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Beneful – Quality Dog Food

Beneful – Quality Dog Food

Purina Beneful has been producing high quality dog food for many years. They strive to make sure that each product and morsel is packed wit quality ingredients and wholesome goodness with natural foods. The natural ingredients such as lean protein meats, vegetables and fruits is blended into the delectable premium dog food. They also offer many different types of dog food that are suitable to meet the needs of your animal, no matter what they may be experiencing.
Purina Beneful offers an original blend [see;] of dry dog food that is made with real beef. The beef is raised on a farm and is the number one ingredient in the dog food, making it full of the necessary protein our canines need to thrive each day. It gives them energy with added spinach, peas and carrots blended into each kibble. They also offer chicken and salmon in the original dog food. The salmon is packed with omega fatty acids that help your dog’s coat remain healthy and their skin nourished.

Purina Beneful healthy weight dry dog food is another essential product that is used for dogs that tend to experience overweight issues. It is made with real chicken which is a low calorie protein that is raised on a real farm. The healthy weight chicken blend will help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

Purina Beneful healthy puppy dry dog food is made with farm raise, real chicken that is rich in DHA. DHA helps support the brain function of growing puppies and also produces a healthy vision. Chicken is the number one ingredient in this special blend for puppies. All puppies need high quality, protein enriched dog food to help them grow into a healthy adult.

Purina Playful life dry dog food with another selection that is essential for very active dogs. It is packed with double the protein to help our extra active puppies stay energized throughout the day. It contains real beef and egg that are the number on ingredients in the blend, and includes spinach, peas and carrots that are carefully selected and baked into each kibble.All these products are available on Wal-Mart.