in the TechStyle firm and is transitioning from online to being a brick-and-mortar franchise with the goal of adding 75-100 stores within the next five years.

The brand has been so successful that Fabletics is launching F2, a men’s line for both everyday use and sportswear. Even Kate’s brother, Oliver Hudson, has helped develop the new men’s brand.

The brand’s success is only the latest from Ressler who has made a name for himself many times over. He first began with before teaming with Goldenberg at Intermix Media to form the offshoot Alena Media. After NewsCorp bought out Alena’s parent company, Ressler and Goldenberg left in order to attain more autonomous control of their ideas.

Eventually, after some strategy sessions at Goldenberg’s house along with several former Alena Media employees, Intelligent Beauty was formed with Ressler as the company CEO. Under that company banner, many successful brands were formed. Chief among them were DERMSTORE, an online cosmetics market, and SENSA, a weight-loss system.

Eventually, JustFab came along to make its presence felt in the clothing industry. The current clothing business TechStyle started out as JustFab in 2010 and has steadily been built up. However, the quick success of Fabletics have further racheted up the company’s presence in today’s clothing industry.

Within a little over a year, then JustFab raised $85 million to pursue larger business goals within the clothing market. By 2015, over 5,000 new clothing items were being made and plans for a men’s sportswear were underway.

Now it appears that Ressler and his company are ready to take on the likes of Nike and Under Armour when it comes to men’s sportswear.

History suggests that they can’t be discounted even against these giants.

JustFab Has A Variety Of Fashion Designs For You This Summer

JustFab Has A Variety Of Fashion Designs For You This Summer

Unlike winter where one has to put on heavy clothes and closed shoes, summer gives fashion lovers a chance to embrace new fashion designs and flaunt what they already have in their wardrobes. For fashion lovers, JustFab has dozens of new designs waiting for them to try out.

Although JustFab creates new designs every month, summer season usually means more designs and appealing styles. JustFab clients are required to pay only $39.95 monthly to receive a shipment of these fashionable items. These items, which range from apparel, shoes, and purses to accessories, are curated, selected and designed by renowned stylists and celebrities.

Unlike other companies in the fashion industry, JustFab employs in-house designs, produces its own products and owns the fashion label. This internal operation enables the company to maintain a rapid pace of design and production that assures clients of new and trendy products every new month. 
JustFab is not only a fast fashion company, but also a fast growing company. In July 2012, the company averaged 500,000 new users monthly. In total, it had about 15 million members in Europe and the United States. Moreover, the company raised about $76 million dollars in that month. These outcomes prove that JustFab is the next big thing in the fashion industry.

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JustFab Women’s Shoes, Designer Purses, Sandals, Women’s Booties…

justfab – YouTube

A quick glimpse at JustFab’s summer shop is tantalizing. From shoes and bags to apparels and accessories, there is a variety of products on offer. In the shoe section, clients are sure to find many beautiful shoes such as Daleyza, Ariadna, Leire, Ainhoa, Amiyah, Bellen, Camila and Daniela. Camila is a sandal while Daleyza is a lovely designed leather boot.

Customers can choose clothes that match any of the shoes discussed above. Wrap spaghetti dress, embroidered flutter sleeve dress, double strap spaghetti dress, knit culotte jumpsuit, and high neck floral maxi are just some of the many summer dresses stocked by JustFab. It is important to note that there are also tops, bottoms, and accessories that makes a complete summer wardrobe.

Customers should know that the JustFab products are affordable. JustFab’s products are cheaper compared to fashion designs from other companies. This is because JustFab ensures that individuals can enjoy quality and fashionable summer outfits without hurting their pockets. The aspect of affordability in terms of prices has been one of the reasons why the company managed to register over 15 million members in just a few years of operation. In 2013, the company formed a partnership with ShoeDazzle that saw the companies merge their members to form a pool of 30 million members. This move helped JustFab increase its sales revenues and strengthen its brand.

Learn more about JustFab:

Fabletics Introducing New Lines For Summer

Fabletics Introducing New Lines For Summer

If you are familiar with athleisure, then you’ve probably heard of @fabletics. This popular brand of athletic wear is a company with a wide variety of athleisure clothing. The brands model and co-creator, Kate Hudson recently sat down with Marie Claire magazine to discuss the brand and their fun plans to introduce new lines for the summer. Since athleisure became a lifestyle trend, many retailers have added collections to their lines to attract more customers. Thanks to the great comfort, and trendy styles of Fabletics that go with just about anything, athleisure has become a huge worldwide trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Fabletics is happy to announce a brand new line of athleisure dresses. These dresses are cute, comfy and sure to be a fashion statement no matter the event you wear them. The dresses are current, trendy and even are made out of a material that allows you to wear them spanx free. No need for extra hosiery because these will hug your curves in all the right places! The swimsuits are sporty, yet flirty in bold colors and styles. They are. A definite must have this summer! There is support where it’s needed and you won’t go wrong with a Fabletics bathing suit! See:

Fabletics is a company in which you can either purchase items at your leisure or subscribe to receive items monthly. They will deliver hand selected items to your door at a fixed cost, based on your preferences in style and size. What could be more exciting than receiving trendy athleisure outfits every single month? You’ll have the best wardrobe before you know it! For women who love athletic wear, whether it’s for exercise, or daily wear, Fabletics is the best option for getting low cost, quality, stylish clothing that won’t go out of style! Fabletics has so much to offer to its customers, so don’t waste any time- check it out!

What’s New at JustFab?

What’s New at JustFab?

Though summer does not mark the beginning of a new year, people feel refreshed and cleansed during this time–ultimately making them ready for the rest of the year. As you feel good, you will surely want to look great as a response, so it is important to stock your closet with the newest fashions that exclaim “summer is here!” We get it, though; you would rather be on the beach than a stuffy store, so that is totally why you should leave the shopping to JustFab, an online retailer specializing in seasonal fashions for everybody’s preferred tastes. A team of specialized stylists will stock your online closet for you, so all you have to do is hit checkout! What is waiting for you, you ask? Everything wonderful, of course!

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JustFab Summer Shop

Top Sellers

Safari Tank Top

Alright, you might not be planning to head to Africa this summer, but you can look as if you are with this trendy tank. The deep, dusty olive color of this shirt will do anything but blend you into the crowd. Dual pockets frame a laced, criss-cross front. Extra fabric in the back adds a dynamic that is hard to resist.

Tie-Front A-Line Skirt

Reminiscent of the 50s, this skirt is flirty, flowy, and will turn even the edgiest female into a delicate flower for a little while. A sweet bow accents the front, and the cut of the skirt works well with anything from bold pumps to sneakers. The choice is yours!

Knit Maxi Skirts

There are only a few things that every woman should have in their closets for summer: Comfortable shorts, a few tank tops, sandals, and a solid collection of maxi skirts. You really never know when something dressy is going to come up in the summer time, and the last thing you want to do is give up your comfortable summer days for a tight cocktail dress. Maxi skirts hug your curves in the most flattering way, and allow you to maintain a snug feeling that still allows you to look awesome. Throw in an attractive slit on the side, some dressy shoes, and you are good to go.

Knit Culotte Jumpsuit

This fashionable piece from JustFab will work well for absolutely every summer occasion. It is both dressy and casual, and will turn even the tamest of kittens into a lioness. This halter top leaves room to show off your upper back and arms; the flowy style cascades around your legs. Punctuate this outfit with a few bracelets and JustFab’s Mariangel pumps in Kelly green, and you are ready to crash any fashion show in the city.

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The Amazing New Products From Fabletics

The Amazing New Products From Fabletics

In the fitness world, there has been a great need for high fashion activewear without the high price tag. However, in the past, this is something that has not been accessible. There are many luxury activewear companies that sadly just charge too much for their workout clothes. Fabletics saw this gap in the activewear market and decided to really step in with some affordable and fashionable activewear. The Clothes Maiden recently showcased some of the new 2016 summer collections for Fabletics. Black and white floral prints are very popular this summer within the Fabletics line of summer activewear. Eye-catching geo patterns are also very in this season and Fabletics took great advantage of that. This summer collection also features very bright colors as well.

The great thing about this new summer line is that it is pretty without being too fancy. These workout clothes are also not too revealing like other types of activewear. On Instagram, they have also shared some very competitive pricing that makes this summer line very appealing to many women who are looking to hit the gym hard this summer.

Fabletics was rolled out in October of 2013 by the masterminds behind Just Fab. They knew that they needed a celebrity endorsement to really get things kicked off. In their opinion, it was a much smarter business move to partner with a business minded celebrity in growing Fabletics rather than just offering a large endorsement deal. Now, Kate Hudson is the face of Fabletics. She has been able to help create many of the amazing lines that you now see today.

Fabletics isn’t just workout clothes either. Fabletics flattering swimwear will help you to show off the body that you have worked so hard for at the gym. These swimsuits are beautifully crafted and designed to accentuate all of the right areas on the body. The competitive price points on these swimsuits at also makes them a great buy.

The future of Fabletics is very bright. Fabletics is planning on expanding their online reach and retail store reach over the next few years. The passion of Fabletics is to keep individuals motivated to be fit and active. When you look good, you feel good. Fabletics has created an activewear brand that is about much more than just clothing. The deepest goal in Fabletics growth is to inspire people to live their passions. Fabletics is a great company that will continue to change lives for years to come. 

I’ve Learned That JustFab Is The Place To Shop For The Summer

I’ve Learned That JustFab Is The Place To Shop For The Summer

I didn’t think I needed any more clothes for the summer until I saw an ad about the JustFab website. I saw the cutest pair shoes in the ad, and I decided to visit the website to see what they had to offer. Visiting the JustFab website was like visiting a candy store if I was a child, and I was so impressed by the shoe collection they had. I have not seen a shoe selection that was so unique and so large in a long time, and I decided to start shopping for shoes. Shopping for shoes led me to look into purchasing clothing, especially since there were a lot of clothing that would match the shoes that I was picking.

I went from going to the website to purchase a simple pair of shoes to buying five outfits, five pairs of shoes, two handbags, and three pieces of jewelry at I had no qualms about purchasing such a large amount of items from the website, especially since I became a member and got the best price possible. When I became a member on the website, I observed that there is a $39.95 a month membership fee, but I like the fact that I can cancel at every time if I need to. The membership fee is In my account, so each month I can go into the account and spend the amount I paid for the membership fee.

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I’ve planned a summer getaway on, so I figured buying some more clothing and shoes would be a good idea. I even had thought to buy some boots from the website, especially since they have the lowest priced boots I’ve ever seen. I never bought boots in the past because I saw them selling for $200 or more, but the JustFab website has boots for incredibly low prices. I’ve gone onto the JustFab website every week since I discovered it, and I have more clothes for the summer than I need, but I’d rather be prepared than unprepared.

With the low prices that are exclusively mine because I’m a VIP member of the JustFab website, I will always save money on everything I purchase, and I can also get shipping that’s free whenever I make a minimum purchase on the website. I only wish I had chosen to go to the JustFab website years ago, especially since they’ve been around for a long time. All I know is that I can find clothing throughout the year, especially for the summer on the JustFab website. I’ve made it a point to continue paying my membership fee each month, even if I don’t shop so that I can save up money to buy more products when I need them.

Athleisure Takes the Fashion World by Storm

Athleisure Takes the Fashion World by Storm

If you have not yet heard of the athleisure fashion trend, you must be living under a rock. This fashion trend is sweeping the world and features some comfortable and cutting-edge options. As reported by InStyle, the athleisure trend is more than just women wearing yoga pants all the time. Rather, major clothing retailers have jumped on board and are making everyday clothing for women that is comfortable to wear and allows them to live an active lifestyle while still looking put-together and on point. These companies on YouTube are capitalizing on the healthy lifestyle trend that has picked up major steam across the country in recent years. As people are being more active in general, they are looking for a wardrobe that reflects their daily activities. That is where the athleisure fashion trend has hit its stride. Even if you are not on your way to workout at the gym, it is now fashionably acceptable to wear loose clothing paired in a cute way. This means that new retailers have been producing much more than just designer leggings.

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The Only Fabletics Review You Need to Read

One of the hot companies knocking the athleisure fashion trend out of the park right now is Fabletics, a major fashion online retailer. Since it first opened in October of 2013, Fabletics has been about so much more than just fashionable leggings, although it does produce really amazing pairs of those. Fabletics has made its mark on the fitness fashion industry by being able to design, produce and sell diverse fashion options made out of top quality materials without charging its customers an arm and a leg to get dressed for the day.

Fabletics also constantly updates its inventory. As part of its unique business model, the company offers its customers an online membership option. This means that each moth the company offers new athletic outfits in all different types of prints and patterns to help their customers stay on their fitness regimens and maintain super active lifestyles.
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Lace: Not Just for Lingerie

Lace: Not Just for Lingerie


Lace is having a moment this spring. The ladylike fabric was seen from Dior to Vera Wang to Balenciaga this season. Instead of saving this delicate fabric for wedding gowns or intimate apparel, designers are applying lace to all sorts of garments for maximum drama and romance.

The great thing about lace it that it can be at once girlie and retro, both classic and unexpected. Check out this slideshow from InStyle to see all the new ways to wear this time-honored fabric.

One exciting thing about this longtime favorite fabric is that this season, lace not limited to just dresses and skirts. Lace is appearing on accessories and swimwear, so you can rock as little or as much as you choose this season. This article from shows some amazing lace pieces from a to die for Christopher Kane bag to lustworthy Dolce and Gabbana espadrilles. Pair it with jeans or leather for an unexpected twist.

What if you are looking for a more budget-friendly way to get the latest styles delivered to your door? Check out JustFab, the subscription style service. Our stylists tailor their suggestions to your personal style, so you are sure to get pieces you love. They can even help your inject a bit of romance into your own style.