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Job Openings Are Available Through The OSI Group

Job Openings Are Available Through The OSI Group

The OSI Group is indeed more than just a global food processing company. It is one of the best employers in the world. On a daily basis, OSI hires dozens of new employees. Moreover, on a daily basis, OSI is in search of dozens of good employees. OSI is in search of people that are reliable and want to give their all to the job. Experience in the food industry is a plus. However, the OSI Group believes all of the jobs they offer can be mastered with training. As long as you are willing to show up, OSI believes you may be fit for a job with their company.

The great news is that OSI Group has factories all over the United States. In the next few years, OSI hopes to have a factory in every city. This means people everywhere will have a fair advantage at getting a job with this food processing company. Each factory needs almost 500 workers, so there is always some kind of job available. The OSI Group starts each employee off at a salary that is almost triple to that of standard minimum wage.

Employees of OSI Group will experience many more benefits, too. These include benefits like a 401K. OSI matches every dollar that is put into an employee’s 401K. Employees also have the right to take out a portion of the 401K money, or even the entire amount, at any time. There is a minor fee for doing this, and it is paid to the bank that hand the 401K account.

Medical benefits are another great thing offered by the OSI Group. The employees working for this food processing company will be receiving one of the best medical plans on the planet. They will have medical insurance, dental, life, and vision. These plans come with almost no co-pays at all, and they allow patients to go through major types of surgery. The medical insurance includes mental health treatment, too.

New employees are also entitled to several weeks of vacation time and over a dozen sick days. Employees can roll their time over to the next year, or they can cash in their days for money. All of this is explained in great detail before the first day of the job begins. No employee have ever regretted taking a job with OSI. Wonderful reviews come from both employees and clients on a daily basis.