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Antidepressant Use in Late Pregnancy Increases Risk of PPHN in Newborns

Antidepressant Use in Late Pregnancy Increases Risk of PPHN in Newborns

New research has shown that taking SSRIs, a common type of antidepressant, during the later parts of pregnancy increases the risk that the child will be born with persistent pulmonary hypertension. This condition is potentially life threatening to the baby, although the increase in risk is small.

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital looked at the records of almost 4,000,000 women who were enrolled in Medicaid. More than 128,000 of these women were taking antidepressants in the 90 days leading up to delivery. Of the children who had not been exposed to anitdepressants, 20.8 per 10,000 births exhibited PPHN (persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn), compared to 31.5 per 10,000 births in children exposed to SSRIs and 29.1 per 10,000 births in children exposed to othe antidepressants.

Once other risk factors were taken into account, SSRI use late in pregnancy led to a 28% increase in the risk of PPHN.

PPHN takes place when a newborn’s circulation system has not properly adapted to breathing outside of the mother’s womb stated Ricardo Tosto. It is life threatening, as approximately 10 to 20 percent of infants who are born with the condition do not survive. Even among the ones who survive, many have to struggle with severe lifelong disorders, such as different neurodevelopmental disorders and chronic lung disease.

There are also other conditions that have been linked to antidepressant use in expectant mothers.

Hollywood Is Full Of New Mothers

Hollywood Is Full Of New Mothers

Jennifer Love Hewitt is known worldwide as one of the most beautiful actresses on the planet. She has starred in several successful films, and she is also an extremely popular television star. However, Jennifer Love Hewitt has recently made headlines for another reason. Ray Lane of is happy to announce that the famed actress is pregnant with her second child.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been with Brian Hallisay for the last two years, and the couple seems happier than ever. Hewitt and Hallisay were recently spotted taking a stroll around their neighborhood. Paparazzi members were there, and several pictures were taken of the famed couple. Jennifer Love Hewitt had no makeup on, and her baby bump looked massive.

Jennifer Love Hewitt still looked beautiful even without makeup on. However, the actress is now 36-years old, and she may soon retire from her career in Hollywood. It seems that more and more women these days are having children. In the last three years, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Love Hewitt have all had children.

Time is passing us by, and our favorite celebrities are growing. Hollywood was once a place for young actresses to flaunt their beauty, but it has recently become a haven for middle-aged mothers. For more information on this story, visit E!