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Jon Urbana: Combining Passion and Interests to Create Social Change

Jon Urbana: Combining Passion and Interests to Create Social Change
Jon Urbana is a busy man. If you were to look at his long list of interests and accomplishments, you might be skeptical that only one man could be involved in all these different entities. But Jon Urbana is not your typical person. He throws his passion and enthusiasm into every single project and it shows.


One of the best ways to get an idea of the causes Jon finds important is to take some time browsing his tweets, and watching the videos he has pulled together on his site here: Animals are one of Jon’s many interests and through video, he wants to spread the word on animal rescue.

For example, in the following video, Jon combines two of his favorite things — animals and lacrosse — to showcase a charity drive for Animal Rescue and Adoption Society:


Yet again, Jon Urbana has combined interests to find a creative new way to raise funds for a charity he cares about. Music is a more recent development in his interests, but still drives passion in his activities. In one project, Jon utilized his mixing skills — armed with just Ableton software and his guitar — to build these remix videos: The money raised benefits Earth Force.


Just as in pleasure and philanthropy, Jon Urbana finds passion in his business ventures. As the Director of Ellipse USA, Jon oversees the product awareness of Ellipse’s IPL and laser technologies. He ensures that people know exactly how versatile and revolutionary Ellipse’s technology is.

Jon is also the founder for Next Level Lacrosse Camp — another project of passion. Jon co-built the camp with his Villanova teammates to provide an outlet for lacrosse players that want to take their game to the next level. It helps Colorado youth find a healthy outlet for sports expression and has been a huge joy in Jon’s life.


With so many activities on his plate, including some aviation, it seems natural that Jon would develop a hobby to help document it all. Photography has become almost second nature to Jon as he works to find interesting and creative images to document. He’s often drawn to scenery and the wonderful beauty of nature. Check out some of his work on his Instagram account @jonurbana, in addition to one of his most popular pictures from Imgur.

Investing for High Returns

Investing for High Returns


Investing is one of the most complex subjects to learn about. There are a lot of people that would like to earn more investing their money but are not sure how to do so. Companies like Highland Capital co-founded by James Dondero on nexbank are designed to help people earn a higher rate of return on their investments. Highland Capital attempts to differentiate itself from other companies by taking care of the customer. There are many companies that are only concerned about earning commissions by selling products that do not benefit clients. However, Highland Capital is a different kind of company that puts the needs of the customer first.

Rate of Return

One of the most important metrics in the investing world is the rate of return. This will help to determine how quickly a person’s wealth will grow. There are many companies that work with customers in order to increase their rate of return. Customers that work with professional money managers expect the rate of return to beat the market averages. There are many companies that take a large percentage of the funds that people earn as commissions. However, Highland Capital simply charges a flat fee to manage the funds. This works best for the customer in many cases.

Customer Service

Many professional money managers do not do well in the area of customer service. It can be tempting for companies to not pay attention to smaller customers with a low net worth. However, Highland Capital does a great job of meeting the needs of the customer. Highland Capital is unique in that it prides itself on customer service. Many companies in the industry today are not interested with talking to clients on a daily basis. This is not the case at Highland Capital, and this culture of serving the customer resonates throughout the entire company.

James Dondero

James Dondero has built Highland Capital from a small company to one of the most influential in the field today. There are few people that have as much influence in the field of finance as James Dondero does. He has always noticed a need in the finance industry for companies that are more focused on the customer. With a high rate of return and great customer service, it is no wonder that Highland Capital has grown every year it has been in business.


Overall, investing is a complex subject that many people do not fully grasp. Working with finance professionals is a great way to increase the rate of return in a portfolio. Highland Capital is a different type of investment firm that puts the needs of the customer first. Instead of focusing on commissions, Highland Capital focuses on earning the customer a high rate of return.

Joseph Bismarck: Literal Business Guru

Joseph Bismarck: Literal Business Guru


The term ‘business guru’ became trite decades ago and has only become more so with so with time. Which is why Singapore-based business leader Joseph Bismarck’s article on the blog Left Handed – Right Mind stood out to me as a rare example of a businessman who genuinely deserves the title. Following an adolescence spent in a Hindu monastic community in the Philippines he set about applying the spiritual and ethical lessons of his upbringing to the fast paced world of multinational corporations. As a corporate executive Bismarck combined his own personal charisma and entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on interpersonal relationships, ethical business practices and an abiding concern for the well-being and personal growth of his clients and employees alike.
Unlike some other corporate executives who run their companies as amoral profit centers concerned only with the bottom line Joseph Bismarck measures profits in what he builds, whether economically in the form of successful projects and enterprises, environmentally by pioneering and implementing green business practices such as recycling and conservation or in human terms by cultivating the talents and creativity of his employees. More concerned with what he leaves behind than what he has and with the good his work produces than the money it brings in this former monk is a business guru in every sense of the word.