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Dick DeVos Participates In The Racing For The 2016 Gold Cup

Dick DeVos Participates In The Racing For The 2016 Gold Cup

Lauderdale Yacht Club hosted a very great competition in February for sailors, and the topmost was to win a gold cup from the competition. The competition attracted many participants like Dick DeVos and Ben Schwartz. The competition motivated youths who participated in the overall organization of the events and in the racing. There were trophies also for the best youth’s effort in the competition and in all the four races. DeVos managed to emerge the second in the race that was awaiting the final competition. The competition created a platform for youths to share the experience of sailing and learn more about sailing from the best sailors in the world like Dick.


Dick DeVos is an American business entrepreneur born in Michigan. He has been a CEO of the consumer distribution company and has also worked with Amway Corporation, which is a family business. Back in 2012 DeVos was ranked the 67th richest person in the United States by the Forbes magazine. DeVos studied bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Northwood University and has been interactive in business since Amway Corporation was started in the basement of their house, and he had to work there most of the time. He and his family have overtime donated billions to charity based organizations which have amounted to nearly $1.2 million. His philanthropy is more especially in promoting education for the poor in the society, and he has been practicing it over time.


Back in the year 2006, Dick DeVos was involved in politics by vying for the governor position in Michigan which despite his wealth he did not manage to secure the position. He has worked as the vice president of Amway Corporation and later promoted to becoming the president of the corporation. During his reign in the company, he managed to increase the volume of sales up to 50% when he left the company. He also managed to make the company run to over 50 countries making it global. DeVos has also managed National Basketball association’s Orlando Magic basketball, but this was when his family owned it. He is, also, a writer of the book known as Believe selling in Amazon.


Dick Devos chairs the foundation named Dick and Besty Devos Foundation that donates lots of funds to civic, religious, educational and community organizations. He particularly initiated an academy from his love of children and his wife’s passion for education. Dick has also been funding charter schools which students attend freely without tuition fees to broaden their mind and bring a shift to their curriculum.



The Growth of West Michigan Aviation Academy under the Support of Dick DeVos

The Growth of West Michigan Aviation Academy under the Support of Dick DeVos

West Michigan Aviation Academy is a public charter school that was founded by billionaire Dick DeVos. DeVos was inspired and encouraged by his wife, Betsy DeVos, to start the tuition-free high school to support education in Michigan. The school, started in 2010, is located on land belonging to Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

In its first year, the school welcomed 80 freshmen. Its first classroom buildings were in a renovated 25,000 square foot office space located on airport grounds. Later in 2012, over 240 students comprising of juniors, sophomores and freshmen relocated to a new 42,500 square foot building. The school expanded its operations in terms of curriculum, aviation programs and student life. This new building allows West Michigan Aviation Academy to comfortably educate 500 students. In 2014, the school is expecting to enroll a freshman class of about 400 students and graduate its first class of 2014.

Mission of the School

The school aims to provide a thorough educational program with a special focus on aviation. It aims to prepare students for various opportunities including a chance at a descent college education, career success and engagement in local and national citizenship programs. The school does not charge any tuition fee and embraces diversity. It also has high academic expectations for all students and sets equivalently high behavioral standards. It has also set a no D-grade policy.


The school is headed by Patrick J. Cwayna as the Chief Executive Officer. Cwayna has an impressive 40 years of experience as a Michigan educator.

Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos was born Richard M. DeVos in 1955. Dick spearheaded the formation of the tuition-free West Michigan Aviation Academy. He also founded Windquest Group (that he heads as President) and co-chairs the Grand Action Committee. He has been a member of the Michigan Board of Education. In 2006, DeVos took part in the gubernatorial race of Michigan but came second to Jennifer Grandholm, the incumbent governor.

DeVos is keen on revitalizing the Grand Rapids area as reflected by all of his professional interests. His love for aviation, and the inspiration from his wife, led DeVos to start the aviation academy. The couple is an avid supporter of educational causes and has donated handsomely to the same.

Sooner Alumni Helping SAE Fraternity Chef Get Back On His Feet

Sooner Alumni Helping SAE Fraternity Chef Get Back On His Feet

Chef Howard Dixon Lost His Job When The Fraternity House Was Closed

When the University of Oklahoma and the National chapter of SAE shut down the disgraced Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity chapter, the Frat House chef lost his ten-year-old job. Howard Dixon made many friends over the years, and some of those friends are helping him get on his feet.

Alumni and students have put together an online fundraising campaign for Howard, and the response has been overwhelming. The goal was to raise $50,000 for Howard, but the online effort raised $30,000 in just two days. People at Anastasia Date ( know that there is also another online fund for the chef, and that fund has contributions of $11,000. Some of he money is coming from men that lived in the house while they attended the University. They say Howard made a lot of friends during the ten years he worked at the Frat house, and they want to repay his friendship especially now.

The men and women donating to these funds know this racist behavior is not the norm on campus, but that fact doesn’t ease the pain the University is experiencing. But in a small way, people are coming together and showing the real character of the university, and that helps everyone at OU.

Colorado Teens Shovel Neighborhood Driveways

Colorado Teens Shovel Neighborhood Driveways

A Colorado neighborhood woke up to a one of a kind surprise Sunday morning, as they found all of their driveways had been shoveled. Six teenagers from Centennial, CO decided to pay a service to their friends and fellow residents on the streets they live on to help people out in some bad weather.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, over 50 houses had their entire pathways cleared of the snow all the way up to their doors and backyard fences. When people who lived in the neighborhood woke up they saw that they had a sign on their door which read that they had been served. Bernardo Chua ( has read that the six youngsters were quoted as saying that they just wanted to get up early before anyone else this weekend and do a favor for the people on their street. They were offered money from some people, but they politely refused. However, when they were offered a warm beverage to help them stay warm while doing their selfless deeds they gratefully accepted.

The Colorado teens said that they did not want anything in return, but that people should just pay it forward someday. After all, these are the kind of things that our world does need more of as kindness never gets old. It is a great thing to have this kind of story on the news as opposed to all the awful things going on in the world.

Donations From Levensons To Maryland For Nonprofit Study

Donations From Levensons To Maryland For Nonprofit Study

Bruce Levenson and his wife have been reported to have given over $3 million in seed money to allow the University of Maryland to build a center made specifically for the study of giving. This center is going to teach students how to manage nonprofit companies, or they can learn how to start their own companies when they want to give their money back to the community. PR Newswire has reported this revolutionary donation to a university so that students can learn something that is completely new to many businesses.

The students at the University are not going to be encouraged to throw their money around, but they are going to be encouraged to learn what it takes to run a nonprofit. They are going to get information that is going to teach them to respect the companies that give away money, and they are going to make sure that they are giving their money away the right way.

Most students who come to the school are going to get a new appreciation for the way that nonprofits run. They can learn how to give their money away, and they can learn how to work philanthropy into their business plans.

Recognition for Bernardo Chua

Recognition for Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua was recently called to Manila to receive honors as People’s Choice winner. This was first reported by PR Newswire, and it sheds light on his lifestyle company that brings coffees and healthy foods to the masses.

Bernardo founded his company long ago to offer products to the masses that he could sell in bulk. Over time, he expanded from an original lineup of coffees and supplements to a whole host of food and nutrition items that people can use every day. His company reaches the homes of millions in the islands, and he has been able to give people cheap products that they can afford.

This Bayan honor was one of many awards handed out at the ceremony, and two of his team accompanied Chua to the ceremony. He founded Organo Gold to reach the people, and now he has been recognized by the people of his great nation. He was barely able to make it to the ceremony, but he was thankful for the chance to be honored among many others who have come before him. This shines a light on a company that is doing great things in this large island nation of millions and millions.

A Drive-Thru Customer Gives Employee The Coat Off Her Back, Literally

A Drive-Thru Customer Gives Employee The Coat Off Her Back, Literally

The holiday season is filled with acts of kindness, but one Whataburger employee was floored when a customer literally handed her the coat off her back. Cheryl Semien, has been working for Whataburger for nine years, but on Wednesday morning, her birthday, she paid a compliment to a customer.

According to Semien, the woman came through the drive-thru, and Semien told her her coat was beautiful. The compliment was where Semien thought it would end, but the woman, who wished only to be called Nadine, took the coat off and handed it to Semien through the drive-thru window. She told Semien she should have it.

Nadine drove off with her food, and Semien had a beautiful coat. The story, however, gets even more extraordinary. The coat, a mink, is worth about $10,000 according to Eyewitness News, who tracked down the original owner. Now that’s a lot of Beneful you could buy for your pet.

Customers in the chain said the kind gesture made them feel good, too. According to Evelyn Moore, who was at Whataburger when the gift was given, the kind gesture renewed her faith in humanity. As for Nadine, she doesn’t want any attention for her kind gesture, and has asked that her last name not be revealed to the public. She said she simply did what she felt was right.

Laurene Powell Jobs Works for a Better Future

Laurene Powell Jobs Works for a Better Future

Laurene Powell Jobs is known by many as “Steve Jobs’ widow,” but there is so much more to her than that. Powell Jobs is a philanthropist who cares deeply about the youth in this country. She is also very interested in political issues.

College Track

College Track is a non-profit organization that Laurene Powell Jobs co-founded with businessman and journalist Carlos Watson. This after-school program targets minority students and those who come from low-income backgrounds, but a majority of the participants are children who will be the first in their families to go to college.

College Track provides high school students with after-school programs that include tutoring, leadership classes and other extra-curricular activities. The point is to first help these kids graduate from high school and prepare them for college. The program goes on to support these kids throughout their college years so that they have a higher chance of graduating.

The program is extremely successful in realizing its goals. Of the 90 percent of College Track participants that enter four-year colleges, 70 percent of them graduate within 6 years. This is a remarkable achievement when one considers the fact that these kids are first-time college students. People within this demographic who do not participate in this program do not fare as well. The national average graduation rate for first-time college students is only 24 percent.

Currently, Powell Jobs is operating this program in Aurora, Colorado, New Orleans, Louisiana and four cities in California, including Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and East Palo Alto. Although there is interest in developing these programs in other areas, Powell Jobs wants to ensure that she can continue her great successes in the locations she is serving now.


Powell Jobs’ work with underprivileged kids in the College Track program led her to another passion: immigration reform. Some of her College Track kids were brought to this country illegally by their parents, and Powell Jobs learned that these kids do not have any options because of it. They graduate from high school, but they are ineligible for state or federal financial aid for higher education because of their immigration status. They also cannot work legally.

Powell Jobs wanted to do something to change the reality for her College Track kids, so she became an advocate for The DREAM Act. The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act provides a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrant high school students, high school graduates and those who have served in the military.

The Emerson Collective

Powell Jobs founded an organization called the “Emerson Collective” that supports social issues, and it has given her a vehicle with which to advance immigration reform. Through this philanthropic institution, Powell Jobs donated money toward the making of a documentary entitled “The Dream is Now,” a film that was directed by Academy Award-winner Davis Guggenheim. Powell Jobs and Guggenheim have already screened this film for several members of Congress.

Powell Jobs believes that a great deal of energy and brilliance are being wasted and that this must not be allowed to continue. Through Powell Jobs’ philanthropic work, immigration reform, education issues, conservation matters and democratic candidates are finding their voices in this country today.