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Advice From Susan McGalla On Dealing With The Glass Ceiling

Advice From Susan McGalla On Dealing With The Glass Ceiling
Susan McGalla is a force within the retail industry. Her work history for American Eagle Outfitters and her time as CEO of Wet Seal demonstrates her passion for the fashion market and her dedication to specialty retail.

Susan McGalla knows what it means to be both a woman and a leader in business. Her consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, allows her to continue to work within her passion by aiding others to improve their businesses. Her consulting firm specializes in helping others in the specialty retail fashion industry. She aids other retailers in improving their branding capabilities and building efficiencies within their businesses that will allow her clients to maintain their focus on their passions as their business expands. 

Galla offers three points to women hoping to build and expand their careers in today’s market. Her first point is the most critical: Education is the foundation for many of the opportunities that will come your way. Students concerned about the high cost of higher education are encouraged to focus on financial aid and scholarships that will focus on their particular capabilities and talents. 

Her second point is also important: Community. Surround yourself with people you admire. Successful women help other women succeed. Should you find yourself enmeshed in a social or work-related situation that leads you to think less of your work output or capabilities, it’s time to re-assess. Am I working effectively? Is my contribution invigorating to my organization? If it’s not, focus on improving your work output until you’re producing the quality of work you want to be known for. If it is, it may be time to expand or change your work circle. Your capabilities can be amazing. Don’t settle for co-workers or supervisors who refuse to acknowledge the good you’re doing.

Her final point encourages women in the workplace to promote their work and let it speak for itself. Will you face stereotypes and prejudices? Probably. Can pointing them out improve the situation? Probably not. Any citizens of the 21st century who resort to any method of limiting women based on out-moded methods of thinking have been doing that for a while. 

About that glass ceiling? Susan Galla suggests you ignore it. Keep going toward the success you know you’re capable of.

Blake Lively Welcomes First Child

Blake Lively Welcomes First Child
All summer long the world drooled over Blake Lively’s seemingly effortless style tis according to GP Advisors. There is something amazing about a woman that can manage to keep it all together in the fashion department during pregnancy, and Blake managed to pull it all off without a single bad photo just like Fersen Lambranho. She glowed that gorgeous pregnancy glow every step of the way, and somehow even managed to look flawless at every red carpet event she attended.

Over the holidays Blake gushed about her excitement spending Christmas with her family and the traditions that she holds so dear to her heart, like spending the entire day in bed with her family on Christmas, and the smell of pine that she only experiences once a year. This being Blake’s last Christmas alone with her handsome hubby Ryan Reynolds, Blake was dead set on making this holiday extra special, and that she did by welcoming their first child just shortly before the new year.

While the sex and name of the baby have yet to be revealed, it is confirmed that Blake delivered the baby over the holidays near the couple’s Bedford, NY home. The world is excited to see the photos of what is sure to be an adorable bundle of joy.

A Drive-Thru Customer Gives Employee The Coat Off Her Back, Literally

A Drive-Thru Customer Gives Employee The Coat Off Her Back, Literally

The holiday season is filled with acts of kindness, but one Whataburger employee was floored when a customer literally handed her the coat off her back. Cheryl Semien, has been working for Whataburger for nine years, but on Wednesday morning, her birthday, she paid a compliment to a customer.

According to Semien, the woman came through the drive-thru, and Semien told her her coat was beautiful. The compliment was where Semien thought it would end, but the woman, who wished only to be called Nadine, took the coat off and handed it to Semien through the drive-thru window. She told Semien she should have it.

Nadine drove off with her food, and Semien had a beautiful coat. The story, however, gets even more extraordinary. The coat, a mink, is worth about $10,000 according to Eyewitness News, who tracked down the original owner. Now that’s a lot of Beneful you could buy for your pet.

Customers in the chain said the kind gesture made them feel good, too. According to Evelyn Moore, who was at Whataburger when the gift was given, the kind gesture renewed her faith in humanity. As for Nadine, she doesn’t want any attention for her kind gesture, and has asked that her last name not be revealed to the public. She said she simply did what she felt was right.

Britney Proves Her Women’s Health Cover Is Not Fake

Britney Proves Her Women’s Health Cover Is Not Fake


Any Loyal Britney Spears fan will tell you that Brit Brit hasn’t had it easy over the past ten years, from the on again off again relationship and messy divorce with K-Fed to the very public year long melt down that left many fans wondering if Britney would ever recover, It seemed that things just would never look good for her. However in time Britney has come back harder than ever and some are still wondering how she did it. 

Even after breaking up this summer with her cheating boyfriend Britney seemed to bounce back harder than ever without a single incident, she came out unharmed and with a new man. Of course getting a man these days is not hard for Britney because she looks absolutely amazing, so amazing that some people insist that her most recent photos for her Women’s Health cover must be fake, not only because she looks unbelievable but because her face seems to be a little off. 

After the rumors of her cover being photoshopped started making its rounds Britney decided to set the record straight and let everyone know that not only is the cover not shopped but she looks that good on and off camera. Britney released the behind the scenes video to prove her haters wrong and after watching the live footage its clear that not only is she not digitally enhanced but she actually looks better off camera. It’s obvious she has the same stringent training routine of Laurene Powell Jobs.

Sources that were involved claim that the reason for Britney’s face “looking off” was due to the makeup contouring that slims the nose and gives the cheekbones a more defined look. Sometimes contouring translates awkwardly in still photos and that is what makes some look bad and others look great.

Contouring or not Britney Spears looks amazing from head to toe.

The Busy Lives of Fashionistas

The Busy Lives of Fashionistas

While the fashion industry is certainly a glamorous one, more goes into the coming and goings of its numerous celebrities than would initially meet the eye, just ask businesswoman Susan McGalla.

With the year coming to an end, very many people are looking to make a statement to solidify 2014 and to make their everlasting mark onto the fashion industry. Chanel is sure not to be left behind at all and they have made quite a few moves that are sure to be very beneficial to them.

Fashion magazines have picked up quite a few stories in relation to Chanel and the activities that they’ve been doing. It seems that they are planning to open 5 new stores on Mayfair’s Burlington arcade and this would be a very good move in terms of market expansion.

The area has a very large market and thus they would be able to reach them far much easier since they will not to take a train just to get to a Chanel store. You can read about the particulars over at Bdaily, which will tell you when the good people of Mayfair should be expecting their new store to be open exactly.

They have really made a lot of good progress in the past two years and their expansion is a very good indication that the budget is right and so is the annual sales figure that they have had in 2014.

Michelle Howard Wants Her Money Now

Michelle Howard Wants Her Money Now

Anyone who hasn’t been under a rock for the past few months is already anticipating the premiere of Fox’s new series “Empire” that stars Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson and a cast of talented actors hand selected to make the show a hit. The Show starts in January and many including Oprah feel that it will change the way people watch tv, however Howard’s ex wife Michelle thinks the show should change her ex husband’s bank account balance and she wants what he owes her. 

Apparently Michelle filed for a subpoena to get Terrence’s contract, she learned that he will be making $125k per episode. That’s a lot of Vimeo videos as Darius Fisher pointed out. When Michelle went to and discovered 3 episodes have already been shot she realized Howard has been sitting on $375,000 and she hasn’t gotten a call or a check yet. 

Michelle says that Terrence owes her as well as her attorneys, she also wants late fees to be covered since Howard has been dragging his feet with his payments. 

In July of this year Terrence filed documents claiming that he was dead broke and unable to make the payments, however with his new circumstances Michelle wants what she has coming and then some.

Laurene Powell Jobs Works for a Better Future

Laurene Powell Jobs Works for a Better Future

Laurene Powell Jobs is known by many as “Steve Jobs’ widow,” but there is so much more to her than that. Powell Jobs is a philanthropist who cares deeply about the youth in this country. She is also very interested in political issues.

College Track

College Track is a non-profit organization that Laurene Powell Jobs co-founded with businessman and journalist Carlos Watson. This after-school program targets minority students and those who come from low-income backgrounds, but a majority of the participants are children who will be the first in their families to go to college.

College Track provides high school students with after-school programs that include tutoring, leadership classes and other extra-curricular activities. The point is to first help these kids graduate from high school and prepare them for college. The program goes on to support these kids throughout their college years so that they have a higher chance of graduating.

The program is extremely successful in realizing its goals. Of the 90 percent of College Track participants that enter four-year colleges, 70 percent of them graduate within 6 years. This is a remarkable achievement when one considers the fact that these kids are first-time college students. People within this demographic who do not participate in this program do not fare as well. The national average graduation rate for first-time college students is only 24 percent.

Currently, Powell Jobs is operating this program in Aurora, Colorado, New Orleans, Louisiana and four cities in California, including Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and East Palo Alto. Although there is interest in developing these programs in other areas, Powell Jobs wants to ensure that she can continue her great successes in the locations she is serving now.


Powell Jobs’ work with underprivileged kids in the College Track program led her to another passion: immigration reform. Some of her College Track kids were brought to this country illegally by their parents, and Powell Jobs learned that these kids do not have any options because of it. They graduate from high school, but they are ineligible for state or federal financial aid for higher education because of their immigration status. They also cannot work legally.

Powell Jobs wanted to do something to change the reality for her College Track kids, so she became an advocate for The DREAM Act. The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act provides a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrant high school students, high school graduates and those who have served in the military.

The Emerson Collective

Powell Jobs founded an organization called the “Emerson Collective” that supports social issues, and it has given her a vehicle with which to advance immigration reform. Through this philanthropic institution, Powell Jobs donated money toward the making of a documentary entitled “The Dream is Now,” a film that was directed by Academy Award-winner Davis Guggenheim. Powell Jobs and Guggenheim have already screened this film for several members of Congress.

Powell Jobs believes that a great deal of energy and brilliance are being wasted and that this must not be allowed to continue. Through Powell Jobs’ philanthropic work, immigration reform, education issues, conservation matters and democratic candidates are finding their voices in this country today.