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An Introduction to Investment Banking

An Introduction to Investment Banking

Investment banking is a branch of banking where the primary focus is to generate a profit through the investment of existing capital or money. Another way of saying this is that investment banks focus on growing existing wealth and providing returns for their investors and shareholders. Here are some of the ways that investment banks can generate profits.

Investment banks can purchase and sell stocks. In this case, they are known as institutional buyers and sellers. With stocks, the investment bank aims to purchase stock that is hot or has growth potential. When that stock has increased in price, the bank may sell it for a profit. Institutional investors such as investment banks often have millions of dollars at their disposal to invest in. They can easily purchase all of a company’s share and thus become the primary or majority owners. Investment banks can not only invest in stocks but also in actual companies.

Trading commodities are another way that investment banks can generate a profit. As with stocks, the investment bank aims to buy when prices are low and sell at a higher price. They may also buy commodities if the future price of a commodity is expected to increase significantly in the future even if prices are not favorable right now. The trade of commodities includes foodstuffs, raw materials and precious metals such as wheat, zinc and silver.

How Martin Lustgarten Made A Name For Himself

Born in Austria, Martin Lustgarten made a name for himself as an investment banker working in Venezuela. He was made a citizen of Venezuela after residing there and working there for many years. Currently Martin lives and works out of the United States in the state of Florida. He is married, has two kids and enjoys collecting and trading vintage goods such as watches and other personal accessories.

Martin Lustgarten has even created his very own firm, which he named after himself. It is called Lustgarten Martin and it uses Martin’s deep insight into South American markets to create returns for investors. Martin is fluent in Spanish and well versed in the Latin American culture. He has the insider knowledge needed to be successful in investing in the Latin American market.