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How Oncotarget Is Contributing The Advancements in Science

How Oncotarget Is Contributing The Advancements in Science

There’s many reasons why someone may want to consider visiting Oncotarget to conduct their researching in the fields of science and oncology. It is a website that updates its scholarly reviewed articles of scientific findings on a weekly basis and has several resources for people who are either involved or interested in the scientific community to benefit from. It is truly an opportunity for people to understand what is occurring in the world of science as well as an opportunity in which people may use the resources that are available to make their own contributions to scientific studies, analysis, and researching.

If you are unsure about what Oncotarget offers you, then please feel free to visit the website and ask any questions that you may have in the “contact us” section. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals. It is a website that is quite easy to navigate through and has been designed with simplicity in its layout. It is a website that reflects the efforts that have been made and is continuing to be made in the world of science, oncology, and scientific discoveries. It should not be considered as being a place where one can attain information on just one sector of science. Instead, it is a site that is updated regularly on a vast array of scientific researched findings in several different sectors of the field of science. The ultimate goal of the website is the end all diseases in life. Would that not be a near miracle? If we continue to work towards making as much advancement as possible on a continuous basis, then such a world may be within our reach. However, we as a human race need to research through compilations of updated findings to ensure that we are doing what we can to advance in science regularly. This is what will keep us going strong as a society.

Download output styles at Means to Cleanse Your System Means to Cleanse Your System


If you have felt sluggish and tired without any reason for feeling this way, it might be due to the fact that you have a body full of toxins and parasites that need to be cleansed properly. Many people do not necessarily realize that a cleanse is necessary for vitality and health each and every day. When you do not do a regular cleanse, the toxins and parasites in your body will just continue to build up. This could be a result of the foods that you eat or even free radicals that are found naturally in the environment. Doing a cleanse on a routine basis will help to revitalize your health and get you feeling and looking your best.


There are many reasons to do a cleanse like this, and all of the reasons are beneficial to your overall health and well-being. Many people do a cleanse on a regular basis in order to maintain and lose weight. It helps to get rid of excess food that is in your intestines and allow you to get rid of bloating that has become a problem for you. Other individuals may use the parasite formula that offers, which is ideal for getting rid of any parasites or worms that are in your body.


If you have never done a cleanse before in your life and would like more information about it before jumping the gun, it might be a good idea to visit this amazing company on both Facebook and Tumblr. They are found on social media in order to provide better customer service to their clients all over the world. If you have any questions regarding the usage of their products, they will be more than happy to help you out whenever they can. You can either contact them by telephone or visit them on social media to connect with helpful representatives. Having your health back in check simply by using a cleanse is a lot easier than you might think, and it is why so many individuals have used these amazing cleanses in the past with fantastic results.  Read the real reviews from people who have tried, on Yelp.

Update February 17th, 2016:

The very funny Sheryl Underwood, comedian and co-host of the popular CBS show The Talk, recently appeared on the Steve Harvey radio broadcast discussing her recent weight-loss with “Da Herbs”. Jokingly “urbanifying” and its popular Full Body Cleanse, Underwood admitted that she had only been on the program just short of a week and had already lost Five (5) pounds. offers a full array of different types of cleanses and other all natural supplements that promote health and well-being. Underwood is one of many past, present, and upcoming success stories using the product-line.


Underwood has enjoyed success as a comedian, actress, and television host. She has credits to her name which include The Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and BET’s Comic View. A full-figured woman, Underwood has expressed her pleasure at the results she has seen with this product.


Dara Interviews Markus Rothkranz

Dara Interviews Markus Rothkranz

Dara has her own YouTube channel dedicated to raw foods, beauty, weight loss, the prevention of disease and health. She’s won numerous awards from the Best of Raw, including for Sexiest Raw Woman and Best Raw TV Show. She’s certified in the the Science of Raw Food Nutrition. She starts off this video by saying Markus Rothkranz represents the next step in her raw food career.

Rothkranz discusses the time, still sick, he spent forty days in the dessert, nude, fasting, to find his purpose in life. He started off with a big backpack full of everything he thought he might need. However, in time, he learned to let go, and not spend his life chasing after material possessions instead of his dreams. The people society look up to, such as Gandhi, go through life with just a loincloth, looking for the truth, not satisfied with anything less, and he had more power than the people in charge. According to Rothkranz, the stuff you get rid of is even more important than what you take in. That includes getting rid of unhealthy, cooked and processed foods, and the toxins that are accumulated in your body. However, it also means getting rid of a codependent relationship you’re in, financial burdens and the clutter in your house. Also, get rid of the clinging people in your life who suck your life.

That makes room in your life for the things and people you are meant to have. The world is infinite. He shows his book The Prosperity Secret and says you have to get rid of the programming that rich people are evil. They are not. Success frees you up to be who you really are. You’re not happy because you’re not free.

Dara clearly thinks highly of Rothkranz. They actually spend a lot more time discussing Rothkranz’s philosophies and views on life and prosperity than on raw foods, and she is in tune with him. She points out you never know when you’re going to have a ah-ha moment that changes your life. Life is about being inspired, and inspiring others.

InnovaCare Makes Significant Steps in Advocating For Reforms in Payment Options

InnovaCare Makes Significant Steps in Advocating For Reforms in Payment Options

InnovaCare is a global health service provider based in Puerto Rico. Known for its pursuit of high-quality medical care, the firm has joined the Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) to implement changes in the health sector. Such a move is aimed at promoting quality medical care as opposed to quantity.

The company is committed to expediting the move to alternative modes of payment. It intends to be at the forefront in advocating for health reforms across the country. A quantitative data study is in the pipeline to determine various viable payment options to patients. Besides, InnovaCare Health is guided by principles such as cost effectiveness, quality, innovation and coordinated access to care.

Several organizations from the public, private and non-profit sectors have joined the initiative to transform health through the constant supply of quality healthcare. Discussions by several stakeholders are geared to provide suitable alternatives to the current mode of payment. The company’s C.O.O, Penelope Kokkinides, has assured stakeholders of their commitment to achieving set milestones and making a clear difference in the health industry.

Background of InnovaCare, Inc.

InnovaCare Health, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare services with the aid of its subsidiaries: PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. and MMM Healthcare, Inc. The former serves more than 200,000 customers with the assistance of 7,500 service providers. Furthermore, they are tasked by the Puerto Rico government to supervise two Medicaid plans. By being the sole provider of NCQA-accredited health plans, they intend to adequately cater to the needs of patients through diverse treatment options.

About the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network

The LAN platform serves as a foundation for the dissemination and sharing of vital information among concerned stakeholders. Moreover, HHS strives to ensure that currents projects shift their attention to the delivery of substitute payment options on By implementing targets set by LAN, patients no longer have to pay for medical services offered. Payment is made to hospitals based on the quality of health care provided.

To promote service delivery, the company has added three new members to its highly talented team. Jonathan Meyers serves as the firm’s chief actuary officer. His invaluable knowledge is crucial in the realization of set goals and objectives. Before the appointment, Meyers worked at HealthCare Partners as chief actuary officer. On the other hand, Penelope Kokkinides’ appointment as the chief administrative officer has been hailed by health experts courtesy of her unrivaled expertise and immense experience. She previously served as COO and executive vice president of Centerlight HealthCare.

The company credits its CEO, Rick Shinto, for his relentless pursuit of excellence. Furthermore, his invaluable insight has elevated the firm’s status as a top provider of health care solutions in Puerto Rico.

Sweetgreen: Entrepreneurial Frontier in Providing Healthy Food

Sweetgreen: Entrepreneurial Frontier in Providing Healthy Food

In October 2015, one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen gave an inspirational and enlightening interview at concerning the astounding success of their booming business. The founders of this rapidly growing company are Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman. They were just Georgetown University graduates in 2007 with a great idea of providing healthy and organic foods in an easy and fun way. And eight years later, they have gained $95 million in venture capital funding.

Nicolas Jammet was the co-founder doing the interview. He stated how each one of the co-founders are children of entrepreneurs. And they started out their business in a small space they were renting. Their startup began with funding provided by some relatives and friends, and now they are a salad chain that has up to 31 locations. They are now expecting to expand to 40 locations.

Jammet mentioned great secrets to their success. He knew that they had opportunities that others might not have. He is aware that others have great ideas. However, he is also aware that more is needed for success than just having a great idea. A lender told them that he believes in them because not only did they have a good idea, but he believes that they would be successful. Secondly, he mentioned that possessing a large level of discipline and hard work are also vital for success. He even mentioned how they have the same pitch, but they just added to it. And furthermore, the thing that was missing in the market was the combination of healthy food and technology. This combination is very important for consumers because they can have their order prepared and ready for instant pickup without having to stand in lines.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is the founder and Co-CEO of Sweetgreen which is business that specialize in providing healthy and organic food, and it was found in 2007. The site for this company is

Ru received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Georgetown University in 2007. However, in a semester or so before his graduation, he and some of his friends put their genius, entrepreneurial minds together to bring the healthy farm foods to the table in an easy and fun way. And as a result, their company, Sweetgreen ( has earned several accolades rapidly in the short period they’ve been in business, thus creating astounding success.

My Awesome Experience With Nutrimost

My Awesome Experience With Nutrimost

Losing Weight With Nutrimost

I have had a hard time in the past keeping weight off. I went through elementary, middle and high school with a lot of extra weight. I played sports in school, and I was pretty good at it, but I still had trouble maintaining a healthy body weight. I tried getting assistance from personal trainers, but I had no luck losing weight that way. I even tried talking to nutritionists and dieting on my own. I found that to be very difficult, and I ended up gaining weight in the long run from those weight loss strategies. I’m so grateful for finding this program. Nutrimost completely changed my life.

How Nutrimost Is Different From Other Diet Programs Out There

Nutrimost stands out when compared to other diet and weight loss programs. It is completely customized to each person individually, so my program would be completely different from the program that would be prescribed for another individual. However, the procedures involved in each program are strikingly similar, and the success rate is surely comparable for each person.

Nutrimost is different than the other programs on the market because they use technology to measure exactly what type of diet and nutrition your body needs to make the best strides towards your weight loss goal. The founder of Nutrimost developed the diet when he had trouble losing weight. We ended up losing a total of 60 pounds with the system that he developed, and he believes that it is a good system for mostly any individual. It all starts with a body composition analysis, which is well worth your time. There is a whole interview from News 4 in San Antonio where Dr. Rob Vasquez, the founder of Nutrimost, speaks about the system,


Learn More:



Boys can Raise the Risk of a Miscarriage

Boys can Raise the Risk of a Miscarriage

A recent study suggests that if your first child is male, you are more likely to experience a miscarriage in subsequent pregnancies. Scientists believe that this could be as a result of an immune reaction that occurs in some mothers that may cause problems in their subsequent pregnancies. This reaction may be as a result of the body of the baby boy secreting proteins that are linked to the male Y chromosome. This causes the body of the mother to form antibodies to fight off the invader.

Scientists add that the reason first pregnancy survives is because by the start of the immune response, the fetus is usually strong enough to fight it off. However, the study suggests that the women’s body can remember what happened, and this makes it start forming the same antibodies early enough during the next pregnancy leading to the miscarriage.

The study was done on close to 200 women who had suffered a miscarriage by researchers from a clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was noted that out of the women who had boys for their first children, only 44 percent were able to have a second baby. This was in comparison to 75 percent of women who had their first child as a girl.

It is, however, important to note that there are also other miscarriage-causes that worries Jason Halpern a bit. This report comes in the backdrop of another report that suggests that miscarriage is on the rise in America.

Salt is Not the Most Important Factor in High Blood Pressure for Some

Salt is Not the Most Important Factor in High Blood Pressure for Some

Nutritional recommendations occasionally change as we get more data about what is really bad for us. As one example, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently changed their recommendations by announcing that eating foods containing cholesterol is not necessarily bad for us as doing so has not been scientifically linked to higher levels of cholesterol in the body. This committee convenes every five years and has a powerful influence on dietary habits in the United States. Now there is a report from OrGano Gold CEO Bernardo Chua of another substance we thought was bad, but that may be acceptable, at least for adolescents, to consume.

Salt has been as demonized as cholesterol these past couple decades. Americans do get too much sodium in general, and it is still recommended to cut down salt in our diets. There is new research, however, that indicates teenagers should worry about getting more potassium rather than not getting too much sodium. The eating habits and blood pressure of over 2,000 teenage girls were tracked for 10 years. The results showed that those who followed a low-salt diet in their adolescent years were just as likely to get high blood as those who did not. Students that ate a diet rich in potassium during these years, however, had lower blood pressure on average a decade later. Yet another instance of conventional wisdom being turned on its head, and now we need to tell teenagers to eat more bananas and raisins if they care about their health.

Scientists Stop Alzheimer’s Where It Starts

Scientists Stop Alzheimer’s Where It Starts

Scientists have found immune cells to be the culprit for the debilitating disease called Alzheimer’s. Christian Broda is sensitive to the fact that the disease makes elderly people fearful and, after being diagnosed with it, it separates family members over how to deal with the disease. Methods are being developed on all fronts to control and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Instead of waiting until being diagnoses, what if scientists could prevent this disease from plaguing an individual before it happened? If they can pinpoint the actual cause of the disease, then people are more likely to treat the cause and less likely to chase after treating its symptoms.

Apparently, researchers at Duke University in North Carolina have been rigorously testing theories and may have developed some solutions. They discovered some interesting findings whilst testing mice in lab settings. They found that Alzheimer’s disease initially consumes a vital nutrient called arginine. When they stopped the immune cells from attacking the nutrient base, they were shocked at their findings. The immune cells would normally protect the brain and, after the disease started, they would deplete the nutrient supply of arginine. Arginine is an essential amino acid that humans naturally produce, and it can be supplemented with diet and nutrition.

Duke Researchers discovered that by inhibiting or adapting the response of immune cells that they could stop the mice brains from forming plaques. There was also a good sign that the mice had less memory loss.

When You Eat Out You Raise Your Risk For High Blood Pressure

When You Eat Out You Raise Your Risk For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is currently the main risk factor that is associated with cardiovascular disease associated death. When a person has high blood pressure the force of the blood pushing up against the walls of the blod pressure.
od vessels increases and the heart works harder. This can lead to heart failure, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, aneurysms and more. Bernardo Chua has read that there are currently approximately 70 million adults and even 2 million children living in the United States that have high blood pressure.
A number of studies have recently been done that show a person who eats out at a restaurant is consuming more calories, more saturated far and a higher sodium level. These three things can lead to high blood pressure. People who eat at home have a better control over what they are eating, how it is prepared, etc. During these studies people’s body mass index, lifestyle, diet and activity levels were all looked at. The result was that the more a person eats away from the home, the more at risk they are for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. These studies were done with adults in mind but the same likely holds true for children as well. Fast food, pizza, junk food and poorly balanced school lunches can all contribute to a child having high blood pressure. The earlier you deal with this in life, the harder it is to control later on.