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The Growth of West Michigan Aviation Academy under the Support of Dick DeVos

The Growth of West Michigan Aviation Academy under the Support of Dick DeVos

West Michigan Aviation Academy is a public charter school that was founded by billionaire Dick DeVos. DeVos was inspired and encouraged by his wife, Betsy DeVos, to start the tuition-free high school to support education in Michigan. The school, started in 2010, is located on land belonging to Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

In its first year, the school welcomed 80 freshmen. Its first classroom buildings were in a renovated 25,000 square foot office space located on airport grounds. Later in 2012, over 240 students comprising of juniors, sophomores and freshmen relocated to a new 42,500 square foot building. The school expanded its operations in terms of curriculum, aviation programs and student life. This new building allows West Michigan Aviation Academy to comfortably educate 500 students. In 2014, the school is expecting to enroll a freshman class of about 400 students and graduate its first class of 2014.

Mission of the School

The school aims to provide a thorough educational program with a special focus on aviation. It aims to prepare students for various opportunities including a chance at a descent college education, career success and engagement in local and national citizenship programs. The school does not charge any tuition fee and embraces diversity. It also has high academic expectations for all students and sets equivalently high behavioral standards. It has also set a no D-grade policy.


The school is headed by Patrick J. Cwayna as the Chief Executive Officer. Cwayna has an impressive 40 years of experience as a Michigan educator.

Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos was born Richard M. DeVos in 1955. Dick spearheaded the formation of the tuition-free West Michigan Aviation Academy. He also founded Windquest Group (that he heads as President) and co-chairs the Grand Action Committee. He has been a member of the Michigan Board of Education. In 2006, DeVos took part in the gubernatorial race of Michigan but came second to Jennifer Grandholm, the incumbent governor.

DeVos is keen on revitalizing the Grand Rapids area as reflected by all of his professional interests. His love for aviation, and the inspiration from his wife, led DeVos to start the aviation academy. The couple is an avid supporter of educational causes and has donated handsomely to the same.

Online Reputation Management Becomes Important For Darius Fisher And His Clients

Online Reputation Management Becomes Important For Darius Fisher And His Clients

Darius Fisher is often seen as one of the most important figures in the digital age, largely because of the role he has undertaken with the Online reputation management specialist, Status Labs. Fisher is the co-founder and President of the company and remains in everyday control of the direction the business that revolves around resolving image problems for his clients takes. Status Labs has seen the public image of the former political consultant take a huge leap as his role following the Ashley Madison leak became more important than ever before to his existing and future clients.

Many people are confused about the role Online reputation management can play in their lives and feel it is only needed for those at the very top of an industry. It is true that amongst the more than 1,500 clients Status Labs works with in over 30 countries are politicians, celebrities and Wall Street executives. However, Darius Fisher remains at pains to point out the benefits his company can have for members of the general public, who may want to seek out a new job or make sure any part of their history remains undiscovered by employers or partners.

A large number of those who work with Darius Fisher and Status Labs have spotless characters and are using the service as a way to protect their own reputation and that of their company. Business leaders can often benefit from the work of Status Labs when their company is suffering from an Online attack by a rival or disgruntled customers, which is usually the time Status Labs is called in to assist. The reputation we all have is now very much affected by the social media presence we build, but this is not always an area we use the best judgment. The role of Darius Fisher and Status Labs is to take a look at our Online presence and suggest changes that could lead to a higher level of success in our personal and business lives.

The work of Status Labs has recently been highlighted by the Ashley Madison leak, which saw a number of existing clients of the company dragged into the affair. Fisher and his colleagues decided the morally acceptable option for the company was to provide free consultations about the Online presence those involved in the leak already had. By providing this service the company offered thousands of people the perfect chance to protect themselves from the dangers the hack created.