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Skout Organic: Skouting Out Proper Nutrition

Skout Organic: Skouting Out Proper Nutrition

The right kind of nutrition is very important. It is not something we take lightly
these days either. The ins and outs of our day to day lives can have us feeling
drained without the proper diet. More and more companies have this in mind today.
“Skout Organic” is one of those companies on prnewswire.

Originating in Portland Oregon (and proud of it they’ll tell you) this is a company
with an ideal for everybody who wants to eat better and gives them tasty options.
When was the last time you ate something that you know wasn’t a very healthy choice?
You are not the only one who has obviously and Skout Organic is looking to change
the typical trends of food culture.

All of the ingredients used there a 100% Certified Organic. Grown for the purpose
of great health and taste. The nutrients are Naturally Occurring meaning they just
are there. No added fillers. Proudly Non-GMO Project verified means nobody is
tampering with your nutrition. The list goes on here. These are people that care
about what they do and you can taste it.

With a wide variety of flavors like cherry vanilla, blueberry almond
and chocolate-peanut butter to name a few. Plus their flavors of delicious
raw pumpkin seeds to choose from like black pepper bbq, jalapeno salsa, and
pacific sea salt. This is what healthy food is supposed to taste like. That’s
why you get the option to purchase buy the case I’m sure!

Raw nutrition is scientifically proven to be more fully absorbed by the body.
This in turn gives you more energy to burn when you need it the most. It really
makes it an easy choice when it comes to snacking. What better way to make sure
that you’ll meet the challenges ahead than to have the best ingredients?
Living energy that you can feel all day.

Skout Organic is also a company with the people in mind. Giving back to their
community by promoting environmental stewardship. A piece of the proceeds is then
donated to different humanitarian and environmental charities.
This is a great business model for sustainability without compromising the
environment at large.

It is a nice thing to see these days when a company gives you a bit of confidence
in the future of things in the industry. We are likely to see more of this in the
future from this relatively new brand. They even have T-shirts and nicely made
water bottles to help promote this good health company.

Ultimately we all want to feel great. Skout Organic is definitely a company
with this in mind. Look forward to seeing them more in the future of organic,
raw nutrition and overall great health.

Keep it healthy!

FreedomPop Expanding to the UK

FreedomPop Expanding to the UK

FreedomPop is the mobile service provider startup in the United States that has set its eyes on Europe and, namely, the UK. It wants to eventually provide inexpensive service to the world, but as it has only been around since 2012, it is just now laying out the foundation to do this. While the company has nearly one million users in the United States alone and has brought in nearly $50 million in fundraising to help purchase data for the free user accounts, FreedomPop now wants to attempt to provide mobile phone services to Europe as well.

The startup, when it officially opens its business doors in the UK, is planning on offering up 200 anytime minutes, 200 MB of data and 200 text messages for free. For customers who want to go over this (or who do go over it) are able to purchase additional services for an inexpensive amount. Even if customers do go over, they are able to save a considerable amount over what they pay in the UK. Plus, Wi-Fi service is provided, so users of the phones and tablets can still connect to local wireless Internet connections. This way, they can avoid requiring large amounts of data usage at home or the office. Plus, with the large number of Wi-Fi providers throughout the country, finding such a location shouldn’t prove to be all that difficult.

Now, this is just the first stage of moving to Europe for FreedomPop. The company wants to eventually move east through France, Germany and others. In order to do this, it right now is creating a roaming SIM card that can be inserted into a mobile phone. This SIM card can provide non-roaming text, data and calling access through several different countries with the ability to add more minutes, texting and data whenever necessary. For travelers who hit up the world and enjoy being always on the go, this can prove to be an extremely desirable service that should make staying connected to the world much more of a possibility.

FreedomPop again is only three years old, but it is already making a large dent in the way larger service providers are offing content to their customers. Other companies have even tried to buy out FreedomPop, but it has not proven successful. With the ability of FreedomPop to expand its coverage, it is able to potentially compete not just in the United States, but the rest of the world.

FreedomPop Continues Hot Investment Run

FreedomPop Continues Hot Investment Run

FreedomPop has been a popular installment in business news of late thanks to the tech companies meteoric rise toward the top. An investment market that seems open to the purchasing of mobile carrier companies has made FreedomPop a hot property. Recently FreedomPop secured $30 million in Series B investing and now the company has added another $10 million, as reported by the team at TechCrunch.

FreedomPop raised the next $10 million thanks to funding from two new strategic investors: Axiata, an Asian mobile carrier, and an unnamed tech investor who will annoucne their partnership in the next month or so. Axiata is a huge investor as it gives FreedomPop a door into the Asian market for the first time. The big news, however, could be the unnamed U.S. investor who will be announced at a later date. According to sources this tech investor is going to help form a commercial partnership that will allow FreedomPop to “take on Google Fi at a device level and Qualcomm at a chip level.”

FreedomPop is a freemium mobile phone company that aims on putting users in control of their phone bill from top to bottom. Users get a restricted amount of absolutely free talk, text, and mobile data without any strings attached. Once these users run out of data they will either be charged for overages or improve their plan for a minimal monthly deal. FreedomPop was founded back in 2012 in Los Angeles and has quickly found its way into becoming one of the most competitive new brands on the market. The company has already rounded the corner on over one million new subscribers and that number seems to be on the verge of rising dramatically.

FreedomPop’s partnership with Axiata is in particularly exciting thanks to the market share the company already has under its belt. Axiata is one of the largest carriers in all of Southeast Asia and they already have 230 million subscribers in their network. FreedomPop and Axiata will launch their joint free service within the next six to twelve months and it will operate under the same restrictions as the U.S. brand.