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Gluten Sensitivity Not So Difficult to Diagnose

Gluten Sensitivity Not So Difficult to Diagnose

Emily Oster, an associate professor of economics, recently wrote on FiveThirtyEightScience “It’s Hard to Know Where Gluten Sensitivity Stops and the Placebo Effect Begins.”

Oster argues that only 1 in 100 people who give up gluten because they believe they have non-celiac gluten sensitivity actually have it. Oster argues that many people have foolishly cut themselves off from wheat because of the placebo effect. Yet, Oster doesn’t have medical credentials for this field, the research studies she used to support her argument featured small samplings and she didn’t cover “delayed” sensitivity.

Additionally, NCGS can be diagnosed for many through IgG stool, IgG blood and sublingual wheat drop testing. Although sublingual testing is the only medically recognized gold standard test, these tests combined can show a pattern of gluten sensitivity.Lee Slaughter has read that, when the tests are positive, gluten is then removed from the diet and the patient sees a cessation of symptoms, then the patient does not have a mental health issue.

Oster states that only those who test positive for celiac or wheat allergy should give up gluten. This is very poor advice. Many people who have seen results were forced to go gluten-free without testing because their PCPs or allergists wouldn’t perform more than IgA or skin tests.

Yes, there is a worldwide gluten-free trend. BUT, articles like Oster’s harm those who legitimately have NCGS by making it appear as if all sufferers are crazy.