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EOS Lip Balms are Number One in the Oral Care with Innovative Orbs of Flavors

EOS Lip Balms are Number One in the Oral Care with Innovative Orbs of Flavors

Now that the EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, cosmetic brand is out and has overtaken its competitors in sales, it’s time to release the untold story of EOS Lip Balm. To the co-founders, Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, the lip balm category appeared to be the perfect area in cosmetics for innovation and a fresh start. The industry was stalled with Chapstick and Blistex as the two industry leaders for over a century, and those who had tried to infiltrate the line were simply copies of the top two.

Of the three co-founders, Mehra remained to produce and continue the brand. He had been with PepsiCo in packaging, and he had a fresh concept that was going to rock the oral care industry. He designed lip balms that would offer a bit of delight everytime the user took it out.

He created an organic lip balm that offered 16 whimsical flavors such as Honeydew and Grapefruit, and he packaged the balm in tiny, pastel spheres that were definitely a turn from the classic Chapstick cylinders.  Check this on

Retail took some time to catch up with EOS starting out with a shelf in Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. Click this site which offers some info too. When the millennial celebrities picked up the new round spheres of lip balm flavor, then the market opened up.

Soon, EOS was in Allure and Cosmo, and the retail stores were devoting entire sections to the EOS brand. This was what the founders have been looking for, and EOS Lip Balms began to be carried in every girl’s makeup bag.

Today, EOS Lip Balm reportedly sells over one million products weekly in the oral care division. EOS has passed Blistex and Chapstick and is now the leader in the industry, which is projected to reach two billion dollars by 2020. Pick up one of the organic, fresh flavors, and try a new EOS Lip Balms for yourself!

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