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Equities First Holding Offers an Alternative Financing Solution Through the Use of Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holding Offers an Alternative Financing Solution Through the Use of Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC is one of the leading providers of alternative solutions to financial problems facing individuals, businesses, and companies. For those companies dealing in financial services and the high-net-worth individuals, you can get a non-purpose loan with the Equities First Holdings, LLC. Equities First Holdings, LLC’s headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana. It also has regional offices in more than 10 countries in the world including Singapore, London, Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

Equities First Holdings, LLC is mainly specialized in the provision of alternative financing solutions, providing financial services, and allocation of working non-recourse capital. Equities First Holdings, LLC was incepted in 2002. The company has completed more than 2,000 transactions of more than $2 billion. For the company, these operations mean daily businesses. The President and Founder of Equities First Holdings, LLC, Al Christy, has more than 50 employees working under his governance.


Equities First Holdings, LLC is one of the bets options for borrowers who want necessary capital with the no-recourse features. It utilizes stocks as the main collateral associated with these loans. For those who are not qualified for the strict credit-based loans provided by banks and other financial institutions, they can opt for Equities First Holdings, LLC’s solutions. Because banks and other lending institutions have tightened the lending criteria, it results from the 2008 mortgage crisis. For this reason, they have minimized their lending options. Qualifying for the credit-based loans is harder than ever. The stock-based loans provide a higher loan-to-value ratio. Therefore, their adoption is increasing every day.


For most people, they don’t understand the difference between stock-based loans and margin loans. In the margin loans, the borrowed money comes with many restrictions. You should also state the use of the money as a qualification factor for the loans. Their loan-to-value ratio is between 11 percent to 50 percent. In the occurrence of a margin call, you will not get a notice when the lenders liquidate the collateral. There are also associated interest rates. On the other hand, there is a variation in the stock-based loans interests between three percent and four percent. There are also no restrictions.