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FlockU CEO Josh Verne

FlockU CEO Josh Verne

The co founder and CEO of FlockU Josh Verne recently sat down to talk about his tips for success. During a recent podcast, Josh talked about the importance of having certain personal characteristics as well as actions a person must do in order to become more successful. By following Josh tips, many people will likely be able to improve their lives both in business and in their private lifestyles. Verne believes that one of the fundamental qualities you need to be successful is to be a good leader. He also believes that it is important to find out what you have a true passion for as well as becoming a very good listener. Josh Verne also says that you will want to always seek a situation that is win win for everyone as well as have a more balanced lifestyle.


For those looking to become more successful, it is very important to put others before you when leading them. This allows people to use their abilities to contribute to achieving a common goal. By adopting this philosophy, you will use the leadership skills required to achieve your goals. You will also need to ensure that whenever you seek to resolve a dispute, all involved parties get what they are looking for and come to a compromise. Anyone looking to be more successful will also need to listen more carefully so when they talk themselves, their feedback will be more effective. People who seek more success will want to achieve good health, a satisfactory home life and financial security. Lastly, it is very important that you choose a career that suits your interests, abilities and is something that you have a sincere passion for.


In April of 2015 Josh Verne co founded a company called FlockU. With this company, a number of college students will be able to make their experience more convenient in terms of consumption and getting information. FlockU offers students access to a number of name brand merchandise companies as well as marketing partners. This will help them purchase quality items as well as market more effectively. As well as offering access to merchandise and more effective marketing, FlockU also provides lots of media outlets for students to get the latest news on college campus life.


Josh Verne was the founder of another company called Workpays before starting up FlockU. Before he started up his companies, Josh worked for various retail companies and helped them improve their sales results. In fact, he helped generate revenues of up to $200 million during his stint at the retail companies. At the very beginning of his career, Verne worked at a furniture distribution business that was owned and operated by his family.

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