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The Antique Wine Company Is The Finest In Providing Vintage Wines Globally

The Antique Wine Company Is The Finest In Providing Vintage Wines Globally

In 1982 a wine merchant specializing in fine wines opened a Wine Company in London. The merchant’s name is Stephen Williams, and he is currently the CEO of this record breaking wine company known as, Antique Wine Company. The Company currently holds over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest vintages.


In October 2014 Antique Wine Company appointed two new members to their global sales department. Stuart Young is now the Sales Director for the London headquarters. Young’s main responsibility will be to increase the number of AWC’s (Antique Wine Company) client accounts 100% in the next two years.


The second appointment was, Jean-Phillippe Guillot, who will lead the AWC’s team in the Philippines and Hong Kong. The responsibility for Guillot will be to increase growth in the Asia markets over the next two years.


Stephen Williams is said to be very excited about the Company’s growth and expansion. They will be providing clients extra-ordinary standards and expertise as well as personal attention. William’s key skills are tracking down wine for customers. The business is driven by sourcing wines to get exactly what the customers are looking for.


Williams might buy wine at auctions, but he prefers to build them up so he can pick the finest vintages. He also sources wines directly from Chateaux or by secondary markets. His reputation has grown so that sellers often approach him from places such as impoverished English country homes.


AWC’s customers were historically from the Unites States, but have recently grown in Hong Kong and China to exceed those in the US. There are customers who want to purchase entire wine cellars. AWC will spend several million pounds to create one for them. William’s greatest achievement was assembling every consecutive vintage of Chateau Dyquen between 1860 and 2003. This incredible collection was offered to the highest bidder.


Williams and the teams at the Antique Wine Company can tell the age of wine by; looking at the wine, knowing how it was stored and using sophisticated techniques to verify its age. For the customer who buys the wine, they need to have a bit of knowledge on how wine should look.


Typically a young wine will look purple-ish red; reflecting the fruits used to make the wine. This happens if wine has not been aged long. When it reaches a red brown, it will still be healthy and have the flavor people look for. A well-aged wine will have the red brown color.


The Antique Wine Company knows vintage wines and supplies them to private individuals, restaurants, hotels and the global wine industry.