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Comparative Law Professor Sujit Choudhry

Comparative Law Professor Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is one of the more intriguing and important parts of the legal field. While not the most common, it has a significant impact on getting a better understanding of the overall legal system. When studying comparative law, you will learn about how the legal systems of different countries work. As a result, this will make many legal experts very interested in learning more about the economic, political and legal framework of many different countries. Learning more about comparative law will help a number of people in government, business and also in the legal field. With an in depth knowledge of comparative law, a number of government institutions and businesses will be in position to achieve their goals in things such as foreign policy and international business activity.

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One of the most common aspects of comparative law is studying the constitution of multiple nations. This will allow people to find out more about how a given nation is governed and its overall structure of government. They will also be able to learn more about the basic rights of the citizens as well as how the government regulates the social conduct of its people. Another key element of comparative law is economic policy. Since international trade is a key component of the world economy, it is vital that governments around the world know how each nation regulates trade and how it manages things such as tariffs. With comparative law, individuals will also learn more about the legal systems of other nations such as the criminal justice system and family law.  Click this


Sujit Choudhry is one of the most well known and renowned experts on comparative law. He has studied this type of law for many years and is therefore among the most trusted individuals on the subject. Choudhry has spent a number of years learning more about the legal systems of a number of different nations and sharing this knowledge with scholars and law schools. With his expertise in comparative law, he has been able to reach out to foreign governments and help them with tasks such as drafting a new constitution as well as revising a previous one.

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Throughout his career, Choudhry has spent years working in the educational sector. He has held a number of professor positions at law schools in both Canada and the United States. When he was in Canada, he was a professor and Associate Dean at the University of Toronto. Once he moved to the United States, he became the 12 Dean at the University of California Berkeley School of Law.

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Comparative Law

Comparative Law

Comparative law, unbeknownst to many, is an expertise field that few study and even less graduate in. It is for the very few special and gifted people out there in search of a genuine pursuit and lifelong study. Meet Sujit Choudhry, internationally recognized authority on comparative constitutional law. Like those in his field, he is both unique and hard-working, accepting no less than the very best. The field itself cannot afford any less, and as someone who has actually succeeded in it, his actions speak for themselves.


“Dean Choudhry is a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster, has been a consultant to the World Bank Institute at the World Bank, has worked as a foreign constitutional expert in…” (, pg. 1)


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Today’s global system of legality dries a very fine line. Do not cross it, or you may very well find yourself at the mercy of the courts and the overall justice system. In a world in which black and white are more than often confused and intertwined, it is more essential now than ever for there to be leaders and future generations who both study and have a genuine passion for making the world a better place. Not only must these needs be met and cries for justice answered in the realm of law, but in all other related legal aspects as well. Professionals are now needed more than ever, and they seem to be getting scarcer these days. Who will stand up and plead for the cause, defending the orphan and the widow?


According to,  who will balance the scales of justice and once again prove that the system is not, in fact, at fault or lacking in a true sense of justice? Who will answer the call? Will it not be the future generations who pursue the more rigorous and difficult, weighty matters of justice and the law? Will it not, in turn, be they who devote themselves to comparative law as one such branch of needed laborers in the field?  Click on this


Those who seek to do so may well end up running the courts, the justice systems and one day the great aspects of the world as Mr. Sujit Choudhry has well done many a time as of yet. One must train oneself in this very unique field. IT and law are the two biggest career fields of necessity.


Alternative “Safe” Gun Considered by Police Depts

Alternative “Safe” Gun Considered by Police Depts

Shooting a gun from a distance and not hurting the offender is difficult to say the least, but a Chicago company called Alternative Ballistics has created a system that would shoot without causing serious injury or fatalities.

Marcio Alaor BMG has read that a metal ball is attached to a plastic device that fits into the chamber of the gun and allegedly ensures that the bullet remains in the metal ball. Once the plastic device is removed, the gun returns back to the normal mode and fires bullets.

Furthermore, the bullet ball therein moves to a fifth of the speed of the original bullet, which reduces the chances of damage to the offender, and tt is much more difficult to penetrate the body of the person.

The gun has been dubbed ” The Alternative,” and of course, can cause damage, as expected. The CEO of the project, Christian Ellis, explained to CNN that ” it will feel as if a professional baseball player hit you in the chest with a hammer. ” In this way we can get an idea of the pain the bullet ball can inflict.

Police are considering this device.

Bill O’Reilly Has More Questions To Answer About His News Reporting

Bill O’Reilly Has More Questions To Answer About His News Reporting

O’Reilly’s Account Of A JFK Assassination Related Story Is In Question

Bill O’Reilly has more questions to answer about his news reporting. It seems a liberal watchdog group called Media Matters For America is questioning his story about a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald’s back in 1977. Oswald’s friend, George de Mohrenschildt, had been contacted by Congressional investigators, and O’Reilly found out about it. Bill was a news reporter for a Dallas TV station at that time. George de Mohrenschildt lived in Palm Beach, Florida.

In his book, “Killing Kennedy,” and on his Fox News show O’Reilly claimed he traveled to Palm Beach to interview Oswald’s Russian friend. When de Mohrenschildt’s daughter opened the door for him, O’Reilly heard a gunshot. George de Mohrenschildt committed suicide while he stood at the door. But in 2013, former editor of the Washington Post, Jefferson Morley, said O’Reilly’s story is not accurate. On his blog, Morley claims O’Reilly never went to Palm Beach for the interview.

But Susan McGalla has read  there’s more to the story. An Associated Press report written at the time said a Palm Beach County Sheriff went to de Mohrenschildt’s home the day of his suicide. The sheriff said the only people in the home at the time of his death were two maids, and they claimed they didn’t hear the shot.

Retired Federal Judge Has Second Thoughts About Sending A Marijuana Dealer To Jail For 55 Years

Retired Federal Judge Has Second Thoughts About Sending A Marijuana Dealer To Jail For 55 Years

Judge Paul Cassell Sent 24-Year-Old Weldon Angelos To Jail Under Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws

The 1980s war on drugs may have sounded like a good idea, but in hindsight a lot of low-level drug offenders have been sent to prison under the mandatory minimum sentencing law for a very long time.

Weldon Angelos was one of those offenders back in 2002. The father of two was an aspiring music producer, and he also sold a little weed on the side. Marcio Alaor BMG ( has heard that when the feds were tipped off about Angelos side business, they set up a sting operation. When the sting went down, the undercover agents found a gun, and that was a game changer in terms of sentencing for Weldon. He was sent to jail for 55 years with no possibility of parole for selling $1,000 worth of weed.

Judge Cassell recently said he does think about Angelos. “Gosh, he shouldn’t be there. Certainly not as long as I had to send him there. That wasn’t the right thing to do. The system forced me to do it.”

There are at least 210,000 people serving mandatory sentences in prison for non-violent crimes. The prison system is overcrowded, but we keep adding more low-level offenders to jail for non-violent crimes.