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Lime Crime Offers Vibrant Options

Lime Crime Offers Vibrant Options

When I first heard about Lime Crime‘s line of bold cosmetics, I was excited to try out cosmetics that are colorful and vibrant. I had become bored with the usual shades I had been trying. Then I learned even more about the policies that Lime Crime supports, and my interest grew even more. I had tried many cosmetic brands, and I had finally been forced to accept the fact that they had tried out their products on animals before selling them to the public. I could not help but picture a poor, defenseless animal when I would get ready for an evening out. With Lime Crime, I no longer have these worries. Lime Crime is committed to protecting the safety of animals.

Lime Crime is a brand that is conscious of their responsibility in the beauty industry. The team at Lime Crime understands that animals have rights, and they do not condone any animal testing. They market themselves as being “cruelty-free.” While other products are using animals in their production process, Lime Crime is certified vegan by animal activist groups. Every supplier who works with Lime Crime is required to verify that none of the supplies from Urban Outfitters used are tested on animals.

Along with their positive policies in regard to animals, the company also has an impressive offering of cosmetics. My favorite products are the matte lipsticks that are available in a variety of shades. The lipsticks are a liquid-to-matte formula that makes application easy. I also enjoy using Lime Crime’s bright eyeliners, which are available in several shades. Lime Crime recently introduced a line of hair dyes, offering hues such as lavender, blue, pink and green. Their nail polish also comes in a wide range of colors that are perfect for all occasions.

I have been happy with every Lime Crime purchase that I have made. I have found that their vibrant colors are ideal for an evening out. The Grunge Palette offers a chance to use different tones as needed. These dramatic colors are bold and offer a change from typical cosmetics that I have tried in the past. With Lime Crime, it is easier to make a fashion statement. These shades are more fun to wear than the subdued hues I had been using, and a few visits to the Lime Crime blog have shown me how I can pair my new tones together to create a personalized look.