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Stephen Murray’s Mega Contribution to CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray’s Mega Contribution to CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital which was formerly addressed as JP Morgan Partners is a private investment firm that has specialized in growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions. The firm mourned the demise of its former CEO and President who passed on at the age of 52 years according to fortune .com. Stephen Murray had served the company diligently always giving his all till his demise prior to which he had resigned from the firm because of health related reasons. He was with the firm since 1989 long before its names were changed. The firm has taken the title of one of the largest private equity investment firms worldwide. For instance, in 2007, it was ranked as position seven as the World’s largest private equity investment funds. With the great leadership of Stephen Murray, the firm has managed to retain over fifty employees.

CCMP is international with offices all over the world. It has offices not just in New York in the United States but also has offices in Hong Kong, London and Tokyo. CCMP originally known as Chemical Venture Partners back in 1984. It has grown immensely since then and has had to undergo several changes. It was originally to serve as the arm of Chemical Bank that dealt with venture capital and private equity. Chemical Bank was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank thus the name changed to Chase Capital Partners. Just like it happened with the acquisition by Chase Bank, J.P Morgan & Co acquired the firm and that precipitated the name change again. Under the leadership and organisation of Dick Cashin, in 2005 there was a spin out that led to the complete separation of JPMorgan Chase. That is when the name CCMP came from. It was a reference to the former entities, Chemical, Chase and Morgan Partner from JP Morgan Partners.

Before the spin out, JP Morgan Partners had made investments in venture and growth capital transactions as well as leveraged buyout transactions. After the spin out however, the firm now focused on leveraged buyout transactions and growth capital transactions only. This was because the investment professionals who had speciality on venture capital transactions distanced themselves from CCMP Capital and formed Panorama Capital, a new firm. Other spin out that have been associated with the firm include Unitas Capital and Linzor Capital. CCMP has several investment companies like Cabela’s, AMC Entertainment, Berry Plastics and Brake Bros just to mention but a few.

The firm would not have been able to achieve the much it did were it not for the contribution of its former CEO, Steve Murray. Steve Murray was known not only for his prowess in the private equity investment field but was also known for his philanthropic traits. He had a master’s degree from Colombia Business School after attaining his degree in economics from Boston College. He had sat in different boards including Strongwood Insurance Holdings, LHP Hospital Group and Jetro JMDH Holdings. He will be remembered for his terrific skills as a deal maker and great investor.