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It’s More Than a Pretty Face with Brown Agency

It’s More Than a Pretty Face with Brown Agency

We call them the beautiful people, and they were there in Austin in all their glory celebrating Formula One. In mask and feathers, they came, a who’s-who of international fans and socialites who were wined and dined while being treated to an eclectic assortment of fabrics, styles, and designs in a full tilt fashion show that featured the local talent of The Brown Agency.

Fashion modeling is a business that is synonymous with fame and fortune. We all love the stories of the attractive but shy hometown girl who after being discovered in the check-out line of the local grocery store ultimately became the face of a name brand product. Modeling is the business of being beautiful. It is fast moving and very competitive. It’s hours extend well beyond the normal nine to five, but if you have what it takes to be successful, fashion modeling promises a lifestyle most people can only dream about. Even though modeling doesn’t demand that you have a degree or credentials, it does come with its own set of specific requirements. Keeping flexible hours, being reliable, hardworking, and capable of taking directions are just a few of them, but breaking into the business is not easy. You need more than a pretty face; you need an agency that knows the business and has your best interest at heart. In Austin, that agency is The Brown Agency.

The Brown Agency is a relatively newcomer to the fashion business. The agency began its walk in the limelight in 2010 and has never looked back. It is the only full-service agency in Austin representing actors and models, and it is one of a few in the entire state of Texas.

At the business’s helm is a former model, Justin Brown. Brown got his start in Southern California where he studied business management in college. His love for what was going on behind the camera led to a career change that helped make The Brown Agency a leader in the business.

Professionalism, integrity, and a strong work ethic are The Brown Agency’s core values. Their focus on authenticity has made them a preeminent agency in the world of modeling. They have created a merger that has introduced local Austin talent to famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’Oreal. Their models have graced the runways of fashion shows in Dallas, New York, and Miami.

The Brown Agency has changed the atmosphere in Austin and in modeling. They are looking for the next generation of the bold and beautiful. It helps to have a beautiful face, but what you really need is an agency committed to their brand and willing to take you to the next level.